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They may not have been the most popular of trains, most notably with the TOC that operated them, but Friday 30th June was the class 458's last day of operation with South West Trains. A brief tribute to the 458s, including a shot of 8019+8018 running on the last day, appears on the home page of the Southern Electric Group website


There is a new discussion group for those who are interested in the Stour Valley Railway line:


And a new discussion group for those who are actively involved in the preservation of EMUs and their lines. It has been set up to hopefully encourage dialogue between groups and lines, and to share skills and knowledge at a practical level. Other groups exist for members within a specific group, or by invitation only from the owner/moderator. This one is open for active members from any EMU group or line in which they are based:


John Tilly's signal box site continues to be updated:


Adam Warr's Electra Railway Graphics website has been updated:


An entertaining railway enthusiast's blog, with links to others:


It looks look like the end of the line for the Old Dalby test site. Information here (an excellent site once you get past the virtually unreadable home page):


Chris Dadson was at Woody Bay on 2nd July and took photographs of Killington Lane:


(The cutting he was standing in to take some of these photos will eventually be the start of the next half-mile extension towards Cricket Field Lane.)

Other photograps taken at Woody Bay can be viewed at:


Chris adds: "If anyone has a passion for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway you may care to join us in rebuilding the line. As a heritage railway, whilst the L&B is still in its infancy, what has been achieved thus far in rebuilding this ex-SR line is superb. The railway is almost 1000 feet above sea level, and being within 2 miles of the coast offers panoramic views across the Bristol Channel during the 1-mile train journey between stations. Even better, everyone is made most welcome at the L&B - there aren't many heritage railways where the footplate crew will actually condescend to talk to 'other' volunteers, let alone make them a cup of tea!!!"


Thanks to Neil Kearns for spotting Wagons on the Web - pretty much everything you'll ever want to know about wagons - mainly current ones:


EWS, has announced that four new divisions will be launched in the autumn "to deliver an enhanced level of customer service".

EWS Energy - moving coal and other fuels for the energy sector: http://www.ews-energy.co.uk

EWS Industrial - moving heavy industrial materials, such as metals and petroleum products, for British industry: http://www.ews-industrial.co.uk

EWS Construction - moving products for the construction and waste industries: http://www.ews-construction.co.uk

EWS Network - services for Network Rail, the logistics sector and the rail industry: http://www.ews-network.co.uk

Some photographs by Steve McNally...

A couple of photos of some Bluebell Railway escapees at Brighton on 22nd September 1991: http://steve-mcnally.fotopic.net/p31166457.html http://steve-mcnally.fotopic.net/p31166456.html

A few other new shots of SR interest on the site including 66158 passing the bottom of his garden: http://steve-mcnally.fotopic.net/p31162302.html

Shots of Worksop open day in 1991 and the North Wales coal day the same year: http://steve-mcnally.fotopic.net/c923306.html

Preserved locos at Worksop and also two Bluebell locos at Brighton: http://steve-mcnally.fotopic.net/c915159_25.html

A fascinating article on the subject of "scale colour":


Ralph Rawlinson describes the new China-Tibet line..

China's Qinghai-Tibet railway became the world's highest railway when it opened on Saturday 1 July 2006. Work on the line began in 1950 but was suspended after the section from Xining (the Qinghai capital) to Golmud (1,225 miles from the line's terminus in Lhasa) was complete. It resumed in 2001 with the government paying 20 billion yuan (1.35bn) into the project.

Two pairs of express trains appear in the new timetable from Beijing to Lhasa, four between Chengdu (Chongqing) and Lhasa, and two between Xining and Lhasa. Travellers departing Beijing are now able to reach Lhasa some 2,834 miles away in two days. The new timetable sees a train departing from Beijing's West Railway Station at 2130, which will arrive in Lhasa, Tibet at 2058 on the third day, the trip taking 47 hours and 28 minutes. Trains will pass through six cities, including Shijiazhuang, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Xining, Golmud and Nagqu township.

The 2,087 mile trip from Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, to Lhasa takes 48 hours and 10 minutes. This train will pass Guangyuan, Baoji, then link to Lanzhou, Xining, Golmud and Nagqu township before it reaches Lhasa. The 2,270 mile trip from Chongqing to Lhasa will have eight stops, arriving in Lhasa 47 hours 8 minutes after departure. The journey from Lanzhou to Lhasa will take only 29 hours and 45 minutes to travel the 1,359 miles. The journey from Xining to Lhasa, will be 26 hours and 23 minutes.

The world's highest railway, extends 1,215 miles from Xining to Lhasa. Some 596 miles of its tracks are 4,000 plus metres (13123 ft) above sea level and the highest point is 16,640 ft, at least 650ft higher than the Peruvian railway in the Andes, which was formerly the world's highest altitude line.

With a third Tibetan airport also due to open in July, regional authorities say that by 2010 the number of tourist arrivals will be around five million and tourist funding in the region will rise to 5.8 billion yuan a year.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/5140514.stm Video: http://tinyurl.com/pnsfe

An interesting article on lines in Colorado:



Additional spotters: Andy Sollis, Neil Kearns...

Lad takes train for joyride: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/5151370.stm

Residents win train horn battle: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cumbria/5149216.stm

Views sought on rail improvements: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/5140506.stm

Threat to Cornish china clay industry: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cornwall/5149232.stm

Hatfield crash fine cut: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/5149732.stm

Brunel celebration train: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wiltshire/5151608.stm

Manchester Metrolink expansion approved: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/5152948.stm

Valencia train crash: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/5141542.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/5147022.stm

Europe's history of rail disasters: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/1245262.stm

Bamboo trains! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/5110236.stm

TV and Radio

Discovery's programmes are no longer included, but their daily schedules are here: http://www.discoverychannel.co.uk/_listings/ and http://discoverywings.co.uk/_listings/
Sun Jul 09 0700-0100 (D+1) Five 'Full Circle' Michael Palin revolves all day
Mon Jul 10 1915-2000 Five 'Mean Machines of War' The Apache helicopter
Tue Jul 11 1320-1335 Channel 4 'Small Railway Journeys' The Isle of Wight Railway visited
Tue Jul 11 2000-2030 BBC2 'Fred Dibnah's World of Steam, Steel and Stone' Recycled Fred
Tue Jul 11 1900-2000 BBC4 'The Lost World of Mitchell & Kenyon' 1/3
Thu Jul 13 2000-2030 BBC2 'James May's Top Toys' From Meccano to the train set
Thu Jul 13 2115-2130 BBC Radio 4 'Engines on Song' Songs, stories and engine revs (it says)
Thu Jul 13 2150-2200 BBC2 'Coast' South Wales
Fri Jul 14 2000-2100 Five 'Buildings That Shaped Britain' The Industrial Revolution
Fri Jul 14 2150-2200 BBC2 'Coast' More from South Wales


See Mainline Steam Tours page for up-to-date info on many of these tours, and others, often with timings.

For up-to-date information on many of the tours mentioned in RAILDATE (and others) often with timings, see the Steam Tours pages at: http://www.uksteam.info/index.shtml
All details are correct to the best of my knowledge. No responsibility is taken for inaccuracies or changes.
Fri Jul 07 - Sun Jul 09 ? Buckinghamshire Railway Centre: Day Out with Thomas http://www.bucksrailcentre.org
Sat Jul 08 1000 Kidderminster Railway Museum: Summer Railway Photograph Fair
Over 500,000 (conservative estimate) photographs for sale
Traders in attendance: HMRS, Roger Carpenter, Rod Blencowe (both selling Lens of Sutton pictures) Mike Thorp, Stewart
Blencowe, Arthur Haynes, Ted Hancock, Neil Parkhouse, Welsh
Railway Research Circle, Andrew Swift, John Alsop, Tony
Harden, Mike Cremin, Friends of Hampton Loade and the
Restoration and Archiving Trust 1000 to 1700
Sat Jul 08 - Sun Jul 09 ? Amberley Museum: Railway Gala Weekend http://www.amberleymuseum.co.uk/
Sat Jul 08 - Sun Jul 09 ? Imperial War Museum, Duxford: Flying Legends Air Show http://duxford.iwm.org.uk/server/show/conEvent.880
Sat Jul 08 - Sun Jul 09 ? West Somerset Railway: Days Out with Thomas http://www.west-somerset-railway.co.uk/
Sat Jul 08 - Sun Jul 09 ? Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre: Diesel Gala
Shuttle rides and locomotives on exhibition
Four trains travelling from the roundhouse complex to Deepcar (Saturday) and two trains to Derby and Toton (Sunday) http://www.barrowhill.org.uk
Sun Jul 09 ? Main Line Steam: London Victoria-Salisbury-Exeter http://www.steamdreams.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 ? Main Line Steam: London Victoria-Salisbury-Bath-Bristol http://www.steamdreams.co.uk
Thu Jul 13 ? Talyllyn Railway: Victorian Train http://www.talyllyn.co.uk
Fri Jul 14 - Sun Jul 16 ? Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Transport Through the Ages
In conjunction with Wirksworth Charter 700
Class 03 on incline and Class 03 to Gorsey Bank with LMS brake van - historical costume event http://www.e-v-r.com
Sat Jul 15 - Sun Jul 16 1000-1700(Sat) 1000-1630(Sun) Fareham & District MRC Model Railway Exhibition
Fareham Community Centre, Queens Road, Fareham, Hants 1000-1700 (Sat), 1000-1630 (Sun) http://www.hants.org.uk/fadmrc/
Sat Jul 15 - Sun Jul 16 ? Bluebell Railway: Railways and Toy Colletors Fair
An opportunity for the Yahoo Southern Email Group to meet up http://www.tobaz.co.uk/bluebell/colfair.htm
Sat Jul 15 - Sun Jul 16 ? Peak Rail: Teddy Bears Picnic http://www.peakrail.co.uk
Sun Jul 16 ? Bursledon Brickworks: Modelmakers and Collectors Fair
Swanwick Lane, Swanwick, Southampton
HPMRS member, Derek Gillkerson, will be attending with 'New
Stanton Lees' http://www.fareham.gov.uk/town/activities/places/bursledonbrickworks.asp
Sun Jul 16 ? Alton Bus Rally and Running Day
Alton, Hants
Thu Jul 20 ? Main Line Steam: London Victoria-Weymouth http://www.steamdreams.co.uk
Sat Jul 22 - Sun Jul 23 1000-1700 Double LL Club: Grand Vintage and Classic Gathering
Five Heads Road, Horndean, Hants 1000-1700 both days http://www.doublellclub.co.uk
Sat Jul 22 - Sun Jul 23 1100-1730 CAMRAIL 2006
St Margaret's Hall, Bradford-on-Avon 1100-1730 both days http://www.titfield.co.uk/Camindex.htm
Sat Jul 22 - Sun Jul 23 ? Churnet Valley Railway: A Day Out With Thomas http://www.churnet-valley-railway.co.uk
Sun Jul 23 ? Strathspey Steam Railway: Two Train Day http://www.strathspeyrailway.co.uk
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