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RAILDATE: the weekly newsletter of the Hursley Park Model Railway Society:



Large collection of photographs taken at the recent Didcot GWR 175

The Mountsorrel Railway

The Eritrea Steam Railway - an interesting steam outpost:
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)

Trains of Russia:
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)



Remarkable footage of the 2010 Steamfest Great Train Race, New South Wales
- the view from 3265:
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)

One very lucky trainspotter:
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)

The Steeple Grange Railway which runs on part of the old Cromford & High
Peak Railway:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

Severn Valley Railway '60s Gala, 8th May:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

Crumlin Viaduct, Britain's tallest-ever railway viaduct, was located on
the eastern section of the Vale of Neath Line (aka Cross Valleys Line).
The 1,659 ft long, 210 ft high, lattice girder structure and piers
comprised ten spans over two railways, three roads and the Ebbw River. It
was actually built in two sections that crossed Ebbw Vale and a side
valley. Sadly, it was demolished 1966 but even while the work was in
progress, filming of "Arabesque" was taking place. Today the four
surviving abutments are listed grade II whilst the two on each side of
Ebbw Vale are provided with railings and used for viewing.
(Spotter: Ralph Rawlinson)


Ralph Rawlinson's Railway Roundup

Brighton Belle
The June edition of the Railway Magazine includes a five-page feature on
the 5BEL project, previously reported in Raildate in September 2009 and
March 2010.

A Class 73 electro-diesel, two ex-Southern Region EMUs and other items of
rolling stock previously based at Selhurst depot, have been moved to a new
heritage site at Finmere. This former station site, where the island
platform and goods dock survive, is on the ex-GCR main line between
Brackley and Calvert but is not open to the public.

The Southwold Railway Trust have secured planning consent for its Steam
Park which includes a 2ft gauge circuit of track in Southwold. Meanwhile
frames for a full size replica of 2-4-0T Blyth No 3 have been laid down in
a workshop in Aldeburgh.

Corris Railway
Planning consent has been secured to construct a deviation from the
original route at Pont-y-Goedwig south of Maespoeth Junction, part of
plans to extend mile to Esgairgeiliog.

Isle of Man
A new Manx Transport Museum was opened on 3rd April 2010 by the IOM Chief
Minister. In addition to road transport exhibits, a number of railway
items have been given a new home in the former Jurby airfield hanger.

Airdrie-Bathgate reopening
The existing Drumgelloch station (and present terminus of the line from
Glasgow) closed on 9th May to allow construction of a new station. A bus
replacement service will operate until the station opens along with the
Airdrie-Bathgate line in December 2010. Airdrie station itself will close
for ten days (17th-26th July)to allow construction of a new platform and
the installation of a footbridge and lifts.

The new design chosen for rebranding of the Finnish Railways reflects a
journey through the Flora and Fauna of Finland.

France has agreed to part fund a feasibility study into public
transportation in north Beirut with the possible rehabilitation of the
coastal railways.

The Rift Valley Railway says it is is working towards improving the track
and locomotives. Over 70 sections of the system are due for overhaul
starting with the Nairobi-Mombasa line plus the rehabilitation of over
2000 wagons and 100 coaches most of which are at a deplorable state.

The Kenya Railways Corporation maintains that all those living on land
reserved for the expansion of the railway line must move away.

The railway ministry has lined up big plans to take up connectivity
projects spanning 3,867 km.  37 stretches have been identified which
involve new lines, doubling of existing lines and gauge conversion.


Calendars for 2011 from David and Marion Canning - their 15th year of

Signalboxes calendar (colour).  A selection of Signalboxes nationwide by
David and Marion, the Gerards, John Hillmer, EA Speary, M Wiltshire, Neil
Kearns and others.

Steam calendar (colour and B&W).  1961 to 2009.  A mixture of main line
photographs by David mainly pre-1968, but with three 2010 local steam

Hydraulic calendar (colour and B&W).  All David's photographs.

Friends of Romsey Signalbox Calendar.  Photos of the inside and outside of
the Signalbox  before and during preservation with informative captions.
(1 per calendar given to Romsey Signal Box.)

Modern Railway Calendar.  A selection of colourful photos of locos and
units around Britain taken by the Cannings since 1st January 2009.

Weather calendar (colour).  A selection of photos taken by David since
last year for BBC South Today weather photos.

Adorable Cat calendar (colour).  As usual contains photos sent in by
people and pictures taken by David and Marion requested by other people.
(1 per calendar given to Cat Protection.)

Naturist calendar (colour).  A selection of naturist photographs of both
sexes.  Pictures sent in by contributors.  Do not order if nudity offends.
(1 per calendar given to Action for Blind People.)

David and Marion can make personal calendars for you from your photos in
any quantity for the same price, for clubs or individuals.  All calendars
are 10.00 each, including p&p for any number.  (8.00 at model shows or
collection from David and Marion).  No price increase again this year.
These are not available in the shops.  Calendars are A4 spiral bound with
15 or more photos in each, and are individually made, signed and numbered.
All calendars will be ready and despatched by 1st June or shortly after.

Send orders/cheques to David and Marion Canning, "Helvetia", 20A First
Avenue, Ravenswing Park, Aldermaston, RG7 4PS or telephone 01189815678 to
request an order form.  (email: )


An exhibition about the sinking of the Titanic is currently running in the
Bargate Centre, Southampton:

Images of disused slate mines in Wales taken by cavers:



New transport secretary Philip Hammond vows to finish Crossrail:

Northern Rail franchise extended:

Train operators accused of "astronomical" fare rises:

Transport for London buys Tube Lines:

New bus interchange at Cambridge station:

Bridge hits bus at Slough:

Community policing for Cumbria stations:

Thieves raid Manningham station cash machine:

Cable thefts at Darlington:

RAIB report into Fatal accident at Fairfield crossing, Little Bedwyn:

Locomotive restored by enthusiasts:

Chicago rail chief "commits suicide" on train tracks:

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Reg Nerps


15/05/10    Five  1100-1200
           "Britain's Greatest Machines"  Chris Barrie 2/8

15/05/10    BBC4  1900-2000
           "The Box That Changed Britain"  Story of the container

15/05/10    BBC2  2000-2030
           "The Boats That Built Britain"  1/6  The Matthew

15/05/10    BBC2  2030-2100
           "The Boats That Built Britain"  2/6  HMS Pickle

16/05/10    BBC2  2010-2100
           "Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections"  2/6

16/05/10    BBC4  2100-2200
           "The Deadliest Crash: the Le Mans 1955 Disaster"

16/05/10    ITV1  2315-0015
           "Robbie Coltrane: B-Road Britain"  2/3

17/05/10    BBC2  1900-2000
           "Coast"  Northumberland

17/05/10    BBC1 South West  1930-2000
           "A History of the World"  Newcomen by Adam Hart-Davis

17/05/10    Five  1930-2000
           "Top Trumps: Helicopters"  Comparing various types

17/05/10    C4  2100-2200
           "Nelson's Hospital: a Time Team Special"  Haslar, Gosport

18/05/10    BBC2  1900-2000
           "Coast"  Yorkshire-Lincolnshire

18/05/10    BBC4  1930-2030
           "Behind the Scenes at the Museum" Commercial vehicles

18/05/10    BBC4  2030-2100
           "The Boats That Built Britain"  5/6  Bristol Cutter

18/05/10    BBC2  2100-2200
           "The Story of Science - Power, Proof & Passsion"

19/05/10    National Geographic  2000-2100
           "Britain's New Railway"

19/05/10    BBC4  2030-2100
           "The Boats That Built Britain"  6/6  WWII landing craft

19/05/10    National Geographic  2100-2200
           "Great Railway Adventures with Dan Cruickshank"  3/3

20/05/10    National Geographic  0100-0200
           "Great Railway Adventures with Dan Cruickshank"  3/3

20/05/10    Five  2000-2100
           "Britain's Greatest Machines"  Chris Barrie 3/8


For up-to-date information on many of the tours mentioned in Raildate (and
others) often with timings, see the Steam Tours pages at: and also

All details are correct to the best of my knowledge.  No responsibility is
taken for inaccuracies or changes.

14/05/10-   Talyllyn Railway: Founders Weekend, Tom Rolt Cent Gathering

15/05/10    Hedge End Bookfair
           2000 Centre, St Johns Road, Hedge End, Hants
           Books, maps, family history

15/05/10    Burgess Hill MRC 2010 Exhibition
           Burgess Hill School, Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 0EG

15/05/10    Historic Railway Walks of Rowsley
           Start from Rowsley Old Station at 10.30am
           Approximately 3 hours covering a distance of 2 miles
           Advance booking required

15/05/10-   Lynton & Barnstaple Railway: Spring Gala, Woody Bay station

15/05/10-   The EM Gauge Society expoEM 2010
16/05/10    Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road, Bracknell, RG12 9SE

16/05/10    Mid-Hants Railway: Watercress Festival

17/05/10-   Swanage Railway: Victorian Swanage - a Trip Through Time

20/05/10    National Physical Laboratory Open Day, Teddington

22/05/10    Mid-Hants Railway Real Ale Train (RAT)

22/05/10    Industrial Heritage Day - Swannington Incline
           Hosted by Leicestershire Industrial History Society
           Full details and a booking form (both parts needed):

29/05/10    Burnham and District Model Railway Club Exhibition
           Community Centre, Berrow Road, Burnham-on-Sea, TA8 2ET

29/05/10-   New Forest MRS Model Railway Exhibition
30/05/10    Brockenhurst Village Hall, Highwood Road, S)42 7RY
           1000-1630 both days

29/05/10-   Didcot Railway Centre: Enhanced Steamdays

29/05/10-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Wirksworth Carnival Open Days

29/05/10-   Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway: Folk 'n' Cider Weekend

29/05/10-   Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway: Cotswold Festival
31/05/10    of Steam - 175 years of the GWR

30/05/10    Aldershot & District Bus Running Day
           Farnham Railway Station

30/05/10    Indian Queens Toy Fair, Cornwall

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