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RAILDATE: the weekly newsletter of the Hursley Park Model Railway Society:



The return of the railway between Duffield and Wirksworth is facing a
crisis due to changes to the railway inspection process that come into
effect in September.  If they cannot get the line to a state where it can
be inspected before this change, the new rules will mean it could take at
least another year and consume many thousands of pounds for them to follow
the new regime.  They have launched the "One-last-push" campaign to secure
the funding needed - please help by spreading the word about the campaign
and, even better, contributing to the fund to finish the job.


I mentioned the guided walks through Chesil Tunnel, Winchester, last week,
and having gone on the Saturday afternoon walk myself, I can thoroughly
recommend them.  Remaining dates are 6th July (evening), 27th July
(evening), 28th August (morning and afternoon).  Tickets can be purchased
on the day from the Tourist Information Centre, but best to phone first,
as last Saturday's walks were both sold out (capacity is 25 people per
walk) - 4.50 adult, 1 child.  Details:

Ron Strutt did the morning walk, and followed up in the afternoon with a
walk to Shawford Viaduct/Junction and back up to Winnall.  His photographs
are here:

As part of Winchester Bike Week, there is a Bygone Railways cycle ride
organised by the CTC on Saturday 26th June.  It starts at 2.00pm and lasts
for 2 hours, taking in all the places visited on the walking tour, with
the addition of Hockley Viaduct.  The distance is 12 to 15 miles with an
optional stop for tea.  Booking is essential on 01962 864479 or email to


A useful Web guide to the panoply of Rail Rover tickets:

A photograph of Hawker Siddeley "Kestrel" in Russia in 1985.  Rumours
abound that more of this locomotive might have survived than was
originally thought, but you'll need to brush up your Russian to glean
much from this site:

Yeovil 150 - a celebration arranged to mark 150 years of the LSWR opening
Yeovil Junction station to connecting Yeovil to London & Exeter will be
held on 17th/18th July:

Quality archive photographs from Southern-Images:

A webpage about Whatstandwell station (Midland Railway) by Glynn Waite:

Recent explorations of Well Heads and Queensbury (not Clayton as stated)

Exploration of the Hull & Barnsley at Drewton, and news of a possible new
use for the line (but please look at the date this was posted!):

Some pages about the railway in and around Ross-on-Wye start here:

Tim Fenton's transport and travel pictures from the UK and Europe:
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)

The GCRS wall calendar for 2011 (and the one for 2010) is available to

More on the subject of the longest station platform in the UK...
Raildate for 28th May mentioned that the combined length of Gloucester's
platforms 1 and 2 is 494m compared to the 467m of Cambridge's platforms 1
and 4 combined, as reported in Raildate of 26th February.  The longest
single platform was given as Darlington platform 4 at 458m, but Richard
Maund points out that the Eurotunnel Shuttle platforms at Cheriton eclipse
all of these as they approach 800m.  Although used by "passengers", they
are not normally used by "pedestrians", of course!


Stations for sale...

Cowbit station, three miles south of Spalding on the former GN & GE joint
line to March, and now a four bedroomed home, is on the market for
155,000.  It is said to be in need of refurbishment but my latest info
shows that the property includes platforms, signal box complete with frame
and goods shed plus two signal posts.  (via Ralph Rawlinson)

Mindrum station, Northumberland:  (via Richard Buckby)

North Cave station at Brough in the East Riding of Yorkshire:


The Yosemite Gateway Railway Museum is being formed at Merced, California
to celebrate the rail history of Merced County, and particularly the
Yosemite Valley Railroad.


Exciting news from Olivia Trains of Sheffield, who have approached Heljan
to produce an "00" gauge model of the Blue Pullman.  Reported as being
produced initially as two power cars, with trailer cars being produced
later, the plan is cover both Midland and Western sets in all liveries.
They are also commissioning Heljan to produce models of Woodhead class 76
(EM1) and class 77 (EM2) locomotives.



Gloucester Warwickshire Railway GWR175 Event, 2nd June:
Stanway Viaduct:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

Exeter West signalbox filmed at work at Crewe Heritage Centre on Saturday
5th June 2010 during a testing session of a new computer simulator (in
four parts):

8F 2-8-0 8624 has recently arrived on the Churnet Valley Railway from
Peak Rail (via the East Lancashire Railway).  It is seen here running
round at Leekbrook on Saturday 5th June:

We've had the upside-down model railway before, but it's definitely worth
(Spotter: Ralph Rawlinson)


Ralph Rawlinson's Railway Roundup

From the Archive
The last day of 3rd Class on BR 4 June 1956:

The Port of Felixstowe has obtained permission to double four miles of the
single line 13-mile-long Felixstowe Dock branch.  The section in question
is between Levington and Trinley, but they are obviously a long way from
starting the work as a request has been made for a 5-year date extension
to 2018!

A Russian loan is expected to be used for two major reconstructions ? the
railway from Valjevo to Loznica in the west of the country, and the
Belgrade railway hub.

Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya
Representatives of railway companies from these five Maghreb countries met
to discuss high-speed train projects, recommending the creation of an
institution tasked with exchanging information and sharing expertise.  It
was confirmed that the extension projects linking the Libyan city of
Tobruk to the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott are still among the Maghreb
unification projects and the Tunisian share of the high-speed line will
cover 780km with costs estimated at 8bn dinars.

The Moamede Railways (CFM) covering the provinces of Namibe, Huila,
Kuando Kubango and Cunene will gain new trains and first, second and third
class coaches this year.  They will initially operate from Lubango,
southern Huila province, as part of Angolan Government?s railways
rehabilitation and modernisation programme.

The cargo rail system between Turkey, Iran and Pakistan will begin regular
operations on 1st August 2010 when Turkey launches the first freight train
between Istanbul and Islamabad.

The possibility of running fast services on Central Railway's Harbour line
is to be examined.  Under MUTP-II, six tracking of the Central Railways
corridor between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus up to Kurla and Thane up to
Diva is due to be completed by 2015.  Under the second phase,the sixth
track of the Mumbai Central-Borivli corridor of the Western Railways will
also be laid.  This would mean that the total length of suburban rail will
go up by 88km from the existing 790km. 96 new nine-coach rakes will also
be added to the fleet and it is intended to make all the CR, WR trains 12
coaches long.

The proposed world class station planned for Bhubaneswarthe, state capital
of Orissa, is in a limbo, thanks to the seemingly unending row over the
selection of a site.  With China Railways, consultants for the project,
bent on upgrading the existing station and not prepared to consider the
alternative site at Barang on the outskirts of the city, the mega-project
has been pushed into a blind alley.

The increasing frequency of attacks by some rogue bulls in Varanasi, Uttar
Pradesh, has forced the temple town's railway authorities to remove them
from the station premises.  These bulls have made the platform their abode
but, with the help of the local municipal workers, will now be removed and
rehabilitated in neighbouring forests.

China currently has the most high-speed lines in the world with trains
travelling at speeds of up to 500kph, over more than 6,500km of track.  By
2012 it will take between one to eight hours to reach most major cities in
China from Beijing.

After being out of service for nearly 12 years, the Sanyi and Taian
Township section of the Old Mountain Railway between Sanyi in Miaoli
County to Houli in Taichung County, was due to reopen on 5th June 2010.

Vietnam and Japan have agreed to make a detailed survey to find out
whether the Hanoi-Noi Bai railway can be upgraded into an express rail,
using Japan's HS technology.

South Korea
A landmark in the history of the Korean railways was the launch of the
KTX trains in 2004, modelled after the French TGV.  Running at 300km/h,
the KTX-II will begin services in 2010 on the KTX Honam high-speed railway
between Seoul and Mokpo in South Jeolla Province.  Since 1899, Korea's
trains have become faster but the railway infrastructure has remained
largely unchanged despite some additional lines.  The total length of
railways is 3,383km, only slightly longer than that during the 1910-1945
Japanese colonial rule.

Two railways will cross north China's East Ujimqin Plain in Inner Mongolia
to break a bottleneck on trade across the China-Mongolia border in the
next two years.  The lines totalling more than 1,300km will start from
Fuxin, of Liaoning Province, and Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, and end at
Zhuengadabuqi an inland port for China-Mongolia trade.  A 700km line from
Linhe in western Inner Mongolia, to Ceke, on the Sino-Mongolian border,
opened at the end of 2009, and another line connecting western Inner
Mongolia's Jinquan to Ganqimaodu with a length of 135 km, is also included
in the 2010 plan.



Oban line derailment:
Peter Tatlow reminds me that there was a time when this line had a
succession of double-sided semaphore signals held off by a network of
wires, which if hit by a boulder, set the signals to danger.

Cornwall trains suspended in freight derailment:

Toxic trains at Marylebone...?

Exploring England's England: 175 Years of Steam Rail in Britain:

New use for Millers Dale station:

Contractor appointed for upgrade of Victoria underground station:

Crane boost for train track plan in North Wales:

Fatality in Belfast:

6024 on display at Taunton:

Leekbrook-Cauldon work begins:

Swanage Railway 44871 departure to Bury:

Overhauled Llangollen steam loco back on track:

New South African high speed train:

Gosport to Fareham railway bus link appeal dismissed:

Edinburgh Tram update:

Cardownie in pledge to poll-axe Edinburgh trams:

Crich tram celebrates World Cup:

Guide dog puppy trainers free travel:

New terminal at Bournemouth Airport:

Council rips of canal society:

Delay to Swansea-Ilfracombe ferry service:

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Neil Kearns, Reg Nerps, Andy Sollis


12/06/10    Five  1100-1200
           "Britain's Greatest Machines"  Chris Barrie 6/8

13/06/10    BBC2  1915-2005
           "Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections"  6/6

14/06/10    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Buxton-London - 1

14/06/10    Five  1930-2000
           "How Do They Do It?"  Building excavators

15/06/10    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Buxton-London - 2

15/06/10    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Buxton-London - 3

16/06/10    BBC Radio 4  2130-2200
           "In Living Memory: Oil in Dorset"

16/06/10    BBC2  1900-1930
           "The Beauty of Maps"  Maps of London

17/06/10    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Buxton-London - 4

17/06/10    Five  2000-2100
           "Britain's Greatest Machines"  Chris Barrie 7/8

18/06/10    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Buxton-London - 5

18/06/10    BBC2  1900-1930
           "The Beauty of Maps"  Dutch cartography


For up-to-date information on many of the tours mentioned in Raildate (and
others) often with timings, see the Steam Tours pages at: and also

All details are correct to the best of my knowledge.  No responsibility is
taken for inaccuracies or changes.

12/06/10    Mid-Hants Railway Real Ale Train (RAT)

12/06/10    Talyllyn Railway: Rover Retro Weekend

12/06/10-   South West Model Railway Show
13/06/10    Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, Ilchester, Somerset
           1000-1700 both days

12/06/10-   Swindon & Cricklade Railway: GWR 175 Steam Gala (1)

12/06/10-   North Norfolk Railway: Ivor the Engine Weekend

12/06/10-   demu Showcase 2010
13/06/10    Bretby Conference Centre, nr Burton-upon-Trent, DE15 0YZ
           1000-1700 (Sat), 1000-1600 (Sun)

12/06/10-   Churnet Valley Railway: Victorian Weekend

12/06/10-   Bakewell Model Railway Show
13/06/10    Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell, Derbyshire
           1000-1700 both days

12/06/10-   Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway: The Seaguill Has Landed

12/06/10-   West Somerset Railway: Mixed Traffic Weekend
14/06/10    GWR 175 "Diesels in the West"

13/06/10    Minstead Model Railway Exhibition
           Minstead Village Hall, Minstead, Lyndhurst, SO43 7FX
           Adult: 3, Seniors & Children: 2, Family 8
           Free Car Parking
           Light Refreshments available - bar open 1200-1500
           Supporting Diabetic for Solent & the British Heart Foundation
           HPMRS member Derek Gillkerson will be attending with "New"
           Stanton Lees in its newly-extended format

13/06/10    Chatsworth Bus Gathering
           Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

17/06/10    Talyllyn Railway: Victorian Train

19/06/10    Solent Railwayana Auctions
           Community Centre, Mill Lane, Wickham, Hants, PO17 5AL

19/06/10    100 Years of Flying in South Hampshire
           Lecture: Amelia Earhart in Southampton June 1928
           Lecture Theatre, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LP
           (Use Art Gallery/Library entrance by fountain)
           Starts: 1100

19/06/10    100 Years of Flying in South Hampshire
           Lecture: Women in Aviation
           Lecture Theatre, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LP
           (Use Art Gallery/Library entrance by fountain)
           Starts: 1400

19/06/10-   Swindon & Cricklade Railway: GWR 175 Steam Gala (2)

19/06/10-   Bodmin & Wenford Railway: Heritage Transport Festival

19/06/10-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Teddy Bears Days

20/06/10    Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum: Emergency Vehicles
           Father's Day Special & Tool Shed Sale Day
           Emergency vehicles past & present, Hampshire Narrow Gauge
           Railway, miniature railway, steam engine trailer rides,
           blacksmith?s forge
           Coal Park Lane, Swanwick, Southampton, SO31 7GW

20/06/10    Mid-Hants Railway: Father's Day

20/06/10    Talyllyn Railway: Father's Day

24/06/10    Talyllyn Railway: Victorian Train

24/06/10    Winchester Bike Week: Bygone Railways Cycle Ride
           Starts at 1400, and lasts for 2 hours
           12 to 15 miles with an optional stop for tea.
           Booking essential on 01962 864479 or

26/06/10    Mid-Hants Railway Real Ale Train (RAT)

26/06/10-   Didcot Railway Centre: Enhanced Steamdays

26/06/10-   Kent & East Sussex Railway: Diesel Gala & Bus Rally (27th)

26/06/10-   Crich Tramway Village: 1950s Weekend

26/06/10-   Llangollen Railway: Heritage Railcar Gala

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