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RAILDATE: the weekly newsletter of the Hursley Park Model Railway Society:

Next week's edition will be the last of 2010.



The Stour Valley line:

British Railways in the 1960s:
(Spotter: Richard Maund)

Nigel Kendall's steam railway photos:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

The old signalbox at the former Warthill station at Stockton on the Forest
near York has been converted into a one-bedroom house and is up for sale:

Liverpool Central station - pictures taken immediately after closure:

An interesting take on the "freedom to take photographs" debate:

Cambrian resignalling:
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)

The former L&Y signalling school layout that was at Manchester Victoria is
preserved at the NRM in York.  If you are interested in seeing it in
operation here is a list of the intended demonstration dates for next year
Saturday 22nd January
Saturday 19th February
Saturday 19th March (and "Cab It" weekend)
Sunday 20th March (and "Cab It" weekend, 1300 to 1530 only)
Saturday 30th April
Saturday 28th May
Saturday 25th June
Saturday 23rd July
Saturday 20th August
Saturday 17th September
Saturday 15th October
Saturday 12th November
Wednesday 28th December
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)


A service that uses a 3D printer to create models from your own CAD

There is a growing community of railway modellers using this service for
buildings and vehicles in various scales:

This is supported by a forum - here is an example of an unusual prototype
(Irish Railways in N scale):

Short runs are possible to test your ideas before (perhaps) going to more
large-scale production.  You need to be able to create your design in one
of the supported 3D/CAD tools listed here:

The Shapeways website will set-up a shop for you to support the sales of
your finished design, and you get all the profits minus a small fee (3.5%
of the markup).

Via John Russell of the Southern E-mail Group



Peter Snow shows John Humphrys his model railway:

A fascinating computer-generated reconstruction of the Liverpool Overhead

The opening the Tohoku Shinkansen between Tokyo and Aomori, which is
located in the very far north of Japan.  This will connect with the
Shinkansen service that will operate between Aomori and Sapporo (Hokkaido
Shinkansen) once the line is completed (the first section opens in 2015).
The line opened on 4th December 2010.
(Spotter: Ralph Rawlinson)


Ralph Rawlinson's Railway Roundup

London Underground
Work to install new signalling on the Jubilee Line was started by Tube
Lines in 2007 but was taken over by LUL in June 2010 after several
deadlines had been missed.  LUL now say that they hope to have the final
stage completed by spring 2011.  A follow-on project to upgrade the
Northern Line has been put on hold and is not now expected to be completed
until the end of 2014.

The six-year campaign for a passing loop to be installed on the East
Suffolk line at Beccles has finally been given Government approval.  This
will make possible hourly trains on the 15-mile long single track section
between Halesworth and Lowestoft.

Great Missenden
The Metropolitan Railway signal box at Great Missenden on the former
Met/GC joint line was abolished on 20th April 1990.  The line between
Marylebone and Aylesbury then came under the control of Marylebone
Signalling Centre.  It remained there boarded up for 20 years until, over
two days 25th/26th October 2010, the upper section was cut and removed,
lifted onto a low loader and taken to the Mid-Hants railway for

Nottingham NET
The January 2011 edition of the Railway Magazine reports that plans to
extend the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) to Clifton and Chilwell will
require an all-new bridge to be built roughly on the same course as the
ex-GCR girder bridge that used to span the MR tracks.  The new bridge will
incorporate the tramway platforms which are now inconveniently sited on
the north side of Station Street.  Nottingham station will also benefit
from a greatly expanded concourse area to be shared by both main line and
NET services.

Stoke-on-Trent Signalling Centre
The layout at Norton Bridge, between Stafford and Crewe on the WCML
(controlled by Stoke on Trent SC), restricts capacity and performance.
Network Rail has produced three options to upgrade the junction to
separate the paths of Birmingham-Manchester trains from London-North West
services, all featuring a flyover.

Electrification North West
Raildate 12th November gave details of four lines that are to be
electrified.  In addition, it is reported that the DfT is keen to include
Crewe-Chester and the Windermere branch.  The former is linked with a
proposal to terminate London-Holyhead trains at Chester, with the released
Super Voyager diesels converted into electric trains to take over
Manchester-Scotland services at present operated by TPEx diesels.  The
Windermere branch would be highly economical as it could be worked by one
EMU and it is thought no additional power supply would be needed.

Northern Ireland
Translink's Londonderry-Coleraine line will close for upgrading for a year
from April 2012 leaving the city without a rail link for the first months
of City of Culture 2013.

Within days of the successful breakthrough of the new Gotthard Base tunnel
in neighbouring Switzerland (Raildate, 15th October 2010) a contract was
signed in Austria for construction of the new 20km (12 miles) Koralm
tunnel.  This is a key part of the new line being built between Graz and
Klagenfurt that bypasses the classic route via Leoben.  This in turn is
part of the upgrading of the Trans European Network Corridor linking
Northern Poland with the Adriatic via Warsaw and Vienna.

Qatar Railways Development Company plans to build the Doha Metro, a 300km
network covering Greater Doha and linking all major Olympic venues,
villages and the hotels district (Qatar is bidding for the 2020 Olympics).
The Network will be made up of four lines and 98 stations linking
locations such as Education City, West Bay, Lusail Urban Development, Doha
Airport and Doha Port.  The project is part of Qatar Rail Network Program
(see Raildate, 27th November 2009) aiming to integrate Qatar's various
planned railways into a comprehensive and consolidated national railway.

Update on steam (Garratts) in Bulawayo.

The Kashmir rail link project is divided into three parts.  The 119km-long
Baramulla-Qazigund section was the first to be completed about two years
ago and train services are in place.  The 129km Qazigund-Katra section
involves about 70 major and minor tunnels with a total length of 103km. In
the Ramban district of the valley there are two crucial tunnels at
Sangaldhan; the first (1,671m) was completed on 29th July 2010, whilst
breakthrough at the second (1,483m) was achieved on 3rd December 2010. The
Chenab (claimed to be the world's highest) and Anji bridges also fall in
this section.  The Udhampur-Katra section is also under construction.

China claims that one of its trains has set a world speed record of 486kph
(302mph) during a test run on the country's recently-built track between
Beijing and Shanghai.

Genesee & Wyoming (G&W), a United States company, has paid $334 million
for the 2,200km railway from Tarcoola to Darwin in Australia's Northern



Tesco opens over railway (the end of the Gerrards Cross tunnel saga?)

GW outer suburban electrification approved:

Strike ballot at Southeastern London terminals:

Driver stops train to rescue swan in snow:

Incident at Romford:

Airdrie-Bathgate driver training suspended:

Scotrail service suspensions:

Travellers stranded at remote Highland station:

22m railway station fails to impress passengers:

6024 at Abergavenny 27/11/2010:

Steam railways carry on through weather disruption:

'Flaws' led to runaway Northern Line Tube train:

Viewers call Metrolink to check service after Coronation Street crash:

Door panel fell off plane at Southampton take-off:

Runway mishap at Robin Hood (Doncaster):

Welsh air service grant increases:

Spanish airspace closure:

Tu154 emergency landing at Moscow:

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Neil Kearns, Reg Nerps


12/12/10    BBC2  1900-1930
           "Coast"  Tyneside and the Firth of Forth

13/12/10    Five  1930-2000
           "How Do They Do It?"  Fuel supplies and the Swiss Army knife

14/12/10    BBC2  1900-2000
           "Coast"  Cork to Dublin

16/12/10    Five  2000-2100
           "Demolition: the Super Stadium"

17/12/10    BBC2  2100-2200
           "John Sergeant on Tracks of Empire"  Indian railways


For up-to-date information on many of the tours mentioned in Raildate (and
others) often with timings, see the Steam Tours pages at:

All details are correct to the best of my knowledge.  No responsibility is
taken for inaccuracies or changes.

11/12/10    Shaftsbury Book Fair
           United Church Hall, Bell Street, SP7 8AR

11/12/10    Rye Book Fair
           Rye College, The Grove, Rye, TN31 7NQ

11/12/10    Hayle Model Railway Club Exhibition
           Hayle Day Care Centre, Commercial Road, Hayle, TR27 4DE

11/12/10-   Wigan Model Railway Exhibition
12/12/10    Robin Park Arena, Loire Drive, Wigan, WN5 0UH

15/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Victorian Christmas Carol Service

18/12/10    Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway: Carol Evening

22/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Mince Pie Winter Warmer

24/12/10    Dean Forest Railway: Santa Specials

24/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Mince Pie Winter Warmer

26/12/10-   Mid-Hants Railway: Christmas Leave

26/12/10-   Swanage Railway: Mince Pie Specials

27/12/10-   Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway: Mince Pie Specials

29/12/10-   West Somerset Railway: Winter Steam Festival

Santa Specials

11/12/10-   Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: Santa Specials

11/12/10-   Mid-Hants Railway: Santa Specials

11/12/10-   Swanage Railway: Santa Specials

11/12/10-   West Somerset Railway: Santa Specials

11/12/10-   Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Santa Specials

11/12/10-   Dean Forest Railway: Santa Specials

11/12/10-   Didcot Railway Centre: Thomas and Father Christmas

11/12/10-   Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway: Santa Specials

11/11/10-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Santa Trains

11/12/10-   Churnet Valley Railway: Santa Specials

11/12/10-   Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway: Santa Specials

11/12/10-   Peak Rail: Santa & Steam Specials

15/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   West Somerset Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Dean Forest Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Didcot Railway Centre: Thomas and Father Christmas

18/12/10-   Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Swanage Railway: Santa Specials

18/11/10-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Santa Trains

18/12/10-   Churnet Valley Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Peak Rail: Santa & Steam Specials

18/12/10-   Mid-Hants Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway: Santa Specials

21/12/10    Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: Santa Specials

22/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Santa by Starlight

22/12/10-   Didcot Railway Centre: Thomas and Father Christmas

22/12/10-   Swanage Railway: Santa Specials

23/12/10-   West Somerset Railway: Santa Specials

23/12/10-   Peak Rail: Santa & Steam Specials

24/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Santa Specials

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