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RAILDATE: the weekly newsletter of the Hursley Park Model Railway Society:

This is the last Raildate of 2010 - a bumper issue!

Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

The next issue will be on 7th January 2011.



"Earl of Mount Edgcumbe" made the first steam departure from Birmingham
Moor St since 1987 on 11th December.  Some shots of the train at Hatton:

Martin Creese's pictures:
Including pictures of the re-opening of Birmingham Moor Street:
(Spotters: Ted Millward, Richard Buckby)


The Spurn Railway: Railway.html

Photos and history of the Micklehurst loop:

Photos and history of the Stalybridge Junction Railway:

Talyllyn Railway winter newsletter:
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)

Stations from the air - a new book of aerial photos:
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)

A new e-book on the history of the IoW railways has just become available.
priced at 10 for the download, there are no plans to publish the book as
a paper edition:



Pete Waterman's layout:
(Spotter: Neil Ferguson-Lee)

Background to the Coronation Street tram crash:
(Spotter: Peter Nicholson)

Severn Valley Santa trains:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

Barry Knapper has digitised an old VHS tape containing a 40-minute long
amateur recording taken at Crewe Loco Works Open Day in 1995:

A remarkable video of a derailment in the USA as it happens:
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)

Power hammer forging:
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)


Ralph Rawlinson's Railway Roundup

More Line Closures?
Sir Roy McNulty, who is producing a rail industry value-for-money report
for the Government, has said that unless costs are cut substantially line
closures could become inevitable.  An interim report is on the FT site
(free subscription) but the main report will not be published until March

Stop & Search
Figures produced by the Home Office show that of 101,248 people stopped
and searched under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act in 2009, including many
rail enthusiasts with cameras, not a single one was arrested relating to
terrorism as a result of the searches!

HS2/HS1 link
The Transport Secretary has confirmed that HS2 plans include a spur to
Heathrow airport and a tunnel eastwards from Old Oak Common to connect
with HS1 (Raildate, 24th September 2010).

London Underground
Further information on the Jubilee Line.  TfL aims to have the new
signalling between Stratford and Dollis Hill in weekday use by the end of
December.  The section north from Dollis Hill to Neasden is complicated by
the presence of Neasden depot.

Docklands Light Railway
The DLR extension from Custom House to Stratford International forms the
northern section of the 6km line between Canning Town and Stratford (which
follows the same route as the Jubilee line) and is made up of the former
NLR stations at Canning Town and West Ham plus four new stations at Star
Lane, Abbey Road, Stratford High Street and Stratford International.  Test
trains were due to start running in November with passenger trains between
Stratford International and Woolwich Arsenal, and between Stratford
International and Beckton commencing early in 2011.

Elmers End-Selsdon
The Brighton Main Line 2 (BML2) proposal seeks to provide extra capacity
on the London-Brighton corridor with (according to the 17th November
edition of Rail magazine) the northern section using the abandoned route
between Elmers End and Sanderstead.

Commuters travelling on three routes, Hastings-Grove Park, Ashford-
Maidstone and Tonbridge-Orpington should notice an improvement this
winter.  Network Rail has installed ten miles of heating strips on
conductor rails to prevent ice forming and delaying trains.  Other parts
of the third-rail network are also to get similar attention.

LSWR Gosport branch
Residents have started moving into the 35 flats and houses created in the
main building whilst the central trackbed has been turned into a communal

Work is due to start in March 2011 on the 5.7m redevelopment of the
station.  Oxfordshire CC also wants the word "Parkway" dropped from the
station name as it gives the impression that it is located away from the

Creation of a new south facing bay for trains terminating from the south
(reported in Raildate, 22nd January 2010) that would free up the through
platforms for other services has been shelved.

The Grade II listed buildings on the down side of Yatton station (GWR
Bristol-Weston SM line) were reopened as a caf in October.  The 200,000
cost was funded by the Railway Heritage Trust and the Rural Development

GWR Helston branch
In September, Cornwall Council granted planning permission to extend the
railway's existing consent a further quarter of a mile to Truthall
Platform (or Halt).  This includes the rebuilding of the station at
Truthall with pedestrian access to the road.  The aim is to extend a
further mile to a new terminus at Water-ma-Trout on the outskirts of
Helston.  To reach Helston it will have to cross the River Cober by means
of the six-arch 90ft high Cober aka Lowertown Viaduct.

Chris Sawle's detailed photographic survey of the line:

Yarmouth Vauxhall bridge:
In February, Norfolk County Council was preparing an application for funds
to restore the 1852 grade II listed former combined road/rail box girder
bridge over the River Bure.  At that time, only pedestrians were allowed
on the footbridge alongside but, after renovation, it was hoped that once
again the main bridge would carry road traffic (albeit only buses and
taxis).  In October, a 30,000 survey was carried out that included an
ultrasound examination, testing of materials and a 3D laser scan to
establish the bridge dimensions.  The footbridge, that had again been
closed because of problems with the timber deck, was also inspected.

This survey has revealed serious structural problems that have cast doubt
over hopes that it can be restored to its former glory, but other ways of
saving important features of the bridge are being explored, and
fortunately Norfolk CC seem reluctant to advocate its demolition.

The County Council is seriously short of funds and, with further cut backs
expected, they will not be in any financial position to fund restoration
work.  The bridge (which is owned by Sustrans) is now open again to
pedestrians having been patched up with a few new planks.  The cost of
de-listing the bridge would be a major factor in retention, as it would
almost certainly end up with an expensive public enquiry should that be

Leicester station
Following a 17-month campaign by Leicester Civic Society the present
station, dating from 1893, has been awarded Grade II listed status.  A
station on this site was first opened by the Midland Counties Railway in
1840, and was subsequently renamed Campbell Street (1867) and London Road
(1892) before becoming just Leicester in 1970.  Network Rail may now have
to modify its proposed 10m improvements scheme.

Birmingham Curzon Street station
A landmark of British railway architecture, Curzon Street Station was
designed in 1838 by Philip Hardwick to serve both the Grand Junction and
London and Birmingham Railways.  Built in the classical Ionic style, with
a magnificent pillared frontage, it was the identical twin of the original
station hall at Euston (demolished in 1962).  In use as a passenger
terminus for less than 20 years, it was relegated to a goods depot, and
finally closed in 1968.  Employed as offices for a number of years, and
narrowly escaping several proposals for demolition and redevelopment, the
Grade I listed building has been empty since 2001, although for two weeks
in 2007 it was transformed into a public gallery, presenting 'Station' an
international exhibition of documentary photography with a broad railway
theme.  It also provided a rare opportunity to explore the oldest
surviving railway terminus in the world.  Now earmarked to become part of
HS2, it is reported that its doors and windows have been boarded up for

Work is to start at Burton-upon-Trent station in June 2011 on a 700,000
refurbishment.  According to local MP Andrew Griffiths it is the worst
station in the country.

Greater Manchester
The bridge carrying Richmond Street over the Manchester Victoria-
Huddersfield line in Ashton-under-Lyne is being demolished and rebuilt.

Harrogate Resignalling
Network Rail expects to award contracts for the 14m resignalling of the
line between Horsforth and York via Harrogate in the summer of 2011 with
work commencing in 2012.  Harrogate will control computer-based
interlocking between Horsforth and Harrogate and will monitor Rigton level
crossing by CCTV.  On the mainly single line between Knaresborough and
York, the current manual level crossings at Hessay and Marston Moor will
be replaced by auto half barriers.  The NER lever shed at Hammerton will

Scarborough station, once a Victorian tourist gateway, is to become a
550,000 hub for visual arts.

Wear Valley Railway
At present heritage line passenger trains to/from Stanhope start/terminate at Bishop
Auckland West a temporary wooden platform about mile west of the Northern
Rail station but it it is planned to extend the service to a bay at the main station.
Meanwhile a shorter footpath is under construction between the two stations. The
Wolsingham coal traffic to Drax power station is expected to start in January 2011.

NBR St Andrews-Leuchars
The campaign to reopen the line between St Andrews and Leuchars is gaining
momentum.  In November it was reported that Corus, Railfuture and the
local community council have pledged money towards an engineering study.
It has also been boosted by a recent debate in the Scottish Parliament and
support from local opinion polls.

Maps of Berlin's U-Bahn and S-Bahn 1961 and 2010.

The 25m euro renovation of the line that runs across the Algarve began in 2008
and should be completed by 2011.  Concrete sleepers and CW rail are
replacing timber sleepers and jointed track.

Albania has reached agreement with Montenegro to start running passenger
trains between Shkoder and Podgorica (formerly Titograd) using the
existing freight-only line, Albania's only current link with any other
country.  Land-locked Macedonia is seeking rail access to the Adriatic
port of Durres in Albania.  Macedonia would build a 40km line to the
border near the village of Lea whilst a 2km extension into Albania would
connect with the present Pogradec (on Lake Ohrid)-Durres line, the
upgrading of which would be funded by Macedonia.

An Iranian transport delegation has met their Chinese counterparts in
Beijing to discuss the construction of a high speed line that would link
the Iranian capital to the North Eastern holy city of Mashhad.

Luanda Railway (CFL) is operating an hourly express passenger service
between Ingombota and Viana with passenger services along the 424km main
line to Malanje expected to restart late in 2011.  For the Benguela
Railway (CFB) Chinese factories have delivered $89m of equipment which
includes eight locos, 66 coaches and 94 wagons.

Florida has received has $800m towards the cost of a new 85-mile west to
east high-speed route between Tampa and Orlando that will eventually link
with Miami.

The Allegro high-speed Pendolino train operated by Karelian Trains, a
joint venture between Finnish Railways (VR) and Russian Railways (RZD),
commenced running on the upgraded line between Helsinki, and St Petersburg
on 12th December 2010.  The journey between the capital of Finland and St
Petersburg will take slightly more than 3 hours, instead of the previous
6hr 18min.

Prime Minister Putin claims that modernisation of key ports, including
Vanino, Nakhodka and Sovietskaya Gavan, is being "held back by
bottlenecks" on the Baikal-Amur main line (BAM).  A new line BAM2, costing
$14bn will relieve pressure on the existing route.

South Korea
Services started on 1st November 2010 between Daegu and Busan, the second
phase of the Seoul-Busan high speed line.



Angry commuters in festive song:

Birmingham Moor St terminal platforms reopen:

Hawes marks centenary of Christmas Eve disaster:

Police patrols in East Midlands:

160th Anniversary of Berwick Border bridge:

Airdrie-Bathgate line reopens:

ScotRail uses skirts to defrost trains:

Fatal Level crossing accident on Cambrian line:

Passengers left in closed station during Tube strike:

Confidential report on Edinburgh trams revealed:

Cost of guided bus-way climbs to 181 million:

Oxford Tube coach overturns on M40:

Greyhound Coaches (First Group) operating from Glasgow:

C17 pilot ignored stall warnings:

Panama canal closed due to high water levels:

The Ordnance Survey at work:

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Neil Kearns, Ted Millward, Reg Nerps


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24/12/10    BBC Radio 4  1100-1130
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29/12/10    BBC4  2100-2200
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For up-to-date information on many of the tours mentioned in Raildate (and
others) often with timings, see the Steam Tours pages at:

All details are correct to the best of my knowledge.  No responsibility is
taken for inaccuracies or changes.

18/12/10    Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway: Carol Evening

22/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Mince Pie Winter Warmer

24/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Mince Pie Winter Warmer

26/12/10-   Mid-Hants Railway: Christmas Leave

26/12/10-   Swanage Railway: Mince Pie Specials

27/12/10-   Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway: Mince Pie Specials

29/12/10-   West Somerset Railway: Winter Steam Festival

01/01/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: New Year Trains

01/01/11-   Kew Bridge Steam Museum: New Year Grand Steam Up

02/01/11    Friends of King Alfred Buses New Year Running Day
           Free travel on heritage buses in and around Winchester
           Note: NOT 1st January this year

02/01/11    New Forest Book Fair
           The Community Centre, High Street, Lyndhurst, SO43 7NY

02/01/11-   Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway: Mince Pie Specials

02/01/11-   Bodmin & Wenford Railway: Winter Steam-Up

10/01/11-   National Railway Museum
16/01/11    Nostalgic Cinema - screenings of rarely-seen railway-related
           films from the NRM collection

15/01/11-   St Albans Model Railway Exhibition
16/01/11    The Alban Arena, Civic Centre, St Albans AL1 3LD
           1000-1800 both days

Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   West Somerset Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Dean Forest Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Didcot Railway Centre: Thomas and Father Christmas

18/12/10-   Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Swanage Railway: Santa Specials

18/11/10-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Santa Trains

18/12/10-   Churnet Valley Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Peak Rail: Santa & Steam Specials

18/12/10-   Mid-Hants Railway: Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Santa Specials

18/12/10-   Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway: Santa Specials

21/12/10    Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: Santa Specials

22/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Santa by Starlight

22/12/10-   Didcot Railway Centre: Thomas and Father Christmas

22/12/10-   Swanage Railway: Santa Specials

23/12/10-   West Somerset Railway: Santa Specials

23/12/10-   Peak Rail: Santa & Steam Specials

24/12/10    Dean Forest Railway: Santa Specials

24/12/10    Churnet Valley Railway: Santa Specials

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