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Howard Benson interviews Adrian Vaughan about his book on Brunel - the "Intemperate Engineer":
(A lot more interesting stuff there too... thank you Howard!)

The Southern Counties Railway Society
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)

A recent exploration of the Ramsgate Tunnel Branch:

And one of Old Warden tunnel:

Photos of signalboxes, yards and stations in the Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and
Humberside regions:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

More on Cornwall Council's plans for the LSWR network from its website...  In Launceston, the
project will create a new off-road multi-use trail from central Launceston travelling west 8km
to Egloskerry along the route of the old railway.  The project is expected to provide new
tourism opportunities for local businesses including the possible parallel extension of the
Launceston Steam Railway between New Mills and Egloskerry.  In Bude, the project will create a
new off-road multi-use trail from Helebridge to the east of Bude along the line of the disused
railway to the Devon border near Titson.  This will provide a 5km link from the Bude Canal
towpath to the emerging Ruby Way and on to the Tarka Trail.

A commentary on the experience of the German railways on the eastern front of World War 2 (in
(Spotter: Nick Wheat)

A Japanese railway blog, in English, with some British trains too:
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)



Wayne Tausig's Yosemite Valley Garden Railroad: To/Videos/2011/06/The Yosemite Valley Garden Railroad.aspx
(Notice the spaces in this link - best to copy and paste!)



PM refuses to discuss Thameslink contract:

York to get depot for train maintenance work:

German rail firm's power station deal renewed:

LUL District line stock suggested for West Yorkshire (not April 1st!):

RAIB investigation into an incident at Llanbadarn level crossing:

RAIB report into runaway RRV near Inverness:

RAIB report into accident at Falls of Cruachan, Argyll:

Timely revamp begins on "Clockwork Orange":

Flying Scotsman's return delayed by cracks:

Extract from "The Works" Forum - Re: 4472 by Ian Riley, Saturday 9th July:
I very much doubt that the use of low loaders has anything to do with the cracking of the horn
blocks whatsoever.  In previous use, before the overhaul, the flexing of the frames and the
rigidity of the cast blocks is more likely the cause, made worse if the clearance between the
axlebox and the horn guides is allowed to get too great.  The use of low loaders may indeed
have caused the cracks to show themselves by the "pumping" action of oil deposits exuding from
the cracks.

Return for a Cornish workhorse from the golden age of steam:

Stanier 8F 48151 visits Swanage Railway:

C&W news on Bluebell Railway:

Bluebell Waste by Rail operating again:

Engine Thomas gets 5,000 renovation:

Welsh Highland service enhancements:

Maud open event will track steam railway era:

Special Train for CP125 celebrations:

India's ageing rail system among world's deadliest:

Derby to Sandiacre Canal restoration plan approved:

Poole - Cherbourg ferry to be withdrawn:

Nimrod R1 aircraft leaves RAF Waddington for museum:

Loganair to purchase Sucking Airways:

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Neil Kearns, Reg Nerps, Mike Price, Nick Wheat


17/07/11    BBC2  1900-2000
           "Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane"

17/07/11    BBC2  2000-2100
           "Top Gear"  Imagine a train... made up of caravans...

17/07/11    BBC4  2000-2100
           "The Lighthouse Stevensons"  Builders of Bell Rock lighthouse

17/07/11    BBC2  2100-2200
           "Coast"  6/6 Sweden and the Baltic

17/07/11    BBC4  2100-2200
           "Formula One's 60th Anniversary: Plus ca Change"

18/07/11    BBC Radio 4  1100-1130
           "The Lunatic Line"  Story of the 600-mile Kenya/Uganda railway 1/2

18/07/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Newcastle-upon-Tyne

18/07/11    BBC2  1930-2000
           "Julia Bradbury's Canal Walks"  North Wales

18/07/11    Channel 5  1930-2000
           "How Do They Do It?"  GPS technology

18/07/11    BBC4  2300-0000
           "A303: Highway to the Sun"  Basingstoke to Honiton by road

19/07/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Durham, Darlington, Whitby

19/07/11    BBC2  1900-2000
           "Coast"  6/6 Sweden and the Baltic

19/07/11    BBC4  1930-2000
           "Grand Tours of Scotland"  Using a 19th century guidebook 1/6

19/07/11    Channel 5  2000-2100
           "Monster Moves"  4/6 Repatriating two 8Fs from Turkey

19/07/11    BBC4  2100-2200
           "Britain Through A Lens: The Documentary Film Mob"

19/07/11    BBC4  2200-2300
           "The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon"

20/07/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Harrogate and Saltaire

20/07/11    BBC2  2000-2100
           "Top Gear"  Another chance to see the caravan train filmed at the GCR

20/07/11    BBC4  2000-2030
           "Time to Remember"  Music halls and cinemas in the '20s and '30s

20/07/11    BBC4  2030-2100
           "Bristol on Film"  Archive film of the city

20/07/11    BBC4  2100-2200
           "Regional TV: Life Through a Local Lens"  The rise of regional broadcasting

21/07/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Batley and "The Rhubarb Triangle"

21/07/11    Channel 5  2000-2100
           "Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers"  6/6 series 1

22/07/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Leicestershire

22/07/11    Channel 5  2000-2100
           "Danger: Diggers at Work"  3/6 Diggers doing things...

22/07/11    BBC2  2100-2200
           "The Golden Age of Canals"  The '40s, '50s and '60s


All details are correct to the best of my knowledge, but no responsibility is accepted for
inaccuracies or changes.

16/07/11    Peak Rail: Class 44 "Penyghent" and 31 31270 operating

16/07/11-   Romsey Signal - Romsey Arts Festival operating
17/07/11    In association with Romsey Arts Festival
           Admission free (donations welcome!)
           1000-1700 (Sat), 1000-1600 (Sun)
           ex-Romsey Infants School, Plaza Parade, Winchester Rd, Romsey
           Car park in old school grounds

17/07/11    Mid-Hants Railway: Bus Rally & Running Day

19/07/11    Peak Railway Association (Chesterfield Branch) Slideshow
           New Inn, 229 Mansfield Road, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0JJ
           John Morten with his own and his father's photographs

23/07/11    Winchester: guided walk exploring the route of the DN&S line
           Includes a chance to go inside the disused Chesil railway tunnel
           1115-1245 and 1415-1545
           Advance booking required - Adult: 5.00, Child: 1.00

23/07/11    Manchester Victoria signalling school layout operating day
           National Railway Museum, York

23/07/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Wirksworth Bus Event

29/07/11-   Inland Waterways Association National Festival
31/07/11    Shobnall Fields, Burton-upon-Trent

30/07/11-   Swanage Railway: Swanage Regatta and Carnival

31/07/11    Middleton Top Winding Engine, Cromford & High Peak Rly
           Engine in motion 1300-1630

31/07/11    Churnet Valley Railway: Cream Tea & Steam

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