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The Stratford Upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway Society:

Some useful railway maps:
Including some musing railway anagram maps.  For instance, Darlington becomes "Inland Grot":
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)

John Holdsworth & Co, suppliers of moquette for railway carriage seats "probably" since the

A recent exploration of Thackley Tunnel:

Summer 2008 explorations of Gildersome, Sandend, Ravenscar, Queensbury and Clayton tunnels:

The Rio Grande Southern Railroad - history, remains and links

The sound of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)



A brand new version of the London to Birmingham high-speed cab ride produced originally by
British Transport Films.  This one goes from Marylebone to Moor Street on a Chiltern Mainline
The original Blue Pullman version from Paddington to Snow Hill is here:
(Spotter: Simon Moppett)



Men bailed over Winchester railway station murder:

Rail overcrowding 'worsening' in London and South East:

Repair of East Anglia swing bridges:

West Midlands railway patrols being stepped up:

Police warning after planks placed on Derby rail track:

Police appeal following "Abhorrent" attack on train near Driffield:

WW2 grenade found near Gatwick Airport station:

RAIB investigation on loose container panelling:

RAIB investigation into derailment in Princes Street Gardens:

RAIB investigation into open door incident on Victoria Line:

RAIB report on level crossing collision at Sudbury August 2010:

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway attacked over hedge removal:

Attempted cable theft - Nuneaton:

Music mogul presents engine to rail centre:

Award for Pickering station project:

New project launched to celebrate Burnham-On-Sea's rail heritage:

Gunpowder construction charge found at Corfe Castle:

Severn Valley Railway gets on track for commuter trains plan:

Overheated heritage NIR diesel unit:

Third extension for Dublin's LUAS system:

High Speed Rail proposed in India:

High Speed Rail proposed for Australia:

Grants for improved passenger services in USA:

China manufacturer China CNR recalls 54 bullet trains:

China freezes new railway projects after high-speed train crash:

Track circuits are good for you!

Night Mail film celebrated:

Chesterfield crash: Bus driver disqualified:

Cambridgeshire guided busway opened:

Antonov12 crash in far east of Russia:

Swede admits home-made atom-split experiment was 'crazy':

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Neil Kearns, Reg Nerps, Peter Nicholson, Mike Price


13/08/11    BBC Radio 4  1030-1100
           "Interrail Tales"  European train travel between 1972 and 1990

14/08/11    BBC1  1900-2000
           "Britain's Hidden Heritage"  Forgotten places rediscovered

15/08/11    Channel 5  1930-2000
           "How Do They Do It?"  Halogen light bulbs and cylinder locks

16/08/11    BBC4  1930-2000
           "Grand Tours of Scotland"  The Northern Isles

16/08/11    Channel 5  2000-2100
           "Monster Moves"  Moving racing boats on a cargo ship

17/08/11    BBC2  1900-2000
           "Coast"  Hull to London

17/08/11    BBC1  1930-2000
           "National Treasures Live"  From Portsmouth

18/08/11    BBC2  2100-2200
           "Town with Nicholas Crane"  4/4 Totnes

18/08/11    BBC4  2100-2200
           "The Story of British Pathe"  1/4

19/08/11    BBC2  2100-2200
           "India on Four Wheels"  The Indian car industry


All details are correct to the best of my knowledge, but no responsibility is accepted for
inaccuracies or changes.

13/08/11    Dean Forest Railway: Bygone Branchline Day

13/08/11    Stafford Railway Collectors Fair
           GEC, St Leonards Avenue, Stafford
           Starts 1030

13/08/11-   Plymouth Model Railway Exhibtion
14/08/11    Plymouth Guildhall, Royal Parade
           1000-1700 (Sat), 1000-1600 (Sun)

13/08/11-   Railwells including Scalefour Southwest
14/08/11    Town Hall, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2RB

13/08/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Home Fleet Event

13/08/11-   Midland Railway Centre, Butterley: Midland Railex
14/08/11    1000-1630 both days

13/08/11-   Churnet Valley Railway: Barney Buffers & Friends

14/08/11    Twyford Waterworks Guided Tour Day

14/08/11    Middleton Top Winding Engine, Cromford & High Peak Rly
           Engine in motion 1300-1630

16/08/11    Isle of Wight Bus Museum Running Day

16/08/11    Peak Railway Association (Chesterfield Branch) Slideshow
           New Inn, 229 Mansfield Road, Hasland, Chesterfield, S41 0JJ
           Trams, Trains, Trolleys and Trivia, Frank Greaves

17/08/11    Churnet Valley Railway: Barney Buffers & Friends
           Also: Pirates of Consall bay

19/08/11-   Dean Forest Railway: Day Out With Thomas

20/08/11    Manchester Victoria signalling school layout operating day
           National Railway Museum, York

20/08/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Tractor Meet

20/08/11-   Churnet Valley Railway: Barney Buffers & Friends

21/08/11    Twyford Waterworks Guided Tour Day

21/08/11    Middleton Top Winding Engine, Cromford & High Peak Rly
           Engine in motion 1300-1630

24/08/11    Churnet Valley Railway: Scenic Evening Passenger Service

26/08/11-   Isle of Wight Steam Railway: 37th Island Steam Show

27/08/11    Winchester: guided walk exploring the route of the DN&S line
           Includes a chance to go inside the disused Chesil railway tunnel
           1115-1245 and 1415-1545
           Advance booking required - Adult: 5.00, Child: 1.00

27/08/11    Dean Forest Railway: Bygone Branchline Day

27/08/11-   Hayle Model Railway Club Exhibition
28/08/11    Hayle Day Care Centre, Commercial Road, Hayle, TR27 4DE
           1000-1600 both days

27/08/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: August Holiday Weekend

28/08/11    Twyford Waterworks Guided Tour Day

28/08/11-   Leawood Pumping Engine Steaming Day, Cromford Canal
29/08/11    Engine in motion 1200-1700

28/08/11-   Leawood Pumping Engine Steaming Day, Cromford Canal
29/08/11    Engine in motion 1200-1700

03/09/11-   West Somerset Railway: Late Summer Weekend

03/09/11-   Modelex 2010
04/09/11    John Hanson School, Floral Way, Andover, SP10 3PB

03/09/11-   Guildex 2010 - Gauge 0 Guild
04/09/11    International Centre, St Quentin Gate, Telford, TF3 4JH

03/09/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Austin 7 Club Meet

03/09/11-   Peak Rail: Shunter Hunter Extravaganza - "The Third Way"

04/09/11    Twyford Waterworks: Fire Engines & Vintage Vehicles

04/09/11    Romsey Signal Box Open Day
           Admission free (donations welcome!)
           ex-Romsey Infants School, Plaza Parade, Winchester Rd, Romsey
           Car park in old school grounds

04/09/11    Isle of Wight Steam Railway: Morris Minor Rally

04/09/11    Middleton Top Winding Engine, Cromford & High Peak Rly
           Engine in motion 1300-1630

05/09/11    Peak Railway Association (Sheffield Branch) Slideshow
           The Harlequin Pub, 108 Nursery Street, Sheffield S3 8GG
           Rails to the Second City, Martin Bromley

07/09/11    Churnet Valley Railway: Scenic Evening Passenger Service

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