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A recent exploration of Broomielaw station on the South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway:
And Ashford Locomotive Works:
An August 2010 exploration of Wheatley tunnel:
(Spotter: Tom Baldwin)

Llanelli railway riots 1911:
(Spotter: Mike Price)

Lionheart Trains:

A train-impersonating Vicar (audio)
(Spotter: Nick Wheat)

The Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railway (The North Shore Line):

Three classes - "Padded","Low Cost" or for an extra 1000 HUF, "Extra Padded"!
(Spotter: Alistair Gregory)

Preston Services, suppliers of steam engines, spares and services:

The Steam Museum:

The Digital Archives Association is a small group of amateurs producing high-resolution images of historical maps on CD and DVD.

Just a fantastic picture:



Cycling the rails (stunning!)
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)

48151 on "The Fellsman", 17th August 2011:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

Can you see the join?
(Spotter: Nick Wheat)

Short animations of the rotary steam admission valvegear on the relatively unknown experimental locomotive built by CW Paget (very short - save and watch on repeat):

Amsterdam tram documentary film from 1954:
(Spotter: Tony Walmsley via Mike Morant)

The Mosel Wine Railway:
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

A commercial about GE locomotives, made in Erie, Pennsylvania:
(Spotter: Larry Schwartz)

Do not lean out of the window... crazy!



Network Rail lists 11 overcrowded stations needing action:

Town launches campaign to save ticket seller:

Staycations 'helping rural train lines enjoy huge growth':

Trespasser brings commuter trains to a halt in south London:

RAIB report on derailment at Dalchalm level crossing:

Crossrail competition for trains contract delayed:

Docklands Light Railway extension marks a year to go to the London 2012 Paralympics:

Third Class carriage addition at National Railway Museum:

Birmingham transport museum facing closure:

Weardale railway starts work on tourist attraction:

Shropshire railway line to become footpath:

Llangollen Railway passengers arrive in Corwen:

Plans engineered to replace stolen Brunel statue:

Great Northern Railway (Ireland) signal cabin finds new home:

Kremlin paves way for East to West rail link:

Edinburgh trams: Plan to stop at Haymarket 'bonkers':

Ministers withhold Edinburgh trams funding:

Edinburgh trams: Council backs St Andrew Square option:

First 1,000mph air speed record pilot dies:

Red Arrows resume public displays:

QE2 anchor set as landmark in home port of Southampton:

Campaign to move Titanic Captain Smith statue to Hanley:

Stena Wales-Ireland fast ferry halted over fuel costs:

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Reg Nerps, Mike Price, Glynn Waite


04/09/11    BBC2  2100-2200
           "World's Most Dangerous Roads"  1/3 Alaska

04/09/11    BBC2  2200-2300
           "Grumpy Guide to Driving"

05/09/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Reel History of Britain"  Britain through newsreels - 1/20 - WW2

05/09/11    BBC2  1900-2000
           "Coast"  Southport to Whitehaven

05/09/11    Channel 5  1930-2000
           "How Do They Do It?"  Petrol from American oil

05/09/11    BBC2  2320-0020
           "World's Most Dangerous Roads"  1/3 Alaska

06/09/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Reel History of Britain"  Britain through newsreels - 2/20 - 1950s

07/09/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Reel History of Britain"  Britain through newsreels - 3/20 - WW1

07/09/11    BBC1  1930-2000
           "National Treasures Live"  From Erddig House, Wrexham

07/09/11    BBC4  2300-0000
           "The Story of British Pathe"  3/4

08/09/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Reel History of Britain"  Britain through newsreels - 4/20 - Coal mining

08/09/11    BBC4  2100-2200
           "The Story of British Pathe"  4/4

09/09/11    BBC2  1830-1900
           "Reel History of Britain"  Britain through newsreels - 5/20 - 1920s

09/09/11    BBC2  1900-1930
           "Coast"  Devon and Cornwall


All details are correct to the best of my knowledge, but no responsibility is accepted for inaccuracies or changes.

03/09/11-   West Somerset Railway: Late Summer Weekend

03/09/11-   Modelex 2010
04/09/11    John Hanson School, Floral Way, Andover, SP10 3PB

03/09/11-   Guildex 2010 - Gauge 0 Guild
04/09/11    International Centre, St Quentin Gate, Telford, TF3 4JH

03/09/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Austin 7 Club Meet

03/09/11-   Peak Rail: Shunter Hunter Extravaganza - "The Third Way"

04/09/11    Twyford Waterworks: Fire Engines & Vintage Vehicles

04/09/11    Romsey Signal Box Open Day
           Admission free (donations welcome!)
           ex-Romsey Infants School, Plaza Parade, Winchester Rd, Romsey
           Car park in old school grounds

04/09/11    Isle of Wight Steam Railway: Morris Minor Rally

04/09/11    Middleton Top Winding Engine, Cromford & High Peak Rly
           Engine in motion 1300-1630

05/09/11    Peak Railway Association (Sheffield Branch) Slideshow
           The Harlequin Pub, 108 Nursery Street, Sheffield S3 8GG
           Rails to the Second City, Martin Bromley

07/09/11    Churnet Valley Railway: Scenic Evening Passenger Service

09/09/11-   Swanage Railway: Grand Steam Gala & Vintage Transport Rally

10/09/11    Dean Forest Railway: Bygone Branchline Day

10/09/11    Midland Railway Study Centre Open Day
           In association with Heritage Open Days
           The Silk Mill, Derby

10/09/11-   Romsey Signal Box Open Day
11/09/11    In association with Romsey Heritage Open Days
           Admission free (donations welcome!)
           ex-Romsey Infants School, Plaza Parade, Winchester Rd, Romsey
           Car park in old school grounds

10/09/11-   Isle of Wight Steam Railway: Model Railway Exhibition

10/09/11-   Swindon Railway Festival
11/09/11    STEAM Museum, Kemble Drive, Swindon, SN2 2TA
           1000-1700 both days

10/09/11-   West Somerset Railway: CAMRA Real Ale Festival

10/09/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Wirksworth Festival Open Days

10/09/11-   Expo EM North
11/09/11    Colne Valley Leisure Centre, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5AB

11/09/11    Churnet Valley Railway: Cream Tea & Steam

12/09/11    North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeological Society
           Friends' Meeting House, Ashgate Road, Chesterfield, S40 4AG
           Westhouses - Midland Railway Village by Dudley Fowkes
           Commences 1930

17/09/11    Manchester Victoria signalling school layout operating day
           National Railway Museum, York

17/09/11-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Military Vehicles Meet

17/09/11-   Model Rail Live
18/09/11    Barrow Hill Roundhouse Museum, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 2PR
           1000-1700 both days

Cheers, Howard.
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