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I recently got a new PC, and transferred all my addresses from the old one.  Unfortunately, in
Windows 7 things are in a slightly different format, so in some cases, where I had more than
one address for someone, the wrong address became the default.  Apologies if this has happened
to you - the only way I'll know is if you tell me!  (This is one reason why I prefer people to
sign up via the Yahoo site nowadays!)


Following the sad death of Barry Curl earlier in the year, the entire 2ft gauge Durley Light
Railway will be auctioned on 6th October.  There are 3 locomotives, 2 steam and 1 diesel,
together with carriages, goods wagons and other rolling stock, rails, turntable, points, etc.
There is also a large quantity of spare parts, tools & equipment including machine tools.
Viewing is on 5th October and a PDF of catalogue is here:

Article about the Inter City 125 on AROnline
(Spotter: Alan Rushworth)

More new "mystery pics" on the Kestrel Railway Books website

LUL A60 stock - for those interested last 'public use' service will be on Wednesday 26th -
diagram shown below (diagram 412)
07:52 Neasden Depot to Wembley Park (Empty) arr 08:00
08:02 Wembley Park to Watford (Semi-Fast) arr 08:30
08:40 Watford to Baker Street (Semi-Fast) arr 09:22
09:28 Baker Street to Amersham (All Stations) arr 10j26
10b47 Amersham to Aldgate (All Stations) arr 11:59
12:12 Aldgate to Amersham (All Stations) arr 13j26
13b47 Amersham to Aldgate (All Stations) arr 14:59
15:12 Aldgate to Amersham (All Stations) arr 16j26
16b46 Amersham to Aldgate (All Stations) arr 18:01
18:08 Aldgate to Watford (Semi-Fast) arr 19:07
19:17 Watford to Harrow On The Hill (All Stations) arr 19:39
19:44 Harrow On the Hill to Neasden Depot (Empty) arr 19:58
(Thanks to Robin Morel, MOM Borehamwood via Neil Kearns)

Battlefield Line Autumn Steam Gala 15th September
North Norfolk Railway Autumn Gala 31st August
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

Videos of French a steam special - something a little different - here we see a preserved 2-8-2
(Spotter: Richard Maund)

Ralph M Pettersen's Constellation Survivors Website
A timelapse webcam on the wreck site of the Costa Concordia.  You can follow the work
day-by-day or go to the calendar and see what happened on a specific day.
(Spotter: Alan Rushworth)



London Midland ticket office closure plans overruled

Proposed station for Middlesbrough hospital

Possible strike action on West Coast route

West Coast franchise change

DB Schenker dispute

RAIB report on freight train derailment at Bordesley Junction

Didcot power station to close (therefore end of coal trains from Avonmouth)

Praise for Olympic railway operations

ECML blocked by lineside fire

Detonators stolen from engineering possession protection

New transport ministers

'Dick Turpin' rail firms criticised by MP

RAIB report into blowback of locomotive fire at Wood Green tunnel, London

Corwen's railway station plan halted over funding

GWSR appeal reaches target

GWR artefacts left to Steam museum in Swindon

NRM Director resigns

Quiet carriages on Sydney routes

New depot to be built in Auckland

Hidden costs of "Borismaster" buses

New charge for foreign lorries using British roads

Birmingham Airport plane skids off runway

Leuchars airshow

Lufthansa plans low cost airline

Campaign for Luftwaffe pilots' burial in German cemetery

German rocket "lands" in Medway

Light aircraft crash near Popham

Space shuttle Endeavour on its final journey

More wildcat strikes hit Brittany Ferries

Canal boats suffered losses in London 2012 Games

Protest at Cutty Sark restoration

Cruise ships visiting Belfast

Spotters: Neil Kearns, Reg Nerps Mike Price, Alan Rushworth



23/09/12    BBC1 2000-2100
           "Countryfile"  A steam trip on the West Highland Raiway

23/09/12    BBC4 1900-1930
           "Julia Bradbury's Canal Walks"  The Worcester & Birmingham Canal

23/09/12    BBC4 2345-0045
           "British Passions on Film"  Getting away from it all

24/09/12    Channel 5 2000-2100
           "Classic Car Rescue"  1/6 E-type Jaguar

25/09/12    Channel 5 1900-2000
           "Heroes of the Skies"  1/6  Douglas Bader

25/09/12    BBC4 1930-2030
           "Indian Hill Railways"  3/3

25/09/12    BBC4 2030-2100
           "British Passions on Film"  Planes, trains and automobiles

26/09/12    BBC4 1930-2000
           "Great British Railway Journeys"  Hop pickers in Kent

26/09/12    BBC4 2200-2300
           "London: A Tale of Two Cities with Dan Cruickshank"

27/09/12    Channel 5 1900-2000
           "Classic Car Rescue"  1/6 E-type Jaguar

27/09/12    Channel 5 2000-2100
           "Heroes of the Skies"  2/6  George Beurling

27/09/12    BBC4 2200-2300
           "The Bridges that Built London with Dan Cruickshank"

28/09/12    Channel 5 1900-2000
           "Heroes of the Skies"  2/6  George Beurling

28/09/12    Channel 5 2000-2030
           "Eddie Stobart Trucks and Trailers"  3/8



All details are correct to the best of my knowledge, but no responsibility is accepted for
inaccuracies or changes.

21/09/12    Newbury and District Transport Group
           Bayer House, Strawberry Hill, Newbury, West Berkshire, RG14 1JA
           James Freeman
           Non-members welcome
           Admission and car parking free, but donations towards expenses welcome
           1930-2200 (approx) - doors open 1900

21/09/12    West Somerset Railway: Exmoor Mystery Tour
           West Somerset Railway: Cheese & Cider Lunch
           West Somerset Railway: Steam & Cream Specials

21/09/12-   Severn Valley Railway: Autumn Steam Gala

22/09/12-   Nene Valley Railway: Steam Gala

22/09/12-   Churnet Valley Railway: Diesel Gala

22/09/12-   Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre: Model Rail Live 2012
23/09/12    Campbell Drive, S43 2PR Staveley, Sheffield, United Kingdom
           1000-1700 both days

23/09/12    Bursledon Brickworks: Big American Wing-Ding

23/09/12    Wings & Things Model Show
           Spalding Girls High School, Cley Lake, PE11 2PJ

29/09/12    Bodmin & Wenford Railway: Autumn Diesel Day

29/09/12-   Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: Super Power Weekend

29/09/12-   Isle of Wight Steam Railway: Wine Festival

29/09/12-   Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway: Vintage on the Railway

29/09/12-   Crofton Beam Engines Steam Gala

29/09/12-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Diesel Locomotive Weekend

30/09/12    The Lavender Line: Goods Train Days - Meet David Larkin
           David will be attending and will be pleased to discuss wagons

04/10/12-   West Somerset Railway: Autumn Steam Gala

05/10/12-   Durley Light Railway Auction Sale
06/10/12    Viewing on 5th, sale on 6th
           PDF of catalogue:

06/10/12-   Fareham & District MRC Exhibition
07/10/12    Wickham Community Centre, Mill Lane, Wickham, Hants, PO17 5AL
           1000-1700 (Sat), 1000-1630 (Sun)
           Adult: 5, Senior: 4, Child: 3, Family (2+2) 13
           17+ layouts booked plus trade support including Squires and
           for the first time Lord & Butler (aka Dirty Boy weathering)
           Raildater Derek Gillkerson will be exhibiting
           Historic Bus by Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust
           from Fareham railway station to Buddens Road (adjacent to venue)

06/10/12-   The Lavender Line: Vintage Transport Gala

06/10/12-   Crewe Signalling Gala
07/10/12    Crewe Heritage Centre
           Public launch of a new range of signalling simulations for the
           home PC to be sold under the brand name "Block Post Software"
           Kidderminster Railway Museum will bring their photographic archive
           Additional displays including the Signalling Record Society
           The Centre's three signal boxes (Crewe North Junction, Crewe Station A
           and Exeter West) will be open to visitors

06/10/12-   Leawood Pumping Station Open Day

07/10/12    Twyford Waterworks: Autumn Rally

07/10/12    Romsey Signal Box Open Day
           Admission free (donations welcome!)
           ex-Romsey Infants School, Plaza Parade, Winchester Rd, Romsey, SO51 8JA
           Car park in old school grounds

07/10/12    Churnet Valley Railway: Folk Festival & Classic Cars

07/10/12    Middleton Top Engine House Open Day

Cheers, Howard.
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