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Ordnance Survey station spotter quiz (part two)

A slideshow of Leeds Central Station

A stop-frame animated tour of the abandoned "Petite Ceinture" Inner Circle railway around Paris
(Spotter: Nick Wheat)

And a BBC article about same

Steam train maintenance in the 1950s - an educational documentary
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)

A recent exploration of Wenvoe Tunnel, Barry Railway
(Spotter: Tom Baldwin)

Bern–Lötschberg–Simplon railway videos and photographs
Swiss Classic Train
Disused barge slip at Rosebery, British Columbia
Video of the last train
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)

The Spirit of Brooklands

Fill up on gas station memories

Heath Robinson: the unsung hero of British eccentricity and innovation

Stand Start Complex of Baikonur

An interesting site from the British Library about the regional accents within the UK



HS2 'losers' revealed after report omitted figures

HS2 will benefit whole UK, transport secretary says

Network Rail signs five-year rail supply deals

RAIB Investigation into vehicles rolling off station platforms

ECML success being played down - RMT

East Coast Line: Ministers launch search for buyer

High speed chair for Higgins

First Crossrail tunnel fully bored

Chiltern collaboration for East-West route

Sponsorship for increased Westbury-Swindon service from December

Possible reopening of MailRail

Swan on line causes delay at Winchester station

Trains return to Waterloo International for first time in 6 years

Thousands claim compensation after South Eastern rail delays

Rail investigators to look at track falls in Essex and Surrey

Olivia Bazlinton's parents press MPs for safer rail crossings

Mother says Network Rail were 'inhuman'

Electric trains on the way to Henley branch by 2017

Gloucester and Swindon railway line blocked by fallen tree

Norham railway station near Berwick is put up for sale

As is the goods shed at Whittingham station

Hornby train collection worth £60,000 goes under the hammer in Newcastle

Tramway find near Bloody Steps adds to Trent canal-side history

Calls for investigation after Tube train doors open between stations with baby next to exit

'Potential for injuries' in Tube evacuation

Train passengers forcing doors open told 'don't be insane'

Rail line project is a winner

Heroin worth £50,000 found at Dundee railway station

First Minister Carwyn Jones criticises rail works timing

Benson rail controversy and ‘immediate death’ for the GNR

Swanage Railway M7 at Northam Depot openday

Increase in Eurostar business travel

NS takes steps to reduce winter weather railway disruption

The Dutch take the train an average of 21 times a year

Monticello Railroad Museum erects interlocking tower 'computer'

Indian railway ministry wants changes in DIPP's FDI plan

French Railway reform bill announced

DB to fight graffiti with drone

Rolling stock order for South African Railways

Extension to San Francisco metro system

Latest update on UP 4014

Oil train derailment and fire near Edmonton

Full-length video of new tram bridge being lifted into place over A52

Hi-tech Midland Metro tram's journey from Spain to Midlands shown in video

Roadworks for Edinburgh trams completed

3D sensors for tram safety system

Trams option proposed for Aberdeen by city council

Europe's steepest funicular railway has a gradient of 106 per cent

Bus roof ripped off by bridge in Harpenden

Coach fire near Hastings

New coach for Shiel Buses

Latest QE2 refurbishment plan.

Palmer to Make Movie on Titanic II Maiden Voyage

Animation shows float-on of Costa Concordia on board Dockwise Vanguard

On board the aircraft carrier USS George Washington

Easyjet withdraw from operating Gatwick - Guernsey service

Could Concorde ever fly again? No, says British Airways

Plane crash-lands near Halfpenny Green after fuel shortage

747 airprox crews' mix-up baffles UK probe

Inquiry details confusion behind 777 airprox with C-17s

World's biggest private jet with 4-poster beds, Turkish bath, and a place to park the Rolls

RAF Chinook retrieved RN Sea King from Glencoe

Campaign to save 1930s Isle of Wight hotel from demolition

Roller coaster technology: 'Bigger! Faster! Scarier!'

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Andy Cassidy, Richard Courage, Neil Kearns, Reg Nerps, Mike Price,
Alan Rushworth



26/10/13  Channel 5 1835-1900
         "Lost Heroes of World War One"  How the war affected life in Britain

26/10/13  Channel 5 1900-2000
         "Nazi Titanic: Revealed"  Story of the 1943 Nazi propaganda movie

27/10/13  BBC2 1900-2000
         "Dive WWII: Our Secret History"  2/2 Uncovering U-boat wrecks

27/10/13  BBC2 2000-2100
         "Great Continental Railway Journeys"  New series: 1/6 Madrid to Gibraltar

27/10/13  BBC4 2000-2100
         "Dreaming the Impossible: Unbuilt Britain"  1/3 Glass Houses

27/10/13  BBC4 2100-2130
         "The Golden Age of Steam Railways"  1/2 Small is Beautiful - narrow gauge

27/10/13  BBC4 2130-2200
         "The Golden Age of Steam Railways"  2/2 Branching Out - standard gauge

28/10/13  BBC1 South West 1930-2000
         "Inside Out"  Plans to mine tin from under the sea off Cornwall

28/10/13  BBC4 1930-2000
         "Great British Railway Journeys"  Portillo in Norfolk

28/10/13  BBC4 2100-2200
         "Timeshift: Full Throttle - the Glory Days of the British Motorbikes"

28/10/13  ITV1 2305-0005
         "Piers Morgan's Life Stories"  Pete Waterman

29/10/13  BBC4 1930-2000
         "Great British Railway Journeys"  Portillo in Suffolk

29/10/13  BBC4 2300-2330
         "The Golden Age of Steam Railways"  1/2 Small is Beautiful - narrow gauge

29/10/13  BBC4 2330-0000
         "The Golden Age of Steam Railways"  2/2 Branching Out - standard gauge

30/10/13  BBC4 1930-2000
         "Great British Railway Journeys"  Portillo in Essex

30/10/13  BBC4 2300-0000
         "The Somme: Secret Tunnel Wars"

30/10/13  BBC2 2320-0020
         "Great Continental Railway Journeys"  New series: 1/6 Madrid to Gibraltar

31/10/13  BBC Radio 4 1500-1530
         "Open Country"  Restoring Mountsorrel's Long Forgotten Railway

31/10/13  BBC4 2230-2330
         "Timeshift: Full Throttle - the Glory Days of the British Motorbikes"

02/11/13  BBC Radio 4 0607-0630
         "Open Country"  Restoring Mountsorrel's Long Forgotten Railway



All details are correct to the best of my knowledge, but no responsibility is accepted for
inaccuracies or changes.

23/10/13    Dean Forest Railway: Railcar Autumn Colour Specials

23/10/13-   Great Central Railway: Half Term Trains

25/10/13-   Mid-Hants Railway: Autumn Steam Gala

26/10/13    Rushden, Higham & Wellingborough Railway: Hallowe'en Ghost Train

26/10/13    Great Central Railway (Nottingham): Hallowe'en Special

26/10/13    Crich Tramway Village: Starlight Halloween

26/10/13-   Eastleigh Lakeside Railway: Big 4 Weekend

26/10/13-   Media Archive for Central England: Screening of Derbyshire industrial films
27/10/13    The Ritz, Belper, Derbyshire

27/10/13    Bodmin & Wenford Railway: Mike the Knight

27/10/13    Dean Forest Railway: Half Term Week

29/10/13-   Ecclesbourne Valley Railway: Half-term operating Days

29/10/13-   Ffestiniog Railway: Halloween Trains

30/10/13    Dean Forest Railway: Half Term Week

31/10/13    South Devon Railway: Halloween Express

31/10/13    Dean Forest Railway: Halloween Ghost Train

31/10/13    Great Central Railway: Hallowe'en Ghost Trains

31/10/13    Welsh Highland Railway: Halloween Train

31/10/13-   Mid-Hants Railway: Wizard Weekend

02/11/13-   Bodmin & Wenford Railway: Half-price Weekend

02/11/13-   Leawood Pumping Engine Steaming Day, Cromford Canal
03/11/13    Engine in motion 1200-1700

02/11/13-   Peak Rail: WWII Winter Camp

03/11/13    Dean Forest Railway: Half Term Week

03/11/13    Burton Railway Society: 2013 Model RailEx
           The National Brewery Centre, Burton-on-Trent

04/11/13    Peak Railway Association, Sheffield Branch
           The Harlequin Pub, 108 Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG
           “During The Blues” - pictures from the '70s and '80s “rail blue” era
           A digital presentation by Peter Crawley
           Starts 1930 for a requested £3 donation on the door

05/11/13    Great Central Railway: Bonfire Night and Fireworks

09/11/13    Mid-Hants Railway: Walk the Line

09/11/13    Great Central Railway (Nottingham): Firework Spectacular

09/11/13-   Hull Model Railway Show 2013
10/11/13    Costello (Athletics) Stadium, Anlaby Park Road North, Hull, HU4 6XY
           1000-1700 (Sat), 1000-1630 (Sun)

10/11/13    Great Central Railway: Remembrance Event

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