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Fawley Museum Society
Wandering dog brightens daily commute in Istanbul
(Spotter: Neil Kearns)

Mid Hants Railway Autumn Steam Gala 2021
GCR Autumn Steam Gala, Loughborough, 2nd October 2021
Part 1:
Part 2:
USATC 2-8-0 S160
Great Electric Train Show 2021
Lower Trumping Model Railway Layout
One of Germany’s finest and most unknown private model railway layouts in N scale
(Spotter: Ted Millward)

Waverley Route - The Final Weekend photos
(Spotter: Richard Buckby)

Ever Given Docks At Qingdao Yard For Repairing, To Restart Services From Late October
Nightmare fuel for soviet submarines; the story of the Canadair CP-107 Argus
(Spotter: Alan Rushworth)

'Renting the Taj Mahal': the fight to save Darjeeling’s toy train

The classic cars being converted to electric vehicles



Tesco credits use of rail freight for keeping shelves stocked in supply crisis

New competition announced to find first HQ of Great British Railways

Refurbishment of Surbiton station planned

Northern Trains’ solution to leaves on the line: dry ice pellets

RAIB report into derailment of cement train at Sheffield 11 Nov 2020

Contractors leave tunnel after three years of “abject failure”

Aire Bridge at Drax refurbished

Engineering works to replace Bridlington semaphore signals

Borders Railway extension to Carlisle would be 'best solution'
Borderlands Partnership publishes their prospectus for the Borders Railway extension

Police probe launched after thief manages to steal train keys from Scots station

Garve Level crossing upgrade

Hydrogen train could be trialled on Caithness line

Memorials to the crew of Mallard unveiled

Bluebell Railway appeal to restore and repair Horstead Keynes station

GCR and Nottingham Heritage Railway in advanced talks over repair work to reopen line

Union of South Africa Farewell

La'al Ratty closed after landslide and extreme weather

11 days of disruption for Cork rail services for resignalling

Eurostar brand to be retained after merger with THALYS

UGL to build new locos for Pacific National in Australia

Darjeeling Himalaya Railway financial problems

Bus driver fined after roof torn off in bridge strike

Sanders Coaches of Norfolk cancelled Sunday workings due to fuel shortage

Cowes Floating Bridge out of action until mid-November

Another plan to restore "Duke of Lancaster" beached near Prestatyn

Engine fire on Boeing 747 landing at East Midlands Airport

Increasing demand for private jets

Fatal private jet crash in Milan

British Airways Rumoured To Fly The A380 To Frankfurt And Madrid

Former Air India Airbus A320 Fuselage Gets Stuck Under A Bridge

Grant for restoration of Ramsey Pier

Fawley power station chimney to be demolished 31 October

Spotters: Richard Buckby, Neil Kearns, Reg Nerps



08/10/21  5 Select 1900-2000
          "Walking Britain's Lost Railways"

08/10/21  Yesterday 2100-2300
          "Train Truckers"  2 episodes

09/10/21  Yesterday 0800-1000
          "Train Truckers"  2 episodes

09/10/21  Yesterday 1000-1500
          "The Architecture the Railways Built"  5 episodes

09/10/21  Yesterday 1500-2000
          "Great British/Continental Railway Journeys"  10 episodes

09/10/21  More4 1855-2000
          "Inside the Spitfire Factory "  Ep 3

09/10/21  More4 2000-2100
          "The Lost Lotus: Restoring a Race Car"

10/10/21  BBC Radio 4 1945-2000
          "Miss Bessemer Saves the Train"  Saving the Bluebell Line 3/5

11/10/21  BBC4 1900-1930
          "Great British Railway Journeys"  Maltby to Leicestershire

11/10/21  Yesterday 2000-2100
          "The Architecture the Railways Built"  New series

11/10/21  Yesterday 2100-2200
          "Hornby: A Model World"  New Series

11/10/21  Yesterday 2200-2300
          "Steam Train Britain"

11/10/21  5 Select 2300-0000
          "Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson"

12/10/21  BBC4 1900-1930
          "Great British Railway Journeys"  Birmingham to Stoke

12/10/21  5 Select 1900-2000
          "Brunel: the Man who Built Britain"

13/10/21  BBC4 1900-1930
          "Great British Railway Journeys"  Newry to Portadown

14/10/21  BBC4 1900-1930
          "Great British Railway Journeys"  Belfast to Portrush

14/10/21  Channel 5 2000-2100
          "The World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys"  3/6 South Wales

14/10/21  Yesterday 2000-2100
          "Hornby: A Model World"

14/10/21  Yesterday 2100-2200
          "Secrets of the Transport Museum"

14/10/21  Yesterday 2200-2300
          "The Architecture the Railways Built"

15/10/21  5 Select 1900-2000
          "Walking Britain's Lost Railways"  Plymouth to Exeter

15/10/21  Channel 5 2000-2100
          "Walking Yorkshire's Lost Railways"  New


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08/09/21- Bluebell Railway: Giants of Steam

08/10/21- Epping Ongar Railway: LT Weekend

08/10/21- Ffestiniog Railway: Bygones Weekend

09/10/21- Solent Sky Tram Event - 10:00 to 17:00 on both days

09/10/21- Farnham & District MRC Model Railway Exhibition, Aldershot

16/10/21  Brighton Toy & Model Museum: 30th Anniversary Train Running Day

16/10/21  Romsey Signal Box Open Day

23/10/21- Dean Forest Railway: 50th Anniversary Gala

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