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by Howard Sprenger (unless otherwise credited)

More things culled from RAILDATE MEMO, plus anything extra that's come my way.

Off the Rails

Concern has been raised about Railtrack's use of unskilled contract labour on track-maintenance work. Under BR, all track workers had to receive rigourous training on safety before being let loose on the line. Now, however, the cheapest labour is used, and safety training is minimal. To compensate, whole double-track stretches of line are closed completely when maintenance is required, instead of just one line with single-track working on the remaining line.

With the old system, trains might be delayed, but at least they continued to run. Now, of course, replacement buses are required to get passengers to the other side of the closure. Ensuring the buses are there is not Railtrack's responsibility, however, but that of the relevant train operating company (TOC)...who sometimes prove to be forgetful! In one recent situation, two TOCs were operating services over a particular line. One had laid on a replacement bus, the other had not. Needless to say, "customers" of the company who had not provided a bus were denied access to the bus provided by the company that had...

In the 19th century, the word "stagecoach" was associated with slow, uncomfortable, expensive and unreliable transport. So much for progress.

As a result of laying off more staff than they should, South West Trains is now cancelling up to 40 trains a day, and OPRAF is making them pay for their poor service with a $600 fine for every cancelled train. Sounds good, but hang on a minute...just how much does it cost to run a train? What are the costs of stock hire, track access charges, staff, fuel, etc? $600 not to run a train doesn't sound too bad to me.

Following on from last week, I now hear reports that South West Trains are to be fined only 100UKP per cancelled train!

And on the news this morning, there was a report of a Waterloo-Exeter train last night that terminated at Salisbury (presumably due to staff shortages). The passengers (sorry "customers") revolted, and refused to leave the train. In the end, volunteer staff agreed to work the train on to Exeter.

It has been confirmated that South West Trains are to be fined less than the 600UKP per train that is regularly being quoted. OPRAF have a sliding scale of fines, and this figure relates only to peak-hour trains. Most of the cancelled trains do not fall into this category, and an OFRIP spokesman said, "The total cancellation of an off-peak train will incur a financial penalty of far less than the average 600UKP".

Southampton Airport Parkway

It's not all bad news... SWT has unveiled plans for a 1/2 million UKP redevelopment of Southampton Parkway, and work has already started. There will be improved facilities, a buffet, new toilets and 53 extra parking spaces.

Web Timetables

From Harvey Saunders...

 I see that gradually the UK timetables are reaching the web - Great
 Western Train's is now there.  You can get there from:
 I also found interesting stuff (nearly all US) at:
 which led me to the Clan Line home page:

From Richard Walker...

 "I checked out the timetables feature on the web today
 ( http://www.rail.co.uk/ukrail/planner/planner.htm ) as supplied by
 RailTrack ( http://www.rail.co.uk/).
 "The page is a dialog requesting origin, destination, start or arrival
 time and (optional) "via which station?" so I tried it with
 Eastleigh->Waterloo and received, very quickly, a six-legged journey
 running via London and Liverpool, arriving at 15:36 at Waterloo (MERSEYSIDE)!
 "Not deterred, I changed "Waterloo" to "London" and was told
  Eastleigh 09:03    Southampton Airport 09:06
  Southampton Airport 09:22  London Waterloo 10:28
 "Clever Eh? (I wonder if this route is in the new "Authorised Routes"
 manual and can be claimed at the "direct" fare???)"

From Harvey Saunders...

 "They say that all BR timetables are now on the web.  Well, yes, sort
 of.  If you go to  http://www.rail.co.uk, you will see that RailTrack have
 announced that they have made them available.  But, following the link
 just leads you to a journey planner - enter start point, destination,
 via point, date of travel, and earliest/latest time - you get a screen
 showing one set of times/connections to get you there plus the option
 of moving one step earlier or later.  You can't get to see the proper
 timetables.  But, it works quite quickly.
 "I made the mistake of choosing Raynes Park as a destination.  It didn't
 like it and wouldn't say why!  I tried raynespark and raynes_park, but
 these seemed to produce real errors.  It eventually told me to go away
 and try again later.  I think I broke it.  Sorry."

From Harvey Saunders:

 "Yesterday, I tried the online timetables again.  They seem to be
 working OK now.  They search out the quickest route, not necessarily
 the shortest or cheapest.  For example, to reach a minor station, they
 may show a route that takes a fast train beyond the destination and a
 slow train back.

From Harvey Saunders:

 More and more of the TOCs are putting their own timetables on the web -
 Alphaline and West Coast are there now, complete but not very usable.
 West Coast's web site is the fanciest of all - dressing up before the
 sell off, I suppose.  ScotRail's site has been refreshed; their
 'national timetable' just links to the RailTrack journey planner.
 Alphaline's site includes a route map which suggests that 'Regional
 Railways South and West' do not run the Devon and Cornwall branch
 lines!?!  Who does, then?
 I think that I've traced the mystery service that allows Romsey to
 Basingstoke without a change.  It's the 15:15 from Salisbury to
 Waterloo; it goes via Southampton!

Letter from Iberia (1)

From Ken Lunn (21/02/97):

 One bit of news that I have is that RENFE have started running a service
 of Eurostar/TGV/AVE-type trains between Barcelona and Valencia.  The
 trains run on ordinary track, not high-speed, and at RENFE's normal
 gauge of roughly 5'6".  The track has been improved in several places
 to allow higher speeds.  I haven't actually seen any of the new trains
 in service yet, though there were several units in the yard at
 Bellvitge (Barcelona) just before Christmas.
 Thanks for the web info.  In case anyone's interested, I can add some
 more to your list:
     is the RENFE (Spanish National Railways) site.
     has a pointer to some other railway web sites worldwide, including
     // http://www.rail.co.uk/ and, surprisingly, the NRM in York.
     is the site for Catalan Railways, in ENGLISH!
 Best wishes to all.  Ding-ding!

Letter from Iberia (2)

From Ken Lunn (07/03/97):

 I threatened you some time ago that if I went trainspotting, I'd send
 you a report.  Well, here it is.  There's a bit of background info at
 the start; if anyone's interested, I can fill in more detail.
 Trainspotting in Coma-Ruga, 3rd March 1997
 Coma-Ruga is on the Spanish coast about 60 km southwest of Barcelona.
 It being a local holiday in Sant Cugat, where I normally work on
 Mondays, I took the opportunity of spending a couple of hours
 To the west of the station in Coma-Ruga (Sant Vicenc de Calders), all
 lines converge into a double track main line down the coast to Tarragona
 and Reus, and a single-track line to Roda de Bara and thence to Valls,
 Zaragoza and Reus.
 To the east, there are two double-track lines, one forming the main line
 along the coast to Barcelona through Vilanova and Sitges.  The other
 goes to Barcelona via El Vendrell and Martorell.  The coast route is
 used by suburban line 2 to Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal and all
 main-line passenger trains; the Martorell route is suburban line 4
 which extends to Manresa.
 The station consists of the following parts, from south to north:
 - Four sidings, numbered 16, 14, 12, and 10, electrified, but not
   controlled from the signal cabin in the station (probably from a
   ground frame).
 - Two freight loops, 8 and 6, electrified and controlled from the signal
 - Track 4, normally used for terminating passenger trains on the coast
   line (suburban line 2) from Barcelona, or as a loop on that main line
   towards Barcelona.
 - An island platform serving tracks 4 and 2.
 - Track 2, the main line from Tarragona towards Barcelona.
 - Track 1, the main line from Barcelona towards Tarragona.
 - An island platform serving tracks 1 and 3.
 - Track 3, the branch line from Roda de Bara towards El Vendrell and
 - Track 5, the branch line from El Vendrell towards Roda de Bara.
 - The main platform, including the station buildings.  All subsequent
   lines terminate, facing towards Barcelona/El Vendrell, and their
   platforms are joined to this one.
 - Tracks 7 and 9, used for terminating trains from suburban lines 2
   (the coast) and 4 (via Martorell).
 - Platform serving tracks 9 and 11.
 - Track 11, also for terminating trains.
 - Track 13, a stabling siding.
 - Two small non-electrified sidings used for departmental vehicles.
 Most passenger services are operated by emus, normally in 3-car sets:
 - Class 440 are old units, normally used on "Regional" services or
   "Delta expresses" (which amount to the same thing).
 - Class 447 is the standard single-decker suburban unit.
 - Class 451 is the equivalent double-decker unit, a great lumbering
   beast holding some 500 passengers seated.
 - Classes 444 and 448 are modern air-conditioned units used for
   InterCity and Catalunya Express trains.
 10:00 I arrived at Sant Vicenc de Calders station; the following
       trains were in the station when I got there:
       - Track 12: freight units, no locomotive; two departmental units
         at far east of line; remained there throughout my visit;
       - Track 8: freight train with locomotive (though I didn't see what
         it was); departed at 10:09;
       - Track 4: 6-car class 451 emu; departed at 10:01;
       - Track 7: 6-car class 447 emu; split in two (see 10:02/10:06/
       - Tracks 15 and 17: three departmental vehicles in northernmost
         sidings: 9-020-111-1, 9-020-004-8, 9-020-553-4; remained there
         throughout my visit.
       - Track 2: 3-car InterCity emu (class 448) had just passed
         through on the line from Tarragona to Barcelona.
 10:01 Track 1: 3-car class 440 emu arrived, a Regional train from
       Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal to Flix and Zaragoza.  This train
       also provides the suburban line 2 service from Barcelona to Sant
       Vicenc de Calders.  Due to arrive at 10:02.
       Track 4: 6-car class 451 emu departed on suburban line 2 service
       to Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal.  (Due to leave at 09:59.)
 10:02 Track 7: front 3 cars of class 447 emu shunted forward onto the
       line towards El Vendrell and stopped beyond the junction.
       Track 1: 3-car Regional emu departed towards Tarragona.  (Due to
       leave at 10:03.)
 10:06 Track 11: 3-car class 447 emu returned from its shunt onto the
       El Vendrell line (from line 7 at 10:02).
       Track 2: overnight train from La Coruna and Vigo passed through
       from Tarragona line towards Barcelona, headed by 252-028;
       5 coaches from La Coru=B1a, 4 from Vigo, plus one empty car
 10:09 Track 1: 3-car class 440 arrived from Barcelona; I haven't been
       able to reconcile this train with the timetabled service, and
       I didn't hear the station announcement.
       Track 8: long freight train departed towards Barcelona.
 10:12 Track 1: class 440 departed towards Tarragona.
 10:15 Track 2: 319-246 diesel locomotive pulling 30 4-wheel double-
       decker units fully laden with new Renault cars arrived from the
       direction of Tarragona, creeping slowly through the station.
       By 10:18 it had come to a halt at the signal at the east end of
       the station.  A typical unit carried the code 45 71 43 52 021-3.
       The following day I saw the same locomotive at about 12:45on a
       Repsol petroleum train heading through El Vendrell towards
 10:20 Track 7: remaining 3-car class 447 emu departed on time on
       suburban service line 4 to Manresa via Martorell.
 10:24 Track 2: car freight departed towards Martorell.
 10:29 Track 11: 3-car class 447 emu departed on time along the coast
       on suburban service 2 to Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal.
       There were now no passenger units in the station.
 10:34 Track 11: 6-car class 447 emu arrived on suburban service line 2
       from Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal; surprisinly all passengers
       were in the middle two coaches; it was due in at 10:32.
       The two units had been split by 10:45.
 10:40 Track 1: 3-car class 448 InterCity train from Barcelona passed
       through heading towards Tarragona.  This service started at
       Port Bou (on the French border) at 07:45, passed through
       Barcelona Sants at 10:00, and was due in Tarragona at 10:51,
       Valencia at 13:26, and Madrid at 17:29.
 10:45 Track 1: 19 Transcereales wagons and 5 Transfesa closed vans
       from the Barcelona coast line passed through heading towards
       Tarragona, double-headed by 269-008 and 319-306.
 10:53 Track 2: 3-car class 440 emu (Delta Express) arrived from
       Tortosa and Tarragona.
 10:54 Track 2: Delta departed for Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal.
       Track 7: 3-car class 447 emu arrived from Manresa on suburban
       service line 4.  (Due to arrive at 10:55.)
 10:56 Track 11: the front 3 cars moved forward another metre
       (now 1.5 metres from the rear unit).
 10:58 Track 1: Talgo train consisting of 252-038 and 14 red-and-silver
       single-axle units passed through from the Tarragona line heading
       for Barcelona.  This service started in Valencia at 08:00,
       passed through Tarragona at 10:34, and was due to reach
       Barcelona Sants at 11:33.  Its ultimate destination was
       Montpellier in France (due 16:10).  It would undergo a change of
       gauge at Port Bou on the border.
 11:00 Track 11 (head): 3-car class 447 emu departed for Barcelona
       Sant Andreu Comtal, leaving remaining 3-car unit on the line.
       (Due to leave at 10:59.)
 11:04 Track 3: 3-car class 440 emu arrived on suburban service line 2
       and Regional service to Reus from Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal,
       having been checked at a signal by the departure of the previous
       train.  (Due 11:02.)
 11:06 Track 1: 3-car class 448 InterCity emu (blue and white livery)
       arrived from Barcelona.
 11:07 Track 1: InterCity unit departed towards Tarragona.
 11:10 Track 3: Regional train departed towards Tarragona, destination
       Reus; due to depart at 11:03.
 11:29 Track 11: 3-car class 447 emu departed on time on suburban
       service 2 to Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal.
 11:33 Track 5: 3-car class 447 emu arrived on suburban service line 2
       from Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal, having been checked at a
       signal by the departure of the previous train.  (Due 11:32.)
 11:36 Track 1: 8-car high-speed train (Eurostar/TGV-type) unit LR01
       passed through from Barcelona towards Tarragona and Valencia.
 11:42 Track 1: 3-car Catalunya Express class 444 emu (orange and white
       livery) arrived from Barcelona.
 11:43 Track 1: Catalunya Express departed one minute late for
       Tarragona and Tortosa.
       Track 2: 3-car class 440 Regional emu arrived from Reus and
 11:44 Track 2: class 440 emu departed for Vilanova, Sitges and
       Barcelona Estacio de Franca.
 11:53 Track 7: class 447 emu departed on time on suburban service
       line 4 to Manresa.
 11:59 Track 5: class 447 emu departed on time on suburban service
       line 2 to Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal.
       The station was again empty of passenger trains.
 12:02 Track 5: 3-car double-decker class 451 arrived on time on
       suburban service line 2 from Barcelona Sant Andreu Comtal.
 12:10 Track 7: class 447 emu arrived on suburban service line 4
       from Manresa (due at 12:08).
       At which point I left the station.

International Railway Societies

If anyone is interested, I have a leaflet giving contact information for various societies devoted to continental and international railways.

Local Model Shops

I've compiled a directory of local model shops, book dealers, and the like - it's hanging off the HPMRS Web Page. Please send me any details you have of local outlets - name, address, phone number, a rough idea of what they stock (especially if there's something they specialise in) - that sort of thing. If you wish, you can mention if you have had particularly good (or bad) service.

I've also created another list of suppliers of difficult-to-get items (not necessarily local). Suggestions for that list are welcome too, but I'm kicking it off here with a mention of Nick Wheat's employers, HPC Drives Ltd. I have two catalogues choc-full of every gear, chain, rack, pinion, gearbox, universal joint, clip, screw, clamp and drawing instrument you can think of (and several thousand that you can't!) Let me know if you want to see the catalogues.

Times and Distances of Railway Attractions

I've also added a link to the list of times and distances from Hursley to various railway attractions. You may remember I sent this round as a listing a couple of years ago. It's now in the most useful place (?) - on the Web.

Clubs and Societies on the Web

Thanks to honorary RAILDATEr, Nick Wheat, who has found a good website for railway society listings. The author wants it to be as complete and exhaustive as possible, and it lists both line and model railway societies:


Main Line Steam

I'm finding that different magazines, even for the same month, contain contradictory information about the main line steam runs that I include in RAILDATE. I have mentioned before that information given here should be treated with caution - I repeat that message here with bells on. If you ever phone for further information in order to clarify dates, routes or timings, please let me know what you come up with, so that I can update my information as well. Thanks.

Mid-Hants Web Pages

The new Mid-Hants Railway website is now online. Visit it at


This site is linked from UK Railways Online, which is linked from the HPMRS pages.

And another one...


This site is linked from the HPMRS pages.

Golden Valley Light Railway Web Pages


The Great Central Railway Home Page


(This is linked from the HPMRS pages)

On Thursday 6th March LNER B1 No 1264 ran under its own power from Loughborough to Swithland on the GCR. Admittedly it was in red oxide primer and has still some work to do but what an achievement for all involved. All now looks hopeful for entry into traffic at GCR Easter Gala. The loco is well known as the only former LNER loco to get to Barry, and also for requiring very major firebox work. A few photos (60K's worth) are available at:


On Friday 7th March 92212 and 92203, separately and double-headed, hauled a train of 48 wagons plus a brake van at Swithland on Great Central Railway. Is this a record?

Nigel Emery's Site

Nigel Emery has an interesting site dealing in up-to-date locomotive data (allocation, sector, livery, etc) a photo album and a comprehensive links page at:


The Llangollen Railway Home Page


This includes timetables, special events listing, a brief guide to the line, information on driver experience courses, plus a few photos and steam/diesel stock. In due course recent press releases will follow.

Greg Scott's Site

Greg Scott has created a large railway internet site at:


Which includes current stock lists, name list (nearly completed), privatisation lists, company asset lists (to be included by end of February), and lots more.

The North Warwickshire Railway Society Web Site


The site contains details of the society and The Pingles Railway.

BBC2 "Local Heroes"

A recent BBC2 series called "Local Heroes" was one man's look at great inventors and innovators of Britain's glorious past. It has its own website:


If you follow the links to "programme 1", "things to do":


it demonstrates how to build your own working version of Brunel's atmospheric railway!

Channel 4 "Classic Trains"

If you want a detailed programme description from each episode (plus railway programmes to come) go to Channel 4's website:


Click on "search", type in "train", and leave the other logic operators as wide open as possible.

Connex Railtour - 31st May 1997

There will be a railtour operated by Connex to be the very last train between Addiscombe and Elmers End also West Croydon and Wimbledon (Wimwam) which is due for closure on Saturday 31st May 1997.

The L.I.L.O. (Last In Last Out) Railtour will operate from Victoria (1400) to Folkestone Harbour then back to Wimbledon and West Croydon, then Addiscombe to Elmers End returning to Victoria about 2245. The full route will take in some of those rare curves and spurs that are impossible to do on ordinary service trains. Stock will be 8-VEP.

Cost Standard: $20, First Class: $25.

Full details from 100277.1576@compuserve.com or http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/railtour

Proposed Internet Discussion Group - Railway Technical Matters

Fri, 21 Feb 1997 21:18:18 From: "John Alexander" Organization: Gansey Associates Ltd - Railway Consultants Newsgroups: uk.railway

I would like to have the opportunity to discuss technical issues relating to railway infrastructure (track, signals, etc.) in a non- commercial environment like a newsgroup but don't wish to bog this group down with things that only a few of us may be interested in.

Does anyone else share the same interests?

John Alexander, john@jbaassoc.demon.co.uk

I am starting a mailing list to address the more technical issues in greater depth than is fair to subject the newsgroup, anyone interested in a draft copy of the remit and subscribing, please me with a subject of Remit or Subscribe.

John Alexander railtech@jbaassoc.demon.co.uk

Britain's Great Little Railways Limited

Britain's Great Little Railways Limited is an organisation for all commercially-operated railways of 15" gauge and below. You can checkout the BGLR web site at:


It Had to Happen Some Day


Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends have recently launched a new Official web site for Friends of Thomas around the world. I note that there is already an official Thomas the Tank Engine site at:


North Wales Coast Line


RAM Productions Ltd

Publishers of Classic Narrow Gauge Railway Material The Old Vicarage, Church Street, Gawcott, Buckinghamshire. MK18 4HY http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/http://www.trawslinkcymru.org.uk/ E-Mail: phoenix@ram-productions.co.uk


Press Association - 4th March 1997

New trains to be supplied in the first big order since rail privatisation began will be built in Britain, it was announced today. In a job-boosting development, Derby-based company Adtranz has been selected as preferred supplier of 44 new trains for LTS (London Tilbury and Southend) Rail. The trains will be leased by LTS from newly-privatised rolling stock leasing company Porterbrook in a deal worth about $200 million over 12 years.


Sound Recordings

A week or more ago, I wrote on this newsgroup asking for information on where to find recordings of steam locos on CD or tape. From information provided by members of this group I tried Forties Recordings, whose four CDs where produced from material recorded at 12 of the "heritage railways" around the UK. I can honestly say they are brilliant, listening with headphones it's just like you are there. I liked the CDs so much I built them a web site (anyone remember the Remington Adverts?) If you would like to find out more, Forties Web site can be found at:


Steam Drawings

My name is Tim Overton. I am a student, and I draw steam locomotives. I am a freelance designer and I draw side-profile line drawings, in a technical style, of steam engines in the British style. I specialise in freelance designs, designs in the style of previous loco designers, and developments of existing classes. I am posting to this group to see if anyone would be interested in buying any of my work. I will design and draw to order. If you are interested, please email me.

 Tim Overton (TWO625@bham.ac.uk)

Railway Modeller

Apparently leading UK railway magazine Railway Modeller is banning advertisers from citing their internet addresses with the idea that the Internet threatens their business. I can't confirm or deny this, but if it does turn out to be true, it's mighty hypocritical of them - in the current issue (March '97) not only are there several adverts with Web addresses in them, but they also mention the "new" PECO web-pages. Personally, I think some of the advertisers need to move with the times more than PECO themselves.

Comment: Seems a strange move for a magazine with a website:-


...unless of course PECO are planning to get advertisers to cough up extra for an advertising link from its own pages, or similar.

This is NOT conjecture. RM have politely asked me to remove my URL from my Kit Exchange advert despite it being present for the last four months (I guess they have just cottoned on). I not so politely refused, and after a heated debate with owner Pritchard, my adverts will not be appearing in RM again. I will go to BRM / MRJ instead, which despite being better products, do not have the market share as yet. I believe that many modellers by RM for two reasons:

(a) To keep their collection complete. I personally have every single issue and obviously don't want to miss future issues; (b) For the adverts.

Over a period of time this market share will be eroded with their current attitude. Pritchard told me that he has also called Scale Rail who have an extremely prominent advert and asked them to remove their URL reference and they have agreed to do this. I intend to call these guys and get their opinion / story of events in the next few days.

RM have also decided to remove their own URL from their editorial copy - obviously to appear whiter than white themselves. Crazy attitude, and thankfully MRJ + BRM do not echo Pritchards sentiments. Maybe with a body of support against this inflexible attitude, they can be moved, but I fear little short of buying Pritchard out, my ads will not be appearing again.

Nigel Milligan The Kit Exchange - Wanna sell me some of your OO loco kits?

Transport Policy Debate

Transport is one of the two first topics thrown open to politicians in UKCOD (UK Citizens Online Democracy). Each political party which is fielding 5 or more candidates has nominated a spokesman to respond to six questions. 13 parties have accepted with more expected. This is Britain's first such forum, with party spokesman, some of whom are also the leaders of their parties, all assembled round one virtual table. For the record, the parties contributing so far are: Alliance, Conservative, Democratic Unionist, Green, Labour, Lib Dem, Liberal, Natural Law, Plaid Cymru, Scottish National, Socialist, UK Independence, Ulster Unionist. Their contributions are now up on the Internet. Point your browser to:


You are invited to read the Politicians Forum on this site, to participate in the parallel Public Forum, and to ask your questions which can be answered by the politicians if they choose. The detailed transport questions are: 1. Given the choice between policies favouring road or rail, which would you support and why? 2. What steps would you want government to take in limiting traffic congestion and the environmental pollution caused by cars? 3. Many people feel that there is a lack of coherent transport policy which is environmentally and economically efficient and which could appeal to both drivers and public transport users. Do you think that your party has such a policy and, if so, what is it?

Free Map

From Brandon Holman:

 I have a 1949 map about 14"*22" showing ALL British Railways lines if
 anyone wants a photocopy.
 HOLMANB at NHBVM7 (24-8817)

Layout Design CAD Packages

From "Friend of HPMRS ", Larry Schwartz:

 In last month's Model Railroader, there was a write-up of three CAD
 programs, Right Track - from Atlas for snap track, CADRail - the major
 player in this area, and a newbie, XTrkCAD.
 I downloaded XTrkCad and tried the demo version (just a little).  The
 tool seems easy to use and has a lot of help files.  This was more an
 exercise in using the internet, FTPing around a firewall, and messing
 with HTML.  The help files are in HTML (on the net) and in Windows .HLP
 format in the program files.  I created a web site with the HTML files
 for use on my office workstation, as an exercise.
 Since we are not on the *** network, it isn't easy for me to distribute
 the stuff (it IS a free, demo version).  However, you CAN download it.
 You can find XTrkCad at  http://ftn.net/%7Esillub/  (Note, sillub is
 bullis spelled backward.  Bullis is the author.

I've added a link to the XTrkCad site from the HPMRS pages.

Standard Gauge Preserved Locomotive List V3.0


This list is intended to provide an accurate and up to date list of all standard gauge locomotives with a strong UK background in preservation. It is made freely available for personal use, should you find any errors or omissions, or wish to use the list for other purposes, please contact R.J.Drew@lut.ac.uk to get them corrected.

The list is provided in ASCII, and is best read with an ASCII editor, or a word processor using a character set with equal character widths (e.g. courier).

V3.0 includes builders dates (missed on V2), and numerous updates, particularly in the North West and Yorkshire. In addition the specification for inclusion has been altered. Data was acquired from hundreds of sources, and dozens of visits. Not all references agree, and locos frequently cannot be found at the indicated location. Many of these unconfirmed references are allocated to the unknown site until further information comes to light. In order to understand the list fully, this introduction includes a guide to the details in the list:

The intention is to produce a list of all preserved standard gauge engines that are either in the UK, or were built in the UK. Self propelled cranes, engineers vehicles, trolleys, multiple units etc. are not included with the exception of steam crane tank engines that were designed principally as shunters, and for some reason the Sentinel three car Egyptian SMU at Quianton (I'll try and think of a good reason).

The definition of a preserved locomotive is frequently difficult to determine. As a result of privatisation a number of groups within the preservation movement have acquired stock for commercial purposes. In addition preservation sites are used (Butterley and Crewe) to store or maintain stock for commercial bodies. As a result my definition of a preserved locomotive is based on its likely ideal long term future: if the owners had sufficient resources would the loco be maintained indefinitely, or is its existence dependant on it's continued economic viability?

Uckfield Line Gala

A gala event using the Hastings DEMU is planned for the Uckfield line in May (PROBABLY Spring Bank Holiday Weekend). Alan Osborn

Richard Krol's Pages

I have just updated my homepage with some new pictures of Dutch trains. Take a look and enjoy...Richard Krol krolri@worldaccess.n http://www.worldaccess.nl/~krolri/

Cromford & High Peak Railway - 30th Anniversary of Closure

Several commemorative events planned - details added to RAILDATE

An event involving the Steeple Grange Light Railway, Leawood & Middleton Top beam engines working in steam and a possible visit down Middleton Mine is being developed, to be confirmed.

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