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More things culled from RAILDATE up to 03/09/99, plus anything else that's come my way.

Millennium Cavalcade of Steam - Rail2000

The cavalcade runs on three consecutvive days next August, 26th, 27th & 28th 2000 between Shildon & Darlington, County Durham, England. Forty locos will take part with some still to be announced. Full details are at:


It's been confirmed that the second oldest working steam engine in Britain, Bellerophon from the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, will take part in the Millennium Cavalcade of Steam.

Locomotive Nameplates

Fancy a locomotive nameplate, but can't afford the real thing? John Cowlishaw makes wooden replicas - or so I'm told. His phone number is 0115 917 5058.

Steam Locomotive Repair Resources

Included are companies around the world who repair locomotives or sell parts, tools, or supplies for steam locomotive maintenance. The list appears at the Ultimate Steam Page:


Or directly from:


If anyone knows of any other companies actively involved in steam work, I'd love to hear about them.

Class A3

Pictures of 4472 at Botany Bay Crossing on 4/7/99

http://www.paddington83.freeserve.co.uk (go to Mainline Steam)

http://www.locowatch.freeserve.co.uk/ (full story and more photos)

Class 8F

The 48624 Pages (Peak Rail restoration project) can be found at:


Princess Coronation Class

Latest news on restoration of 6233 Duchess of Sutherland. Details of 80098 mainline running over August Bank Holiday weekend. Details of Open Weekend at the West Shed at Swanwick Junction, Midland Railway Centre:


Princess Royal Class

The Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust site has been updated with latest news of the restoration of 6233 Duchess of Sutherland:


Co-Bo D5704

A new embryonic site dedicated to D5705 and the Co-Bos has just gone live. This is an interim site just to get things started. I will add more data, gen, schematic diagrams, photos, etc over time when I get the chance. The interface will be enhanced as well. It's a bit belt and braces at the moment but at least something's finally up there! Feedback and more gen most welcome.


Class 20

A new site has just been uploaded featuring an image gallery of Class 20s. It has the highly amusing name of Look@ThatChopper and can be found at:


Class 33

Photos of 33109 after repainting:


Class 37

I would like to announce that version one of the Scottish Thirty Seven Group is now online. More pages including a Link Page will be added as some as time permits, plus the current pages improved. We would like to buy 37025 which is currently parked at Toton Depot. A recent inspection has revealed this engine to be intact but its nameplates have been removed. We need your money to ensure that 37025 is saved, for it to come home to Scotland.

http://members.xoom.com/37025 .

My new embryonic website on 1980s British Rail twice has a Scottish Class 37 special page:


Rail Elite is updated with new photos, downloads and information on Class 37. More to follow:


For photos of Class 37s running round at Bangor and Holyhead 19/20th June:

http://www.veg.ndirect.co.uk/purple/nwc/shunt1 http://www.veg.ndirect.co.uk/purple/nwc/shunt2

A new mailing list dedicated to the class 37 locomotives. The gen welcome on the list includes... passenger or railtour workings, rare freight workings, info on pool changes, withdrawals, etc:

http://www.class37.free-online.co.uk or mailto:owner@class37.free-online.co.uk

Just like to announce a new mailing list for class 37 fans: The list is for details of passenger workings, rare freight workings and any other class 37 gen. To subscribe go to:


or send a blank email to:


To send gen to the list email (you must be subscribed):


For news of the agreed sale of 37 075 to the Class 37 Loco Association:


Class 45

Pictures of 45407 & 45110 at Droitwich on Sat 14th July and Rood Ashton Hall from Sunday 15th July. Go to Mainline Steam pages:


Class 47

Rail Elite is updated with new photos, downloads and information on Class 47. More to follow:


30-odd shots from the 1980s of Class 47s:


Class 50

I have just updated my new website with some pictures of 50s added in:


Class 56

My website's feature at the moment is the class 56. Pics of most liveries are included along with, as usual, photos from previous updates:


Class 60


Class 66

66 116 fresh off the ship worked the Penmaenmawr ballast yesterday, and thanks to Nick Gurney we have a picture!


Pics of the recent visit of EWS class 66 to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway:


Class 205/7

The 'Thumper' Page. A pictoral guide to a classic Southern diesel:



The BR Diesel Web, has been updated with a recording of Class 31 D5580 in action on the ELR. The sounds section of the site now has representations from classes 24, 31, 33, 35, 40, 42, 47, 50 and 55 all in MP3 format (which the new Microsoft media player can handle, although I recommend Winamp for best playback).


BR Diesel Web, including sounds in MP3 Format:


A new web site dedicated To Modern Traction:


The new Bury Diesel Group website will replace the diesel pages available on the main (official) ELR website, and also the diesel events page under the CFPS website. (Main ELR site links to be updated shortly). The site contains details of forthcoming diesel events (e.g. latest loco confirmations for the September EWS event) loco roster and a photo gallery. In time the site will be expanded with more photos and details about individual locos in the ELR fleet, and so on:


Diesel Railcars

The web site of "The Railcar Association" is now out of the works after refurbishment:


It is full of information on preserved DMUs, historical features on each class, technical articles, preserved DMU running dates, and everything else that you can think of that is First Generation DMU related!

Suburban Electric Railway Association


Withdrawn and Stored Locomotives



The Vintage Carriages trust has several items of stock with anniversaries coming up this year. For more information you can check the Trust's web site:


Official Bodies

Office of the Rail regulator (Britain): http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk/

Office of Passenger Rail Franchising: http://www.opraf.gov.uk

Shador Strategic Rail Authority: http://www.sra.gov.uk/

Aberystwyth Cliff Railway


Not a lot of 'railway' information there, though, it's mostly aimed at potential visitors.

Alderney Railway


Bluebell Railway

The latest news from the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, including photos of the SER O1 locomotive as it nears the end of its overhaul, are on the Bluebell's web site:


Bridgnorth Cliff Railway


British Railways Board

The new BRB web-site has gone live. The Railway Heritage Committee is there too:


Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway


Croydon Tramlink


Dartmoor Railway

Timetable and pictures of the Dartmoor Railway through Okehampton to Meldon - now updated with historical information and photographs of the ex-Southern Railway (LSWR) Meldon Quarry & Viaduct:


East Lancs Railway

Some more photos from the recent ELR diesel event added and a couple of new sound files (Class 45 and 47):


Ffestiniog Railway

For those of you who need a fix of pictures of the Ffestiniog Railfest 99 Gala at the beginning of May, you will find some more pictures on:


First North Western


Great Orme Tramway


Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

The web site has recently been upgraded using 'frames'.


LNER E-Group


London Transport

I have placed several photos taken of the LTS steam shuttles:


Visit the London Underground Technical site at for all your London Underground questions answered by an Underground Train Driver:


Specialist subjects include rolling stock, stock moves, signalling, operations etc but the site caters for all LUL subjects - there is also an articles section where detailed info about a chosen subject is shown, the current project being 1972 Mark 1 stock and it's future, also planned is a destination blind page, a comprehensive signalling article and a new area describing in detail abandoned parts of the system!

"Mind The Gap" and other classic sound-bites at:


Lynton & Barnstaple Preservationists


Mid-Hants Watercress Line


Network South East

Website has moved and can now be found at:


The Network SouthEast page is your guide to NetworkSouthEast, it includes: Network SouthEast History, Info on subsectors, Route modernisation info, NSE route map, Latest NSE news, Chat on #uk_railway, Guide to Locomotive haulage on Network SouthEast, Gallery with at least one of virtually every class to receive NSE livery, Model Railway section, Guide to travelling by Rail in the ex-NSE area.

Scottish Railway Preservation Society


Secret Underground Railways

For a good account of the secret underground railways adjacent to Box Tunnel, and the multitude of military sidings and proposed wartime branch lines around Corsham, try:


Swindon & Cricklade Railway

The new locomotive shed (built on a 'greenfield' site) at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway has come into use:


Tanfield Railway


Funicular Railways


Carnforth Station



From former HPMRS member Nick Robson...

I have just returned from a wet and windy week in Cornwall and although I was unable to get near any of the steam lines, I saw something of the remaining commercial lines.

Obviously, there is the mainline down to Penzance with the mainline service run by Virgin Rail (virgo intacta, as it were), but the same rails also carry local passenger traffic run by Alpha. We were staying in Fowey, and the mainline comes down to Lostwithiel a few miles north of us, then southwest down to Par (change for Newquay), St Austell, then on west. Just before St Austell is St Blazey, where there seems to be a lot of Post Office traffic (I didn't realize TPOs still existed).

There is little left in the way of mineral lines in the St Austell china clay area; most of the open-cast pits are still working and the china clay is either processed on the spot and lorried out, or piped to the coast and processed there. However, there is still a mineral line in regular use that branches off near Lostwithiel and runs south literally on the edge of the Fowey river down to a terminal just outside the town of Fowey.

There also used to be a mineral line that ran east out of Par down to Fowey, but for some time now it has been converted into a roadway, used only for mineral lorries to transport stuff between Fowey and Par docks.

It was difficult to tell sometimes who owned the passenger branch lines; for example, the branch line to Newquay is signed with a "tourist attraction" type brown board, as is the branch line down to Looe.

On the other hand, there is no signposting at all for the mainline station in Lostwithiel. Most odd.

While we were in Cornwall, we visited one of the china clay pits near St Austell, Wheal Martyn, which is open to the public and has all sorts of displays, pieces of equipment, history trails and so forth.

Amongst all this they had a working example of an overshot water-wheel which is used to drive a pump which lifts water up into the top of a system of troughs within which the china clay is washed. Now, as you may know, china clay is mined on the open-cast method, and this means it is not always possible to have your power source (the water wheel) near the point of collection of the china clay slurry in the bottom of the pit. So what the old boys did was connect the water wheel via a system of rods anything up to half a mile long riding on pulleys to the pump in the bottom of the clay pit. These rods would travel up hill and down dale, but not round corners,

The example that Wheal Martyn had set up was only about 50 yards long between wheel and pump, but impressive nonetheless. It has always amazed me how seemingly little water is able to turn a big wheel and then make it do significant amounts of work. Just think of the sheer inertia of half a mile of cast iron rods, for instance, let alone the load applied by the pump.

East Anglia



I have just started an email discussion list to deal topics about railways within Hampshire. Can be used for sightings within Hampshire. If you want to join, then please visit my page at:




and I will arrange for an invite to be sent to you.

Other lists include :-

The Southampton Discussion List: http://www.bumstead.demon.co.uk/soton/ The Winchester Discussion List: http://www.bumstead.demon.co.uk/winton/ Hampshire Local History List: http://www.bumstead.demon.co.uk/hantsdis/ The County of Hampshire Webring: http://www.bumstead.demon.co.uk/hantsuk/

North Wales

New picture report (North Wales), featuring disused stations between Prestatyn and Chester and an audience with the Duke of Lancaster:


For your entertainment, more North Wales pix at:


The North Wales Coast website has had a bit of a makeover, as well as adding in some recent news items and pictures.


North-West England

Time for another of my picture reports. This chronicles my eventful train trip from Stockport to Knutsford on Saturday 5 June in words and pics, with a few weblinks and a press cutting:


A new picture report "Manchester Kaleidoscope" is now on-line, with pictures from the last few days in an attempt to show the variety of liveries to be seen around Manchester, and some notes on live topics. Includes 305 511, 150 147 in FNW blue, the new Central Trains livery, etc.


My Picture Report for today covers the Manchester Victoria area, with pictures taken today 17 July ... and just for once not a single locomotive appears ... But there are DMUs, trams and a bendibus!


A web page devoted to railways, mostly in the North West of England (specifically Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire) and North Wales - locos and signalling:


Public Record Office

The Public Record Office catalogue is now available online:


Romsey Signal Box

On Sunday, I paid my first visit to Romsey signal box, and I really don't know how I've managed to go this long without visiting it before. It's one of those visits I've been promising to make for some time, but somehow, I never got round to it. The box has been moved from the lineside to a piece of land at the rear of the local infants school. Now fully-restored, it forms the centre-piece of an exhibit that include some pointwork and signals, and with the help of a "simulator" down in the locking room (which represents the rest of the railway system) a convincing representation of signal-box working has been created... and yes... you do get to have a go yourself!

A discussion with the operators revealed that there might be some benefit in the Friends of Romsey Signal Box and the HPMRS forming some kind of link - it's only a few miles away after all. The first thought is that we could invite them to our guest speaker evenings. Frankly, these have not happened for a while, largely because it gets a bit embarrassing when there is only a small turn-out, and I've been reluctant to take the risk. However, if we could count on a few visitors coming from other societies (not necessarily just Romsey Signal Box members) organising these evenings would be a lot more worthwhile.

The reciprocal to this is an invitation from them for us to become involved (as individuals) in the operation of the box. Apart from odd special events, they open the box to the public on the first Sunday of each month (except January) - a total of eleven times in the year. Needless to say, they're always interested to find new volunteers to learn and operate the box, and to help with routine maintenance (there's a lot of oiling to do on the site!) I'm thinking very seriously of paying my 5, being passed-out as a Romsey signalman, and going along two or three times a year to help out. Would anyone else like to join me?

Rowsley Association

The Rowsley Association is the corporate name for the ex-Railwaymen and their families who continue to keep in touch with one another through an annual reunion and a quarterly Newsletter.

A new website has now gone live with details of the Association. Of interest will be an exhibition in Rowsley village hall on Saturday and Sunday 5th & 6th June to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the railway at Rowsley in the Derbyshire Dales.

The website includes extracts from the Association's newsletters and will be expanded to cover many aspects of Rowsley's heritage.

Please feel free to visit the site. Comments and information are welcome. The website can be found at:



For certain trainee drivers (and anyone else interested) I've put together some notes and diagrams on modern junction signalling:


Just to let you lot have a sneak preview at a signalling simulation I am writing. It features all the kind of stuff in other signalbox sims plus: - Real signalling... - ...including swinging overlaps - Automatic Routesetting - Timetable editing

Please take a look and let me know what you think. The simulation included is the London end of the London, Tilbury, and Southend (LTS) line - Fenchurch Street to just beyond Barking. Please note that you will need to be running Windows 95 or 98 with DirectX 6 installed. If you haven't got DirectX 6 you can get it from: http://www.microsoft.com

The beta can be downloaded at:


Exeter West Group:


Timetables and Fares

Rail Travel Info Request - Fed up with NRES? TrainLine offline? Fill in this form and I'll get back to you, on average, within 24 hours with fares, times and routes. NB: Fares information is only available from stations in the area covered by the London and East Fares Manuals or, if your destination is in either of those areas, if the reciprocal fare is marked as reversible:


Railway Technical Web Pages

We have been off-line for the last three weeks due to a server problem. All seems to be working now:


Industrial Railway Society



Firebox Recordings has announced the release of its second stereo all-steam compact disc - "Symphony in Steam". The new 55-minute disc, featuring 5367 on the cover, contains 15 never-before-released tracks and retails for $AUD29.95 inc. postage and handling.

"Most of the engines on this CD are never likely to run again, so these recordings are really collectors items." said Darren Yates, Chief Recording Engineer at Firebox Recordings. "We've pulled together a collection of recordings that aim to show steam at its best."

Tracks include 3214 climbing Hawkmount at night, 5461 storming around Lithgow Zig Zag's bottom road and 3203+3214 through Demondrille. Copies are available now (payment via cheque or postal order) from Firebox Recordings, PO Box 6, Winmalee, NSW, 2777, Australia. Sample MP3 sound clips (including British built examples) are available from Firebox Recordings' web site at:


The Signalling Interest Group of Western Australia's signalling page has been updated (01/06/1999) - the "Featured Cabin" this month is Fremantle Box 'B' - a brick example of possibly one of this state's earliest cabins. There's even a present - in the form of a rare photo (for my site) of a very special visiting GREAT WESTERN steam locomotive! If you'd like to have a read and find the present, you'll find the SIGWA page at:


I have just started a National Express (Australia) Rail web page:



'The Harcourt Street Line' Website gives an illustrated account of one of Ireland's first railways which ran from Dublin to Bray from 1854-1958. Railway enthusiasts may be interested in the 'trains' page. It details technical information about the various engines used on the railway, from the early irish-built steam locomotives to the drumm battery trains. Former passengers and employees were interviewed and provide previously unrecorded, first hand accounts of the railway. Other aspects of the railway covered are its construction, opening, trains, accidents, stations, engineer (William Dargan) and closure.


Irish 071 GM website:



The Steam Society Netherlands is there to preserve and restore historic, by steam driven tools and means of transport and keep them in a good condition and by that way preserve them for our future generations. The SSN exists 22 years and has some very well preserved Locomotivs in her collection which are regularly used for events and for tours trough Holland and once a year for a 3-day tour abroad. The SSN will be housed in the new Museum Steam Depot in Rotterdam, worlds number one in transport. It is located along motorway A20 Exit "Rotterdam Centrum". The Museum Steam Depot is open for visitors on every saturday from 10.00 to 17.00 and every Wednesday from 10.00 to 15.00. On the days that there are special events or tours the museum will be closed:



Flatlands CP (Portugal) site updated:




Chicago railways website:



Zimbabwean DE2 (EE export version of Class 40) No. 1207 has been bought for preservation. I was speaking to a gent who looked it over recently, and it needs some work doing, e.g. cab fitting/guages vandalised, engine room windows smashed, etc.

Also it has an ex-Class 40 power unit in it. Several were exported, although I don't know how many. Cynics amongst us might still believe it had an impact on the withdrawal policy at the time, knowing they'd get a good price for exporting a unit rather than running it into the ground on a UK loco.

Actual unit fitted in 1207 has an IH serial no. which seems to be in the right number range for one of these units. We are just waiting on a friend to research the number for us to track which 40 it may have come from.

I've recently been lucky enough to view some amateur video footage of a DE2 on freight. Forget soundalike, they basically were a Class 40. The power de-rating to 17xx hp was probably only due to local climate; a similar de-rating was applied to the CP1800's for Portugal with basically the same unit as a Class 50.

Enthusiasts' Sites

Link Rail had it weekly update,I have found 52 new sites (none were sent in) so there are now over 700 sites listed:


Updated Railway/Model Railway website includes free downloads of model buildings in OO and N, books, information, etc:


There are now two new websites as part of LocoWatch News, each dealing specifically with separate area's Ireland and Europe.

LocoWatch Ireland can be found at:


LocoWatch Europe can be found at:


For those people who can't access the web regularly but have an e-mail account, the sites are being operated in association with the European Rail Gen mailing list whose homepage is located at:


LocoWatch UK News Web Site is as always at:


4-5-5: Website running away! London Underground, Hastings DEMU and general railway topics website is being transferred to a new location. Those with bookmarks or links are invited to:

a) link only to the main index page (anything else may change), and b) take note of its new address:


Rail Elite website:


The Railway Station is a new E-zine for UK Rail and Model Rail enthusiasts. It features news, information and links, and has an online book store:


RailServe: The Internet Railroad Directory has recently been updated with many new rail and transit-related web sites. Thanks to continued submissions, several hundred new sites will be added during the next couple of months. If you are looking for a rail-related web site, or would like to submit your own web site of inclusion in the directory, please visit http://www.railserve.com today. RailServe provides over 3,400 railroading links, a search engine, railfan message forum, free classified ads, ICQ communication list, and more!


This site even has a "What's on TV" section (but it was out of date when I looked!) "RAILDATE - often copied, never beaten!"


Would anyone with a link to Link Rail UK on their websites which uses the Visitweb address, could they please change it to the below. Visitweb have been given up they have now been off air for the past week:

Link Rail UK http://www.lnerwr.freeserve.co.uk/link-rail/ Link Rail USA http://www.lnerwr.freeserve.co.uk/link-rail/usa/ Link Rail Eire http://www.lnerwr.freeserve.co.uk/link-rail/eire/ Link Rail New Zealand http://www.lnerwr.freeserve.co.uk/link-rail/nz/

The Rail Enthusiast Web Site has been given a radical overhaul and moved to a new host. It can now be found at:


To give you a glimpse of what you can find: Over 800 photographs, a guide to all the British rail mailing lists (unless you know better), pictures of many freight 31s,37s and 47s working passenger trains, a number of wagon and departmental photographs, a "Gallery" of my attempts at artistic photography, photographs of 158s in North Western Blue, Northern Spirit and Central Trains new liveries (Wales & West will be added shortly). Photographs of a number of preserved diesels and railways, the history of TOPS and a guide to TOPS codes, an (almost) complete guide to depot vantage points, and much, much (over 70mb of it!) more...

Our railway website news page has just been updated:


Norbury and South London Transport Club

We are only 7 minutes walk from the new Tramlink station at Therapia Lane. Full details of how to get there on the website. So why not kill two birds with one stone, visit Tramlink on a Tuesday and come to a meeting?


Railway Photographs

Railpix has been updated for May. The Silver City Comet is featured this Month. Also included is a mailing list application if you wish to be notified by email that the monthly update has taken place.


Updated railway photo news website:


I caught up with Pathfinders 'Eastern Envoy' railtour at Plymouth, and have done a mini-photo report on it:


I am upgrading and enlarging the British Railway photo's 1958-85 website:


Please check out my new Railway Webpage. This page has many pictures of the UK railscene from 1992 to 1997:


Ross Aitken's railway photos including the bridge bashing incident at Slateford the other week:


My Web site now includes pictures of: Steam On The Met, Nene Valley's recent gala, pictures of Q1 33001 at the Bluebell Railway:


I have added some new photos from the 1980s, including one of 83001 and one of 86214 in Rainhill 150 livery to my website. I have added Trans-Pennine photos to the site. These replace the Scottish Class 37 feature.


Railway Photos that I've taken. Not sorted out yet as there's only 14 of them:


Report on the recent Past Times "LTSR Shuttles" event:


Try my rail photo site at:


Website updated with new shots added:


UK Rail Images has been updated, this weeks photos include HST'S class 91's running blunt end first a HST cab and other shots. Also there is a few virgin HST Formations on my site im hoping to add more to this section soon. You can find the site at:


Railpix has been update with 3 new galleries of photo's:


The Phantasmagoria Galleries have been updated:


A Collection of transport, local scenes and midly erotic (ahem!) fine art prints from an East Midlands based artist, David Wright:


Large photo galleries, links, information, and much more on all sites. For tinplate trains (site has 200 pics!):


For real trains (over 300 pics of trains, stations, etc.):


Railway Videos

For those with an interest in watching and collecting railway/railroad videos, our new email group "RailVideo@onelist.com" has just enjoyed its first successful week, already proving to be of value as a forum for enthusiasts exchanging news, views and recommendations on all kinds of professionally produced tapes.


For a collection of Steam Train videos:


A new railway video archive is now on the web:


Oakwood Press


Rail News

"The independent monthly newspaper for people in the rail industry" is now available at:


Steam Railway News

http://www.steamrailwaynews.co.uk .

British Railroad Screensavers


Railway Posters


Railserve Custom Model Builders


Rod Blakeman's G-Scale Models


Lego Loco

Build a virtual trainset with virtual lego bricks and then despatch your virtual trains over the Internet to other virtual lego loco users - even randomly! Cool! (Haven't been able to find a price for it though!)


The Omnibus Society

The latest edition of The Omnibus Society Magazine (427) has now had its contents added to the web site, and its front cover scanned in for viewing.

Also the page on the Library and Archive has been given a separate page for the Library, with more details of what it contains, how to get there, and who to contact:


Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum


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