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More things culled from RAILDATE up to 30/09/01, plus anything else that's come my way.

Great Western Railway

STEAM - the museum of the Great Western Railway at Swindon:


Kinlet Hall recently visited Llangollen:


Pictures of 5029:

http://members.madasafish.com/~site4/5029.htm http://members.netscapeonline.co.uk/rjkyte2/5029.htm

Pictures of the ex-GWR Hall 5972 being filmed for the new Harry Potter movie. Looks like the West Highland line:


Midland Railway

Midland Railway Society: http://www.derby.org/midland

Midland Record: http://www.midlandrecord.com

Dave Harris's Derby Area Signalling Project: http://www.crepello.demon.co.uk/sig/

Midland Railway Centre: http://ukhrail.uel.ac.uk/mrc.html

Barrow Hill Engine Shed Society: http://www.shu.ac.uk/city/community/bhess/

Peak Rail: http://www.peakrail.co.uk

For the first time in years you can stick your head inside St Pancras Chambers, aka the Midland Grand Hotel at the front of St Pancras Station. The building is now open to the public between 1130 and 1530, Mondays to Fridays. You can't go very far, just along the corridor to the foot of the main staircase, but you can at least get some idea of the splendour that once was one of the most opulent hotels in London. Guided tours of the building are still available roughly once a week or so, and there's a virtual tour on the Web at:

http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Launchpad/4375/stpancras/stpanintro. htm

Note that the hotel is sometimes closed for filming and other activities. Bear this in mind of you're making a special trip.

http://www.greatbuildings.com/architects/William_Henry_Barlow.html http://www.greatbuildings.com/buildings/S._Pancras_Station.html http://www.greatbuildings.com/models/S._Pancras_Station_mod.html

The last link claims to be a 3D model of St. Pancras. Ashley hasn't tried it, but it would be interesting to know what it's like if anyone does have a go.

A virtual tour of the historic Midland Railway Roundhouse at Derby:




LMS Carriage Association: http://www.lmsca.org.uk/

LMS Webring




Green Arrow around York, 1st June 2001:


Pictures of 4472:

http://members.madasafish.com/~site4/scotsman.htm http://members.netscapeonline.co.uk/rjkyte2/4472.htm

Somerset and Dorset Railway

Somerset and Dorset Railway: http://www.sdjr.co.uk/

There is a pretty good article on the Avon Valley Railway website regarding the coaches used on the Pines Express from its naming as such.


For those wishing to know what (possible) Midland Railway carriages ran on the S&DJR (July-September 1911 = the "Pines Express" service before it was named in 1927) check the following:


Southern Railway

Those busy chaps at the SEMG (Southern E-Mail Group) have recently put together a webring which now has a vast number of sites dedicated to the Southern Railway of England. Together with the SEMG webpages, this now comprises a vast resource for all kinds of research purposes:


Model railway magazine index of Southern Railway items:




(Each is linked from the other.)

British Railways

Britsh Railways Pictorial has had its movie of the month page updated for June. This month's selection are of 153364, 43064 and 66017:


Following a recent "Specials" day you can see Classes 25,40 and 58 running on the "North Wales Coast":


A new website for photos of most classes of locomotives during the mid 1980's featuring plenty of blue also haulage moves during the summer of 1986:


Shots of 56115/58037 heading the Worksop to Margate railtour on June 30, 2001 taken at Harrowden Junction are available:


The 'Yellow Things' web site is online dedicated to P.Way equipment such as Tampers and other 'Yellow Things':


Class 56 Photo Gallery - http://www.class56.co.uk Class 50 Photo Gallery - http://www.class50.co.uk Class 31 Photo Gallery - http://www.class31.co.uk

More classic diesel traction:


If you're interested in photographs of the British Railways "modern image" scene from the 1960s to the present day, then check out a photo website where you'll find over 800 wallpaper sized (1024 x 768 pixels) images, including green, blue and the very latest liveried diesels as well as late steam-era to present day rolling stock, departmentals and on-track plant:


** This is a fantastic photo site **

A new website dedicated to the notorious EWS Wigan Springs Branch Component Recovery & Distribution Centre (CR&DC):


British Railways Pictorial has updated its avi page, including 45137(steam) 47826, 47828, 90028 and 90146 at Crewe Station, 7th September 2001:


If you look at the APT-E website, you will now notice that the Kit Spackman Collection of APT photographs has been uploaded and index. There are some very nice shots of E train, POP and the staff to look through:


Enthusiasts are attempting to set up a group to re-unite the XP64 coaching stock, and restore them to operable condition (whilst maintaining historical accuracy) whilst also hoping to obtain D1733 from Virgin, and restore her to as near original condition as possible.


Class 31

Photo's of the day's Class 31 activity, plus a little beer deviation!


The renumbering of the Class 31 Brush type 2s. Other classes featured are 20, 33, 37 and 47. at Graeme Wall's Transport Miscellany:


Class 37

Amazing scenes of a 'Growler' at work in the West Country again - 2 pics of 37057 plus others:


Take NEWS/PICS link.

Website update with photos of (mainly) Classes 37 and 31 working in Lancashire in the 1990s. Locations include Liverpool Lime St, Huyton and St. Helens:


Also some 37 photos in Eastern England, Cardiff & Stirling:


Class 45

And a sound recording of 45135 haulng load 25 (24 coaches plus a dead Hymek) at the ELR diesel gala:


Turn the volume *right* up ;-)

A picture of 45112 climbing Rattery bank Totnes last saturday with the Fragonset charter from Lancaster to Penzance plus a pair of Class 50s on a railtour in June at teh same location:


(click on the NEWS/PICS link)

A new page has been added to the 45015 website with a bit of stuff'n'such about the Mark 1 SK acquired recently, M24006. It's accessed from the front page where it says "Latest News"


Class 47

A new website, ILRA, dedicated to Virgin XC's Class 47 passenger fleet is split into two distinct sections, one detailing each of the locomotives in the ILRA pool, and the other listing all of the service times. The aim of the website is to provide an overview of the ILRA loco's, primarily for people who are not entirely familar with them. With possibly only weeks to go until the end of loco haulage, the site may also boost the number of people riding behind Virgin's Class 47s:


Class 50

The Fifty Fund's website has been updated and now includes photos of the recent railtours:


or for a list of the changes:


Class 57

57601 worked 0920 Plymouth-Paddington on June 11th as planned, this being its first passenger outing.

http://www.rail-video.com (go to NEWS PICS link)

Class 76

Photos of 76079 at Pontypridd:


"Western" Class

Some pics posted to a website from recent travels ranging from a 'Western' on the WSR to a recent Pathfinder railtour. Of note is D5325 on Royal Scotsman duty!

http://www.rail-video.com (NEWS/PICS link)

Bluebell Railway

Some photos of the recent 1940s event on the Bluebell Railway:


Bodmin & Wenford Railway

For details of the Bodmin & Wenford Gala Lineside Permits and a Photographic charter using Ivatt tank 41312 look under Latest Information and Special Events:-


Bo'ness Railway

The picture and sound report for the superb Bo'ness May gala, along with one or two other Sulzer Type 2 in 2001 bits:


Churnet Valley Railway

Pics from the recent Churnet Valley Diesel Gala:


Latest pictures from the Froghall, preparations, the 21st birthday party from the weekend and Thomas' visit the week before before. Please also note that from next week, after Froghall launch (an extra 2 miles on Saturday 11th August!), this page will be refreshed, and may move to a new location, but I will update you on that soon.


Andy Sollis Churnet Valley Model Railway Dept. http://www.cvmrd.freeserve.co.uk http://www.churnet-valley-railway.co.uk

Conwy Valley Railway

The Conwy Valley website has now been extended to include coverage of the disused GWR line from Trawsfynydd to Bala. There are also some scans on the site of GWR troop trains in the 1920s.


Dobwalls Adventure Park

Home of one of the most extensive miniature railways in Europe:


The East Kent Railway


East Lancs Railway

The first pictures and asf video clips of the ELR Diesel Gala:


Site updated to include a visit to the East Lancs Railway and a ride behind the beast (66601)! Photos of classes added include 507/150/158/170/101/47/66/24/50/43/40/31/33:


More ELR gala pictures:


More East Lancs Gala photos from a month ago:


Some pictures of 50 033 here at East Lancs Railway diesel gala:


East Lancs Gala English Electric Day (13/07/01):


Photos and soundfiles from the ELR July Gala have been uploaded to BR Dieselweb. There is quite a lot of new stuff as follows: Photos: Class 20, 24, 31, 40, 42, 45, 46, 47, 50, 52, 66 and the Shunters section.

Sounds: Class 03/08, 20, 31, 33, 35, 40, 42, 45, 46, 47, 50, 52 and 66 - there are now over 50MB of sound files held on the site - as usual the new files are marked "new" in the relevant class pages:


BR Dieselweb has been updated to include two recordings of the 25 Coach "Beerex" which ran on the East Lancs Railway on the 8th of September:

http://www.brdw.co.uk/sounds/mp3_d345-16.zip (D345) http://www.brdw.co.uk/sounds/mp3_45135-07.zip (45135)

Latest pics from the latest diesel gala on the East Lancs:


The Eden Valley Railway


Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

Pictures of the disused trackbed between Toddington and Broadway added. Hopefully the railway will begin this extension a year or so after the Cheltenham Racecourse bit is open.


(Go to main page and select 'Broadway Extension')

Great Central Railway

The Phantasrail UK 2001 Gallery has been updated with shots taken at the recent Great Central Railway Diesel Gala:


Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

A couple of views and sound files from the rather excellent K&WVR Diesel Gala are now on-line. The Bo'ness railway loaned three of their impressive collection (25235, 26024 and 47643) as the originally intended visitors from Butterley could not materialise. Also notable was the rake of coaches loaned for the day, most were mark 1 corridor seconds - a most rare breed.


Meanwhile, the KWVR web site now has a selection of images of the event:


Lappa Valley Steam Railway

Near Newquay, Cornwall:


Leek & Manifold Light Railway

Please note that the Leek & Manifold Light Railway website, formerly hosted by the Churnet Valley Model Railway Department (CVMRD) has now moved to the new web address of:


The site now has been updated with some new pictures of the recent move of the former Waterhouses NSR signal box to the Amerton Railway, Staffs.

Mid Norfolk Railway

New articles have been added to the Norfolk Rail News section: "New arrivals at the Mid Norfolk" Norfolk By Rail, September 12. An update of the county stock list has also taken place:


Penrith-Keswick Railway

The project to reopen the Penrith-Keswick Railway is steaming ahead. Despite local council problems things are still progressing well. The web site has recently been updated and is worth a visit for updates and see how you can help.


Sittingbourne Steam Railway


Stainmore Railway

It will be 40 years next year since the closure of the Stainmore route. Stainmore fans may wish to make a note of:


Welsh Highland Railway


Wirksworth Branch

WyvernRail's new, and very-much improved, website dealing with the proposed reopening of the Wirksworth Branch:



An interesting article entitled "The Railway That Never Crossed Bradford" is available on the web:



After 5 years of negotiation and fund raising, we recently signed a lease with Railtrack, for Carnforth Station. Our contractors are now on site, and building work has commenced. As you can probably guess, getting all the final pieces together to get the lease signed has been hard going. If any of your members should be knowledgeable about Carnforth Railways at all, I'm always on the lookout for both factual, AND folklore information. A good yarn always goes down well, even if it is factually untrue :-)

Peter E Davies carnforth@usa.net


Forest of Dean



A source of detailed mapping of London can be found at:


It is an online version of Charles Booth's survey into life and labour in London. The mapping is browsable on line and is based on "Stanford's Library Map of London and Suburbs at a scale of 6 inches to 1 mile (1:10,560)" of about 1889.

Vale of Evesham


Directory of British and Irish Railway Websites



Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland:


Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland:


Webpages on Irish matters:

http://communities.msn.co.uk/industrialheritage http://members.tripod.co.uk/irishrailways


Bundy's Last Great Adventure follows the final journey out of retirement of a 2-foot gauge locomotive (collectively known as 'Puffing Billys') from it's current home at the Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Woodford, to the banks of the Daintree River north of Mossman in Far North Queensland, Australia. Shot in stunningly beautiful countryside in tropical North Queensland, "Bundy" is a small, cantankerous steam locomotive, which was built in 1952, in the Bundaberg Foundry, and served as a 'sugar-train', hauling cane from farm to mill. In Bundy's Last Great Adventure, we jump aboard "Bundy", one of the last 'tiny-but-tough' locos, for a tremendous journey that provides an insight into the historical development and people behind the Australian sugar industry. It's also a journey through exquisite parts of Australia, taking in the most spectacular landscapes, wildlife, rural communities and meeting the most outrageous characters to ever cross the tracks. Video extracts available:



New photoseries on the St.Bernard Express (Switzerland):


The Ukraine

An up-dated site with many photos of Ukrainian Railway (UZ):




There's a 1906 Baldwin Locomotive Works Catalogue on line:


Railway Technology

More additions have been made to the Railway Technology site recently. The Equipment and Services Catalogue for the Railway Industry features a forms-based enquiry service for those requiring industry products and services, and covers every area of the industry, from Attachments, Adhesives, Sealants and Fixings to Yard Equipment and Wash Plants.


The principles of train air braking


Robert Humm, bookseller


The Oakwood Press


Heritage Railway Magazine


The Railway Archaeology Society

The Society will be non-profit making, with a membership which will include subscription to a magazine/journal, and cover all aspects of railway archaeology, including stations, signal boxes, trackbeds, warehouses, etc. Anyone interested in receiving details, or writing and advertising in the magazine should e-mail me at...


or write to...

Railway Archaeological Society 15 Nevin Close Hollinwood Oldham OL8 4SD. enclosing an SSAE (2 x IRCs outside Britain).

Thank you Brian Longstaff

Stephenson Locomotive Society

The SLS site has been updated with the contents of the current Journal. Also advance notice that the winter meetings schedule should be added to the site in approx three to four weeks time:



http://www.railbritain.com has had a considerable update, including updated Train Operator profiles, the recent changes to CSC (now South Central Trains), and Northern Spirit (now Arriva Trains Northern). Also added are many new pictures throughout the rolling stock profiles, as well as a few other tweaks around the site. This is the first of many updates to follow over the next fortnight:



Totaljourney is a brand new concept that will offer users a one-stop shop for all their UK travel and planning booking. Users will be able to plan their UK rail travel, with information on all the UK's rail timetables and fares - and then book their tickets directly online. To help customers make the most of their journey, totaljourney provides station information, city guides and travel features. But it doesn't stop there! totaljourney will soon provide the latest maps, weather updates and forecasts, local taxi information for your chosen location, and bookings for flights, hotels and car hire for wherever you're going in the world.


Train Running

The train running website has just been re-vamped. The site and now show a lot of basic information for each station on the National Rail network, including links for taxis and maps for every station.


Railway e-groups

For the benefit of fellow enthusiasts who find the Yahoo Group search engine of little use, I have started a one page directory which aims to list all e-groups covering various aspects of UK railways:


Please feel free to e-mail me with details of any groups not listed.

Thanks, Peter editor@leytr.fsnet.co.uk http://www.leytransport.i12.com/

Railway Photography

Over 200Mb of UK Rail Photos Online:


The Phantasrail Galleries are in the process of both a move and a revamp to:


Martin Bray's Gallery has recently been launched. The vision is to post an image of each diesel locomotive as shown in the 1982 stock book commencing with the diesel shunting locomotives, as few appear in any other web sites. There will be a weekly update of fifty images. The images are predominately record shots. To complement the gallery, several short articles have been produced; My Camera Equipment, Night Photography (as presented to the Neath & District Photgraphic Society), Rogues Gallery, Cardiff (What's happening at Canton Depot), Class 67.


New Photos have been uploaded from three days out and about over the rail network, these include places like Nottingham, Derby, Stafford and Crewe.


British Railways Pictorial has been updated and now has new classes 03/07/76/86/87/90/91/92+Dvt's pics:


Another dozen or so pictures posted on:


Whilst still indevelopment you can look at some old photos from the 1980s and also some 37's in North Wales from last year:


British Transport Films

The BTF (British Transport Films) website has enjoyed a major update recently, including a new section on BTF library catalogues, the addition of all BTF stills from catalogues in the webmaster's collection which now compliment the film details pages, and screen grabs from such classics as Blue Pullman, Elizabethan Express, Forward to First Principles & Train Time with more to follow.


Railway Advertising

Still waiting for that train? Apparently everything was on time and ran like clockwork back in the days of fizzy pop, bakelite and England winning the Ashes. Or so the posters, and your grandad, would have you believe. Make your own mind up by going to see our display of classic rail advertising at:



Kidlington Railwayana Auctions site including details of items in the October auction:


Miniature Railways

Devotees of "minimum gauge" railways, as pioneered by Sir Arthur Heywood at Duffield Bank should visit:


Model Railway Exhibitions


Scalefour Society East Hants Area Group

Alan Coppin 8 Warfield Avenue Waterlooville Hants PO7 7JJ

Modern Image 7mm Modelling


Microsoft Train Simulator

Available for under 32:



Nottingham trams website:


Crich Tramway Museum:


A website with maps, photos and news about the Midland Metro light rail system in Birmingham:


Glasgow City Council Mitchel Library

The Glasgow City Council Mitchel Library holds the North British Locomotive Co. photo collection -- this includes Neilson & Co. At least part of this collection has been digitised and thumbnails are on the web at:


Newton Abbot Railway Studies Collection

The Railway Studies Collection, Newton Abbot is located on the first floor of Newton Abbot library, and is open 1000 to 1700 on Wednesdays (closed for lunch, 1300-1400) and 1000 to 1300 on Thursdays. The "Friends of the Railway Studies Collection" also open the collection on Saturdays from 0930 to 1230. A List of Periodicals is available free from:

Railway Studies Library Market Street Newton Abbot Devon TQ12 2 RJ

mailto:raillib@devon.gov.uk http://www.devon.gov.uk

The Science Museum

Telephone numbers:

020 7942 4000 (Switchboard) 020 7942 4242 (Library Enquiries)

The Whitcombe Collection of photographs is held by the Science Museum, but not at their main library. The collection can be viewed by prior appointment with John Liffen, the Associate Curator, Railways Collection. Photocopies of lists for individual operators can be sent by post on request.


Scottish Archive Network


Features "North by Northwest", an exhibition by the Scottish Archive Network and the NRM, celebrating the impact of the Highland railway on the people, landscape and economy of the Scottish Highlands:



News groups for bus enthusiasts:


Waterway Recovery Group


Anderton Boat Lift

The Anderton Lift Bridge was the world's first and the UK's only working boat lift; it is now under restoration. More information can be found at:


There is even a live webcam to see progress!

Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Restoration of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal (like many such schemes, once believed to be impossible):


Police Vehicles


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