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Hi Richard - another round-up...


More things culled from RAILDATE up to 13/09/02, plus anything else that's come my way.

BR Sulzer Type 2

David Hill's excellent website featuring the BR Sulzer Type 2's (Classes 24 and 25) and railways around his home town of Derby has a new domain:


7mm and 10mm Gauge 1 models website

A modern image railways and modelling website for 7mm and 10mm Gauge 1 models:


link-rail website

A few new Sections have been added to Link Rail * Heritage - Standard Gauge Lines : England (North) - England (South) - Scotland - Wales - N Ireland * Heritage - Narrow Gauge Lines : England - Scotland - Wales - Isle Of Man


trainsofeurope.com - South Africa, Norway, trains and trams

New on trains of Europe: South African trains and Norwegian trains and trams, picture series of the Swiss St. Bernard standard gauge railway line, many new pics of Swiss and French railway stations:


"Dunaskin News"

The relaunch edition of the newsletter "Dunaskin News" is now online. As well as various archive news items it contains a feature on the removal of additional railway material from Hunslett Barclay's Kilmarnock site:


LocoWatch web site - Wirksworth branch

The LocoWatch web site has a couple of features about the proposed reopening of the Wirksworth branch:



The Woodhead Route

The Woodhead Route site:


Has an interesting Java cartoon at the bottom.

Coal mining

Those of you interested in coal mining might care to have a look at the following site. It just gives lists and the geography sometimes isn't quite perfect - but then it's always easy to criticise when you've not done the work yourself.


Whaley Bridge

A new website which features quite a number of photographs of Whaley Bridge taken during the period 1970 - 1990 includes aerial views, a few Rose Queen shots, photos of a couple of floods, repairs to the reservoir:


Up to now (Feb 2002) there are about 70 photographs on the site with plenty more waiting in the wings including the odd shot which includes the railway station. I hope the site proves to be useful and interesting.

West Country Pacific for MS Train Simulator

Graham Pitt, who has been working on a version of Bulleid's Light Pacific loco for Microsoft Train Simulator, has now released 34006 Bude and plans to add 21C107 Wadebridge shortly. Those of you with MSTS who may wish to download 34006 can get it from either:

http://www.uktrainsim.com - if you are a subscriber or http://www.bude-okehampton.org.uk - if you are not.

There is also an original sound track but as the file doesn't belong to Graham he cannot post it on his own site. However, if you care to contact him direct he will be happy to email it to you. mailto:admin@cfcorg.co.uk Please use the subject line: Westcountry Sounds

APT-P for MS Train Simulator

David Babb has now released his APT-P for Microsoft Train Simulator and it is available for download:


London Underground "Mind The Gap"

For a copy of the London Underground "Mind The Gap" soundbite:


Wheel arrangements

Wheel arrangement designations of modern traction:


Steamsounds website

The Steamsounds website has been updated to include 76079 on Copy Pit, 60009, 2968, 46229, 34092, some recordings on the WSR among others. Have a look at:


Stalham Station rescue

"Stalham Station rescue comes to a stop!":


Hump marshalling yards query

I am a German railway enthusiast specially interested in hump marshalling yards of the whole world. I know that all hump yards in Great Britain are closed, but I am also collecting historic data about all closed hump yards which have ever existed.

Does anyone know about London's former Willesden yard how many tracks had the marshalling sidings of each of the two hump systems? Who knows a publication with an exact track diagram or a detailled aerial image?

Thank you very much!

All people who are interested generally in hump yards are invited to join my international YAHOO group about hump yards with informations about hump yards in various countries. The URL is:


There are over 220 links to informations about hump yards in the whole world in the bookmark section of the site. I invite all British railway enthusiasts who miss the former hump yards in Great Britain to do there a virtual travel to these international hump yards.

Regards, Michael Krumholz. mailto:triaj53@yahoo.de

Railway screensaver

A railway screensaver:


Western Rover multiplayer version

Mike Wright has been working on the release of the multiplayer version of Western Rover. An uploaded web page provides some screen shots and a description of how to run the game in both client and server mode.



http://www.92212.com has been updated with the lastest news

60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley' overhaul photos

The first photos by the SNG Trust team of the overhaul of 60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley' are now on line. These include shots inside the cab, inside the firebox, and lifting the boiler:


Re-furbished Merseyrail fleet

Pics of what the re-furbished Merseyrail fleet is going to look like:

http://www.interfleet.co.uk/Information/InterfleetNews/News_Archive/UK_News _Archive/index_Interfleet_Newsuk_30.htm

John Turner railway photographic website

The John Turner railway photographic website has been further updated, and now has around 1540 mainly wallpaper-sized (1024 x 768 pixels) images of predominantly UK railways in the diesel & electric era. The most recent additions have mainly been to the "Post Privatisation Era" section, and in particular to the 1996, 1997 and 2002 pages, although some Preservation Scene images added too. In addition a totally new "Narrow Gauge Railways" section has been added which initially includes images from the Isle of Man and North Wales:


Omnibus Society web site

The Omnibus Society is changing web hosts. Hopefully http://www.omnibussoc.org will be available again shortly, but meanwhile you may be able to find them at:


Class 43 (HST) Society

The Class 43 (HST) Society:


Photo album

A web-based photo album:


Romsey Signal Box project

A new webpage is now available for the Romsey Signal Box project:


Settle & Carlisle Railway

Settle & Carlisle Railway:


Steam: the museum of the Great Western Railway

Steam: the museum of the Great Western Railway...


Railway Archaeology Society

A society for those interested in the archaeology of railways is being formed.  The Railway Archaeology Society will produce a journal which will be concerned with all aspects of railway archaeology - stations, signal boxes, track beds, warehouses etc.  Anyone interested can contact B Longstaff at 15 Nevin Close, Hollinwood, Oldham, OL8 4SD.

There is a emailing group for this embryonic Society, open to all:


The Group has 112 Subscribers so far and there is also a Society website in preparation. The domain has been registered...


The Society is planning a meeting for Saturday, 16th March in Manchester. Anyone interested should contact Brian Longstaff for further details. See above address or mailto:brian@vegsoc.demon.co.uk

Trains of Europe' Swiss trains

New on 'Trains of Europe' Swiss trains: AOMC narrow gauge regional railway, The 3 trains to the Emosson reservoir, Lausanne metro, MOB Vevey-Les Pleiades narrow gauge line, New pics of standard gauge trains


Death Railway, AKA The River Kwai railway

Pictures from Death Railway, also known as the River Kwai railway:



Fragonset website updated:


Ukrainian bus shelters

A website devoted to beautiful Ukrainian bus shelters (no, really!!):


S&C West Coast diversions

Pictures from the recent Settle and Carlisle line West Coast diversions.


40135 Lusitania

Pictures of 40135 in action at Bury 09/03/02:



Three pictures of corporate blue liveried 56006 at Boulby:


North Wales Coast

Just done a big update of the North Wales Coast notice board


with lots of heritage 47 pics, a 37 on the fl*sks, Northern Belle Times, more 175 inside stories and some other news and views...

Railway Photographers' Guide

A Railway Photographers' Guide has had two new locations added:


Worsboro Incline and Silkstone Tunnels

Welcome to the Underworld - exploring and documenting forgotten and abandoned railways and engineering structures. Currently featuring the Worsboro Incline and Silkstone Tunnels:


British railways pictorial

British railways pictorial:


Kent and East Sussex Railway

Kent and East Sussex Railway photos taken in early 1990s:


Trains of Europe - Swiss and French NG

New on Trains of Europe - pictures of Swiss GFM railways, French Montenver narrow gauge railway, French Tramway du Mont Blanc narrow gauge railway:


Mid Norfolk Railway

The official site for the Mid Norfolk Railway:


Some photos from the Mid Norfolk Railway diesel gala:


Class 47 in 'Police car' livery

The Class 47 in 'Police car' (literally!) livery:



(click on news link)

Rail photography website

A rail photography website from a 14-year old enthusiast:


Spanish class 37s

According to the 'End of the Line' website, Two Class 37s have been written off in a collision in Spain:


Usenet has details about the accident involving two of the Spanish class 37s:


Joyce's World of Transport Eclectica

Another couple of pages added to Joyce's World of Transport Eclectica. These show the standard dimensions and clearances for new or rebuilt standard gauge railway lines, as laid down by the Minister of Transport in 1950:


LMS Carriage Association


South West Trains Yahoo Group


South Central Yahoo Group


Artwork and fonts

A source of transport-related artwork and fonts, including BS376 track and signalling symbols for signal box diagrams (and a load of other railway-related TrueType fonts for PCs and for Acorn computers) is at:



A couple of Deltic websites:


http://www.55s.co.uk (Definitive Deltics)

Gordon Highlander

Some pics of Gordon Highlander's triumphant return to the main line:


Plus a couple of pictures of 37521/682 which coverd the York-Scarborough leg:


Indian Railways

Indian Railways is celebrating 150 years of its formation on 16th April 2002. The first train in the Asian continent was run in Bombay between Victoria Terminus to Thane (a suburb of Bombay) on 16th April 1853. To commemorate the 150th year, a year long celebration has been planned, starting with a re-run of the first train journey.


St. Helens and South Lancs Rail and Bus Site

The St. Helens and South Lancs Rail and Bus Site has moved. The new rail feature this month is a feature about Class 31s on the former CLC line:


MS Train Simulator


For a free, downloadable update to MS Train Simulator.

BR station totems

There has been the successful formation of a new totem study group aimed at advancing the technical and academic study of BR station totems, including their usage and survival:

Postal: TSG, P.O. Box 2093, Wickford, Essex, SS12 0WP mailto:davidbelinda34@netscapeonline.co.uk or mailto:rydalhall46@aol.com

Southern region photos

A new e-group, which is mainly southern region photos:


Britain's Railways since 1978

David's Railway Photography website "Britain's Railways since 1978" has been updated to feature Diesels in Devon & Cornwall, a week's holiday in Devon & Cornwall in July 1984, photographs added to the following galleries, Classes 31, 33, 37, 45, 47 and 50, Dart Valley Railway visit (2 photographs), Cornish Signalboxes (Bodmin Parkway, Par and St. Austell), The Devonshire Dart Railtour on ?/8/1984 brought 20184 & 20169 to Plymouth


Phantasrail Galleries


Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth has a campaign website where you can register support for more investment in rail and, if the mood takes you, make a donation to the FoE campaign:


Canadian railway news


Western tour of 20 April

A couple of pics of Western tour of 20 April:


Take the NEWS/PICS link.

GWR (the Cotswold variant)

Latest news from the GWR (the Cotswold variant):


A new rail photo group


RAILDATE recruit, Jim Cullen

Welcome to new RAILDATE recruit, Jim Cullen. Jim is a friend and near-neighbour of Larry Schwartz, who has been on the RAILDATE distribution list since he visited the HPMRS some years ago; they both live in Maryland. Jim recently disposed of his detailed N scale layout, and his current interests can be seen at: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/1433/

A train driving simulator

A train driving simulator is available here:


The editor would welcome reports from anyone who tries it out...

Wagonflow 4 - a traffic management system for model railways


Kirtley Model Buildings


Home of "O" Gauge


Just Like The Real Thing

"Just Like The Real Thing", finescale locomotive kits and parts:


Departmental stock

A new website entitled DPTnet, the site is aimed at giving an up to date list of sightings/status of Departmental stock (coaches, DMUs, EMUs) and Internal Users around the country:


North Yorkshire Moors Railway

A new 'unofficial' site dedicated to pictures and information about the North Yorkshire Moors Railway:


North York Moors diesel gala

Pictures from the North York Moors diesel gala including 37216, 33108, 50027, 47635, 47853 and 47826.


NYMR diesel gala

Some rather strange looking photos on a site at the NYMR diesel gala in 'panoramic' view! A bit odd as they contain more than the eye can view as they are multiple images joined at the hip!!


53A Models

53A Models' superb photo website:


A rail news site


Trackwork group

A trackwork group has been set up. Those who wish to join can use the details below:

Group name: trackwork

Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/trackwork

See also:


which is mainly concerned with fine-scale modelling of track, but covers many prototype track matters.

Industrial Railway Society Devon Railway Centre

The Industrial Railway Society Devon Railway Centre is trying to get hold of photos of the locos based at the centre, either in Industry or at any previous railway preservation site. For details of the engines based at the centre see the web site at


It is intended to extend and improve the museum displays and web site. We have 12 narrow gauge locos on site and 2 more expected to arive in the next month.

Humphrey Jennings "The Man Who Listened to Britain"

A most excellent collection of web pages dedicated to the life and works of the revered documentary film-maker, Humphrey Jennings, is as follows. It was set up to coincide with the Channel 4 Documentary "The Man Who Listened to Britain":


A few of HJ's films are available from MovieMail's mail order website:


A Guardian Unlimited article about HJ is also online:


Ewan Crawford's British Railways Web Site


Pauls Wagon Pages


Railway Signalling

New Yahoo Group - Railway Signalling:


Friends of the Cromford Canal

The Web site for the Friends of the Cromford Canal has just been updated. A new printable Membership Form has been added to the site, and there is an online version of the first edition of our Magazine, "The Portal".


The Ground Level 5-inch Mainline Association


Gilling 5" Gauge Railway


Furness Railway Steamboats


This site mentions "Teal" and "Swan" built by the LMS in 1936, and "Tern" built by the Furness Railway in 1891. Also photographs....


This site has photographs of "Gondola" since restoration - the oldest boat on the Lake built by the Furness Railway in 1859:


A site on steamboat restoration:


Class 15

A new Website about the Class 15 has been commenced. Information and pictures are sought:


Carlisle and Class 37s

Pictures from Carlisle with no less than six Class 37s in action amongst other things. Also included are some sound recordings:



The APT-P repaint is almost complete now, well done guys! More information and photos can be seen at:


This is well worth seeing for the 'before & after' views

History of Scottish railways

Ewan Crawford's History of Scottish railways web pages:


Huddersfield and district

A Huddersfield and district photo egroup. On it at the moment are over 100 photos dating back to the early 1980s mainly Classes 25, 31, 37, 40, 45, 46, 47 and 56, and a few steam:


Des Brailsford's cornucopia

Des Brailsford's cornucopia of railway, model railway, and other stuff...


Cathkin Barrow - Mike Macdonald's Transport History

Cathkin Barrow - Mike Macdonald's Transport History Pages. A select guide to written and photographic resources:


Mow Cop in Cheshire

A website about Mow Cop in Cheshire, which includes details of railways and Industrial Archaeology in the area.


Peak District

A new Yahoo group has started, devoted to railways in the Peak District:


Central London Trams

Trams set to return to Central London:


Midland Main Line TOC

After news last week of the peak_district_railways group at Yahoo! Groups:


a sister group has been set up specifically devoted to the operations of Midland Main Line TOC. For further details go to:


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire Transport

The owner's website is the Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire Transport Review:


This includes details of several other groups including:






The Steeple Grange Light Railway



A very nice canal website:


Particularly good is the list of canals:



"Exploring The Potteries" project:


Signalboxes of Southampton

Graeme Wall Transport Miscellany has a new section to the website, a photographic tour of the signalboxes of Southampton. The boxes were demolished when Eastleigh power box came into operation in the early 1980s:


BR Dieselweb

BR Dieselweb Updated with new photos for Class 24, 31, 33, 35, 37, 40, 46, 47, 52, DMU and Shunter section. Sounds for Class 24, 31, 33, 35, 37, 42, 45, 46, 47 and 52. Pages for Class 31, 37, 40 and 47 have now been sub-indexed - they were getting too big!


The D9531 (Class 14) page has now been relocated:


"Rail Blue"

The "Rail Blue" website has had a full overhaul and now includes video from 1993/1994:


Virgin livered 57301

There are a couple of photos about on the web of new Virgin livered 57301:

http://album.atomic-systems.com/showPic.php/22516/57301a.jpg http://album.atomic-systems.com/showPic.php/22516/57301b.jpg

Renown Repulse Restoration Group

The Renown Repulse Restoration Group have a new website:



RailBritain.com has opened its website to participation. Images for inclusion in the expanding galleries, with room for up to 1.6million images (without bandwidth issues), are welcomed.


Railway website


DMU pictures

Updated website with pictures of 101s, 142s, 150s, 156s, 158, 175, and 221 DMUs. All taken at Bolton, Piccadilly, or Romiley.


Forth Rail Bridge

The Forth Rail Bridge painted by James HF Thomson. (I suppose that's a picture - not him actually painting the Forth Bridge... on his own, as it were. ...Ed)


Royal Train

A couple of very nice views of the Royal Train in North Wales:


Eastleigh pictures

An updated website with some images taken at Eastleigh. Sections updated are:

http://www.mjcook.co.uk/Class47.html http://www.mjcook.co.uk/Class66.html http://www.mjcook.co.uk/Class73.html

Website Updated including 73109 heading failed unit 3409 at Fratton, 58041 at Havant with a Worthing to Eastleigh engineers train, Diverted Voyager (Pines) and HST, also at Havant, 47840 and 47828 at Fratton and Portsmouth Harbour and Various images taken at Eastleigh:


Railwayana auction site

The first realtime auction site which is dedicated to railwayana:


Kelbit bitumen tanks

New photos of the Kelbit bitumen tanks service at Edge Green near Golborne and photos of the Hays Chemicals acid tanks train. Both services are expected to cease at their present locations within the next 3 months, but traffic will be transferred to other rail-based locations.

http://www.bevanprice.freeuk.com/kelbit.htm http://www.bevanprice.freeuk.com/hayschem.htm

Yahoo groups

The latest Yahoo railway groups:

http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/continentalwagons http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/internalusers http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/departmentalstock http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/coachingstock http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/ontrackplant http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/raildaysout http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/locosightings http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/wagonews

Midland Railway to Kimbolton in 1866

New book about the Midland Railway to Kimbolton in 1866. Great for anyone who likes railway history or as a present for somebody who does. Additionally, all proceeds go to a local museum. Info at:


TrainNet.org International Railway Links

As of 23 June 2002 it had 7,611 railway-orientated sites listed, you name it, it covers it, allegedly!



A picture report on the unveiling of electric blue 86 233 at Willesden:


Railway hand lamps and lanterns

A Yahoo Group has been set up for the exchange of information, photos, drawings etc., connected with railway hand lamps and lanterns of both British and Overseas origins. Queries regarding such lamps are welcomed along with photos, which can be added to the Files section. Already in place is an impressive gallery of over 100 images of lamps, both from the U.K. and from around the World.

This Discussion Group is unlisted and membership is by invitation. To ensure that you receive your invitation, please send an email to Jeremy Cookson. Your invitation, in the form of a hyperlink, will be sent by return. In order that they can identify with other members, we do suggest that new members post a short introduction regarding their lamp interests.


Eastfield, Stratford, Newton Abbot & Reddish

A few pics under the 'Blast from the Past' link. First set shows Eastfield, Stratford, Newton Abbot & Reddish. Not a SHED in sight!


Sheffield railwayana Auction pics

Some photos of the excellent Totem display at the last Sheffield railwayana Auction, and also a couple of photos of Ian Wright auctioning one of the three class 20 nameplates now on-line:


Lake District Threlkeld to Keswick Railway

For those visiting the Lake District on holiday I would thoroughly recommend that if they visit Keswick they also take a walk along the Threlkeld-Keswick Railway footpath. (Seconded ...Ed.)

The railway is situated behind the leisure complex and also close to the Keswick country house Hotel. The National Trust bought the trackbed between Threlkeld and Keswick after the line closed and have made an excellent job of the path. Last year a boardwalk was erected at Low Briery so people with wheelchairs could have better access at a cost of around £150K. The walk leaves Keswick along Latrigg Close and passes under the main road through Keswick. The walk then passes beneath a large road overpass where "Big Tunnel" has been buried. Big Tunnel is still very much intact. The path then becomes a boardwalk then returns back to the railway footpath and the other end of "Big Tunnel". The next stop is Low Briery where there was once a Bobbin Mill, the platform is still intact. The path then carries on over numerous bowstring bridges and you go through "Little Tunnel", all of which is fairly close to the River Greta. The path passes through a cutting then after the final bowstring you come back to the A66 at Threlkeld. There are many pictures of the railway path at:




Local history search engine

A very useful local history search engine:   http://www.a2a.pro.gov.uk

Midland Railway Derby Registers

Ashley Sanders has produced an excellent index to the Midland Railway Derby Registers, the first page of which is at:


This is a KWIK (or KeyWord In Context) index. The index term is the emboldened term listed in a column down the middle of the page. The KWIK index should enable you to find entries speedily without having to refer back to the main listing all the time.

Railway Archive

Members who know of "Archive", the industrial and transport history quarterly will be interested to know that it has been joined by a thrice-yearly (at present) 96-page "Railway Archive". For those who appreciate the eclectic scope of "British Railway Journal" and the HMRS Journal this new magazine is a must and worth every penny of the £7.50 cover price. Issue No 1 contents include the following:

- Moor Street Station 1894 - 1916 - The Railway Photographs of E.J.Pouteau- interesting selection & Part 1 of listing - Locomotives Designed by Committee - the NER Tennants (including drawings at 7, 4 and 2mm scales) - Catching the Tablet at Moy - Stoke Works - North Staffordshire Rlwy Part 1

The whole is well produced on art paper with card covers, and there is a web site:


Leeds & Selby Railway

The following link was posted on the LNER group site:


It is an excellent article about the stations on the Leeds & Selby Railway of 1834. This is of particular interest to railway archaeology types because substantial parts of the original Selby station, described in the article, can still be seen.

Torre Signal Box Group


HMRS member, Alex Seal relates his experiences as a Railtrack level crossing attendant at Red Cow in Exeter:

http://www.irail.co.uk/alex/careers/railtrack_red_cow.shtml .


Recent photos of the Carstairs area:


Waverley route

The Waverley route through Hawick - a page of photos of the route as it was in May 2002:


A photo of the platform edge of Hawick's old station:

http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/leopold/mark/graphics/scrapbook/brl_hawick_ol d2.jpg

Eden Valley Railway Trust

Eden Valley Railway Trust - Work continues to reopen the 6 mile line from Appleby East to Warcop in Cumbria and ultimately Kirkby Stephen East. Latest news:


Extract track plans from photographs

Interesting site that demonstrates how to extract a track plan directly from photographs of the track:


Warning - takes a while to download...

For more stuff on track design, go to the higher-level website:


Nottingham Victoria Station Website


Class 47 Locomotive Group

The Class 47 Locomotive Group is in the process of being formed:


Class 47/57 egroup

A new egroup, brushgen. Posts can be any Class 47/57 gen, be it either everyday or rare workings (given the everyday workings are getting scarcer these days), sightings, withdrawals, Class 57 conversions - all welcome!


Trains, ferries and buses plus traction engines


The Coventry Railway Centre


St Albans South signal box

There is now a web site dedicated to St Albans South signal box:


Irish Railway History

A new site for Irish Railway History has been set up at:


Included on the site are photographs of ongoing construction work on Dublin's ligh railt system "LUAS", a brief history of atmospheric railways, particularly that from Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire to Dalkey) and details of a built heritage survey of the closed Waterford to New Ross line.

German signalling and block working

There is a good description of German signalling (in English) at:


This covers the main signal aspects and some of the underlying principles.

Another site explains, in English, German railway section (as opposed to station) block working:



Former HPMRS member, Harvey Saunders extols the virtues of catching the overnight (is there any other kind?) sleeper to Inverness...

Hi, folks! I'm still at large. And still riding the train, at any excuse. Here are some observations on a trip to Scotland.

Each year I go off on the sleeper to Inverness - for the hill-walking/Munro-bagging, you know.

The sleepers are run by Scotrail, who don't have any locomotives of their own any more, so they hire Virgin electrics as far as Edinburgh (16 carriages thundering down the WCML behind a scruffy class 87 sounds exciting, but everything seems to stay under control). After the split at Edinburgh, EWS provides the pulling power on to Inverness (and Aberdeen and Fort William). The Inverness portion consists of 8 carriages, including a full brake. We used to get a class 47 for this duty; it always struggled; we would be crawling along by the time we reached Slochd summit and the traffic on the nearby A9 would be flying past. Then, they tried a pair of class 37s - some improvement, but not much. This year, we got a sparkling-clean class 67 - wow! What a difference! We beat all the lorries out of sight. On the return run, You could feel the acceleration up the long 1 in 70 grade out of Inverness. ON TIME!

Someone has given the Scotrail guys instruction on correct station procedures - trains left on time from clean clear platforms. At Inverness, the person in charge of getting the trains away cut a remarkable figure - white shirt, hi-vis waistcoat, long hair, short skirt and high heels!!!! And boy, could she blow that whistle!

At the stop at Kingussie, in the twilight, one passenger joined the train, a semaphore signal was clear (they use radio signalling up there, don't they?), the guard waved his lamp at the driver (who was watching) - and nothing happened. The guard waved his lamp again - nothing. The guard checked his lamp - it had been showing a white light! He switched it to green and waved it again - the driver waved his lamp in response, the engine gave a toot and off we went. There's definitely been same safety lecturing going on.

You can get plenty of sleep, depending on the maintenance of the carriage and the driver. Get a berth in the middle of a carriage (furthest from the bogies) which has smooth-riding and grab-free brakes and you should be OK. The journey (Euston-Inverness) takes about 12 hours, so there's plenty of time to snooze. You get a mini-breakfast with hot drink and there's a lounge car that serves hot snacks, etc. Book early to get an APEX ticket - these are now few (and you always get an end berth) and you can only book about 10 weeks ahead, so it's a race to get the cheap fares. The train is always pretty full to bursting.

That's all for now, folks.

Cheers, Harvey

The Association for Industrial Archaeology (AIA)

The Association for Industrial Archaeology (AIA) should be regarded as an umbrella organisation which encourages original archaeological and historical research into divers aspects of the more recent past. Furthermore, it seeks to disseminate information relating to a wide variety of industrial and social archaeological topics. It generates a quarterly news bulletin entitled Industrial Archaeology News, and a yearly journal (Industrial Archaeological Review) published in two parts about six month apart. Articles reflect the research interests of those submitting them. Taking a quick look at some back numbers of the Review and the News produces the following:

The Kings Cross gasholders (News, 103, 1997, p.2) IA in the South Atlantic - including the 2' gauge guano extraction (!) railway on Ascention Island (News, 107, 1998, p.4-5) Railway tarpaulins and sheet stores (News, 120, 2002, p.10) The archaeological excavation of wooden waggonway remains at Lambton D Pit, Sunderland (Review, vol. XX, 1998, p.5-22)

The AIA hosts its own conferences and study weekends, and publicises conferences, etc, run by other IA-related groups. It is a useful organisation to join - not least because it encompasses such a wide variety of specialist skills and interests. The AIA website can be found at:


The AIA's Liaison Officer, Isabel Wilson, can be contacted at: AIA@le.ac.uk

Class 25/50/55/58 Galleries

Class 25/50/55/58 Galleries have been added to the Canton website with plenty of images from Doncaster Works in the 1980s:



I am a part time antique and collectables dealer in Ripley, Derbyshire (Patrick Morriss):


There is also a postcard dealer in Nottingham, who specialises in modern postcards (Pete Davies):


The Postcard Traders Association is at:



For a program for setting desktop wallpaper and lockup screens, with a huge array of high quality photographs, including trains and other transportation (American, of course) go to:


If you want to display many images in a slide-show screen-saver go to:


You just point it at a directory of jpgs and set a delay...

If Hitler had won

If Hitler had won - this would have happened...


(It's amazing what some people spend their time on.)

BR Dieselweb

BR Dieselweb updated including some Class 26 recordings from a visit to the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway in May. This completes a gap meaning sound recordings are now available for classes 03, 08, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31, 33, 35, 37, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 50, 52, 55, 56, 57, 66, 73 and a DMU!! Also added is a Class 37/4 section with photos from trips to Scotland and South Wales with sound recordings of 37405, 37408 and 37415 & 421 as well.


Foxfield Railway Gala & South Devon Jubilee Gala

Photographs of the recent Foxfield Railway Gala & South Devon Jubilee Gala


Cambrian Railways Society

The Cambrian Railways Society Ltd are proud to announce their new website:


Signalling in Europe


North Staffordshire Railway boxes

I have just been experimenting in putting together a small website with a view to designing something bigger and better in the future. The site will be an outlet for many thousands of signalling photos in both colour and black and white from around the UK. It is not my intention to duplicate any other site and to this aim the site will have contemporary feel with a bias towards signalling in the BR era and will look at early BR signalling installations (e.g.West coast main line, etc).   http://mysite.freeserve.com/NeasdenJunction   Many thanks for your future support, Ivan Stewart.

(Despite the name, this appears to be mainly North Staffordshire Railway boxes at present ...Ed.)

Steam Days magazine


MML website

Makeover for MML website - now totally revamped


Scottish scene modellers

A new egroup on Yahoo Groups for modellers of the Scottish scene:


Wimbledon to West Croydon

Some pics taken in the early 1970s. Some leave something to be desired. Several are of the old Wimbledon to West Croydon line:


South Wales (and other) Signalling

A website that perhaps hasn't been mentioned before. Have a look especially at the Photo Gallery that has lots of photos of South Wales (and other) Signalling Installations in the 1960s:


Joe's Trains & Beer page!


Nick's worst

Nick's nomination for item of rolling stock in the 'National Collection' that's in the worst physical condition...


Old Dalby nuclear smash


Southern e-group

A very comprehensive site for those interested in the Southern Railway:


BR Livery Library

RAILDATEr, Peter Kazmierczak, has just started a new Yahoo! Group entitled BR Livery Library.

Details are: BRLiveryLibrary@yahoogroups.com

To subscribe: BRLiveryLibrary-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Class 58 farewell railtour

Some of you may have seen the Class 58 farewell railtour that made the TV news on Monday for crashing into the buffers in Essex (Walton on the Naze) causing 30+ injuries with one hospitalisation due to broken ribs.

What the TV didn't tell you was the name of the railtour......

"The Bonebreaker"!

At least the Trade Descriptions Act will be covered!

Peak Locomotive Company Limited D4, 45041 and 46045

A new website for the Peak Locomotive Company Limited, custodians of D4, 45041 and 46045


richmackin.co.uk a rail photo site

A major revamp of a rail photo site. A search engine has been put in place, where you can search by operator, class, name, number:


Deltic photos

A new egroup dedicated to Deltic photos:



And an egroup for people interested in CEP and BEP EMUs:


The London Railway Heritage Society


The Railway Station database


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