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About time we had another one, I think...! Cheers, Howard.


More things culled from RAILDATE up to 12/09/03x, plus anything else that's come my way.


Preserved Steam: http://preserved-steam.fotopic.net

British Steam Locomotives: http://topshed.brinkster.net/34a

Metro-Vick Co-Bo


Class 20


Class 37


Class 40

The Christmas Cracker IV tour: http://mysite.freeserve.com/nedchester/christmascracker4page1.htm

Whistling Tynesider Railtour pictures to be found at: http://mysite.freeserve.com/nedchester/Whistlingtynsider.htm

Photos of 40145 on the Pennine Fellsman Tour on 12th July: http://mysite.freeserve.com/nedchester/120703onthetrainpage1.htm http://www.twoof.freeserve.co.uk http://robsrailphotos.fotopic.net http://www.burgess57.freeserve.co.uk/railways.htm http://members.aol.com/bukewirm/Sign/D345.html http://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk

Class 45


Class 47

Class 47 Locomotive Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/c47lg

or: http://c47lg.port5.com

Class 55


Pictures of the Deltic, that was on her way back to Barrow Hill, on Tuesday 15th July 2003: http://mpt-trains.fotopic.net

Class 56


Blue Pullman

A kit is being jointly produced by Fox Transfers and Shawplan. There was a pre production power car on show at Warley last year. For further details, check the website at: http://www.fox-transfers.co.uk

Electric Traction

A history of North London DC Services: http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~gsgleaves/northlondon.htm

British and Irish railway stations


Bath ----

Details of three 'shed bashing' visits to Bath in the years 1949, 1952 and 1957 have been put on the Web. In addition to a list of the engines spotted, there are notes on the locomotives that were seen at the time. There are several other articles and photographs with an S & D interest within the HISTORICAL section of the site: http://www.semaphore.avonvalleyrailway.co.uk


After 7 years of planning, plotting and prayer, the physical rejuvenation of Carnforth Station is nearly complete: http://www.carnforth-station.co.uk



and: http://www.geoffspages.co.uk/raildiary/peak_stone/

Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway





Darlington Railway Centre and Museum: http://www.drcm.org.uk/default.htm


There has been some discussion on the Broad Gauge list about Network Rail's proposal to demolish the distinctive signal box at Dawlish. BGS member John Speller found these:

  There is a nice picture of it on a website at:
  The design of the brick base curving out at the top is rather unusual.

It is unique in having a narrow brick base (rather than timber) to accommodate its location on the up platform, and was the first GWR box with a rear frame.

  The planning application is also on the web at

Dean Forest Railway

The Dean Forest Railway produces a regular email newsletter containing brief details of forthcoming events and news of the DFR. If you would like to receive a copy, for which there is no charge, send a blank email to:




Details & photos of tunnels (railway and otherwise) and other underground structures in the Dover area: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/john.vaughan

East Midlands

Photographic website: http://www.jimppics.fotopic.net

Erwood Station


Exminster Signal Box


The Glasgow and South Western Railway Assosciation


Great Western Railway

The latest catalogue of 90 items of GWR and related publicity: http://www.gwrpublicity.co.uk

All the Great Westernry you could wish for: http://www.greatwestern.org.uk/

Harrow and Stanmore


London & North Eastern Railway

A new LNER group is up and running: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LNERmatters

although this appears to duplicate: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lner-list

London & North Western Railway

The LNWR Society has a large collection of Photographs. Some of them we know very little about. So we display a few of them, and ask your help to identify the location, time, people artefacts etc. The first one can be seen at: http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/Mystery/M001.php

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway


Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway


Mid-Derbyshire Light Railway


Mid-Norfolk Railway

Diesel Gala photographs:


Midland Mainline

Midland Mainline services: http://paul3715.tripod.com/mml.htm


Railway images: http://www.nottinghamrail.com


Trevithick 2004 - an event to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Penydarren locomotive: http://www.trevithick2004.co.uk/

Also the Trevithick Society: http://www.zawn.freeserve.co.uk/

River Severn

Railway crossings: http://www.brantacan.co.uk/severn_railway_bridges.htm

St Pancras

A poem by Thomas Hardy on the effects of the building of St Pancras on the surrounding area. "The Levelled Churchyard" is available at: http://www.stpancrasoldchurch.org.uk/poem.htm

Settle & Carlisle

A set of 45 stereoscopic pictures of the Settle & Carlisle Railway whilst under construction: http://www.longcase.co.uk/settlepics.htm

More from Ashley Sanders on the stereoscopic images of the Settle & Carlisle under construction, that were mentioned previously. This web page mentions the possibility of creating a CD of the images if there is enough interest: http://www.redfern83.freeserve.co.uk/Construction_Photos/Construction%20Pho tos.htm

The site is that of a dealer in stereoscopic photos, but be warned that the pictures might take quite a while to download. If you're interested in what other stereoscopic images might be available, the main site is at: http://www.worldofstereoviews.com/stockpage.htm

Settle and Carlisle addition to Microsoft Train Simulator: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/patsplace/Index.html

Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway

An excellent site covering a small number of railways and tram systems. Particularly interesting is the search for the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway: http://www.gebejay.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

...and more here...


...and efforts to save Shillingstone station...


There has been a lot of activity at Midsomer Norton over the last months and this is still continuing. One project that has not yet had any attention is the reconstruction of the signal box. The stone base still exists! If you think that you might be able to help by forming a small group to get this project started please contact The Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust. Their web site is: http://www.sdjr.co.uk

On Saturday 2nd August, Combe Down Tunnel on the Somerset and Dorset Railway was open to the public. Pictures of the walk by Mark Pike are on Chris Nevard's website: http://www.nevard.com/sdjr/combe-down.htm


A Staffordshire archive, which includes many interesting railway pictures:


South Yorkshire Railway History Group


Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains has confirmed that railway enthusiasts are welcome at all of the stations that it manages, provided they act in a responsible manner. Virgin Trains Chief Executive Chris Green said: "Today's rail enthusiasts are tomorrow's business travellers and we encourage railway enthusiasts and historians to take an interest in our operations. We are putting a new generation of trains into service and we are pleased that it is sparking a renewed interest in railways amongst a new younger generation. All we ask is that enthusiasts carry out their hobby in a safe manner and do not interfere with the normal operation of the stations."

Wensleydale Railway


The Wigtownshire Railway



A site that covers lost stations and lines on the London Underground: http://www.abandonedstations.co.uk/

Going underground: http://www.starfury.demon.co.uk/uground/

Subterranea Britannica, the group for people interested in man-made underground constructions have a website with some transport-related items at: http://www.subbrit.org.uk/

Industrial Railways




Australian Railway Historical Society: http://www.arhsnsw.com.au/

Puffing Billy, Belgrave, Victoria: http://www.puffingbilly.com.au

The Daylesford Spa Country Railway, Central Highlands, Victoria: http://www.chtr.org.au

Hawthorn Tram Depot, Victoria: http://www.victrack.com.au

The Bus and Truck Museum, Tempe, Sydney: http://www.busandtruckmuseum.org.au

Sydney Metro and Monorail: http://www.metromonorail.com.au

Sydney Ferries: http://www.sydneyferries.info




Paul Stevenson has started a new group on Yahoo. It is for people interested in modelling the Irish narrow gauge on 45mm gauge track at 15mm to the foot. Manx railways of this gauge are also catered for!

The URL is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oneto20point3IrishNG/?yguid=2026193 Or you can subscribe through: oneto20point3IrishNG-subscribe@yahoogroups.com



Information the use of water-troughs in the USA: http://www.jimquest.com/writ/trains/pans/scoop.htm

Photos from two recent trips on the Long Island Rail Road and the former New Haven RR New Haven Line. The New Haven was famous for its catenary gantry suspended semaphores with the motors up above working poles holding the blades suspended between tracks. The photos can be found online at: http://palter.org/~brotzman/03-27-03_MNRR_TRIP/

and: http://palter.org/~brotzman/03-20-03_LIRR_TRIP/

History of railroads in the Red and Canadian Basins of the USA: http://www.rra.dst.tx.us/c_t/railroad


The Pillbox Study Group's website has a section on ARP (Air-Raid Precautions) signal boxes: http://www.pillbox-study-group.org.uk/

John Tilly, HM Principal Inspector of Railways, Level Crossings Section has his own personal web site: http://mysite.freeserve.com/Johntilly/index.html?0.18008708175121613


John Law: http://website.lineone.net/~john-mightycat/newpage.html

Loads of my Railway Pictures on: http://www.railfan.net/railpix/submit/johnlaw

John Griffiths' excellent British Railways photo website: http://britishrailways.tripod.com

Nick Leverton's viaduct and tunnels webpages another plug: http://www.leverton.org/tunnels/index.html

The photographic collections of Steve Jones and Nigel Emery: http://www.oldbuffers.com

Some photographs previously posted to Britains_Lost_Railways now appear amongst a vast collection of miscellaneous photographs here: http://gallery9020.fotopic.net/

For those who are interested in locomotives, visit: http://gallery8859.fotopic.net/

Wagon photographs from Paul Bartlett: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/

One of the UK's largest private collections of steam railway photographs, containing approximately 10,000 images of locos, rolling stock, signalling, locations and buildings, ranging from The 1930s to 1968. (Website holds around 100 sample images.) http://www.steamarchive.co.uk

Mick's Trains: http://mpt-trains.fotopic.net/

General Railway

Track Those Trains - a multi-media tool for railway enthusiasts: http://www.trackthosetrains.com/

An interesting site from Garry Brookes: http://www.garry-brookes.com/id159.htm

The World of Railway Resources and Technical Data (a veritable feast!): http://www.therailwaycentre.com

The Railroad Station home page: http://www.railroadstations.org

The Devon Railway Centre: http://www.devonrailwaycentre.co.uk

Railway History

BBC rail history timeline: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/timelines/britain/geo_darlington.shtml


Totem auctions: http://www.railsale.net

Paperchase sales list containing items of transport ephemera: http://www.thepaperchase.co.uk

The railway clocks website: http://www.railwayclocks.co.uk

A Yahoo Group exists for the exchange of information, photos, drawings etc, connected with railway hand lamps and lanterns of both British and Overseas origins. Queries regarding such lamps are welcomed along with photos,which can be added to the Files section. Already in place is an impressive gallery of over 100 images of lamps, both from the U.K. and from around the World. This Discussion Group is unlisted and membership is by invitation. To ensure that you receive your invitation, please send an email to Jeremy Cookson at: jeremy.cookson@care4free.net Your invitation, in the form of a hyperlink, will be sent by return. In order that they can identify with other members, we do suggest that new members post a short introduction regarding their lamp interests.


Kevin Robertson Books: http://www.kevinrobertsonbooks.co.uk

A company that specialises in London Transport books: http://www.nebulousbooks.com

Media links

Among the earliest examples of radio documentary were the Radio Ballads of the late 1950s, which included "The Ballad of John Axon". This was the story of an engine driver who was pothsumouthsly awarded the George Cross for his bravery in staying with his engine when it crashed at Chapel-en-le-Frith. This is one of eight original Railway Ballads now available on CD: http://www.topicrecords.co.uk

A forthcoming series from BBC - "Restoration": http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/programmes/restoration/

A good website for general documentary films, of which British Transport Films is a part: http://www.movinghistory.ac.uk

There's a new site coming in the Autumn (September) from bfi Online. To quote: "Screenonline will be a fascinating and invaluable tool for anyone with an interest in Britain's film and television heritage, serving as an introduction and providing an unique opportunity to explore the breadth and diversity of more than a century's worth of moving images. It will represent Britain's most celebrated achievements in film and TV as well as shine a light into some of the darker corners, uncovering hidden gems from the bfi's vast collections." http://www.screenonline.org.uk


The Tramway and Light Railway Society: http://www.tramways.freeserve.co.uk/

The Rushden Historical Transport Society: http://www.rhts.co.uk

An organisation called Railway Associations In London (R.A.I.L.) has produced a pamphlet which lists contact details for several affiliated railway groups, not all (it has to be said) based in the London area. Over the next few weeks I shall include their website details here, starting with R.A.I.L. itself: http://www.rail-london.org.uk

1. Operating Railways and Preservation Sites

Bala Lake Railway Society: http://www.bala-lake-railway.co.uk

Bluebell Railway Preservation Society: http://www.bluebell-railway.co.uk

Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway association: http://www.cprra.co.uk

Corris Railway: http://www.corris.co.uk

Dean Forest Railway Society: http://www.deanforestrailway.co.uk

Derbyshire Dales Narrow Gauge Railway: http://www.ddngr.org.uk

East Kent Railway: http://www.eastkentrailway.com

East Somerset Railway: http://www.soft.net.uk/carver

Festiniog Railway Society: http://www.festrail.co.uk

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway: http://www.gwsr.plc.uk

Kent & East Sussex Railway: http://www.kesr.org.uk

Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway: http://www.buzzrail.co.uk

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Trust: http://www.lynton-barnstaple-railway.org

Mid-Hants Preservation Society: http://www.watercressline.co.uk

Midland Railway Trust: http://www.midlandrailwaycentre.co.uk/

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway: http://www.rhdr.demon.co.uk

Ruislip Lido Railway Society: http://rlr.topcities.com

Severn Valley Railway: http://www.svr.co.uk

Sittingbourne & Kemsley Light Railway: http://www.sklr.demon.co.uk

South Devon Railway: http://www.southdevonrailway.org

Swanage Railway: http://www.swanagerailway.co.uk

Talyllyn Railway: http://www.talyllyn.co.uk

Welsh Highland Railway - Porthmadog: http://www.whr.co.uk

Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway: http://www.wllr.org.uk

Wensleydale Railway: http://www.wensleydalerailway.com

2. Locomotive Groups

Battle of Britain Locomotive Society: http://www.bucksrailcentre.org.uk/bobhome.htm

73082 Camelot Locomotive Society: http://www.73082-camelot.com

Class 47 Locomotive Society: http://c47lg.jdaltpol.co.uk/

Cravens Heritage Trains: http://www.simon5596.supanet.com

Deltic Preservation Society: http://www.thedps.co.uk

Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Preservation Trust: http://www.gresley.org.uk

The Standard Steam Locomotive Co Ltd: http://www.br-standard.co.uk

Urie Locomotive Society No website found

The Western Region 47 Group No website found

3. Historical Societies and Museums

British Overseas Railways Historical Trust: http://users.breathe.com/pwa/borht/

Buntingford Railway & Local History Society: http://mysite.freeserve.com/The_Bunt

Crampton Tower Museum Society: http://www.cramptontower.co.uk

Enfield & District Veteran Vehicle Society: http://www.enfield-online.co.uk/edvvs/edvvsa.htm

Great Western Society: http://www.didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk

GWR Preservation Group: http://www.gwrpg.co.uk

Kew Bridge Steam Museum: http://www.kbsm.org

Railway & Canal Historical Society: http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/external/rchs/

South Eastern & Chatham Railway Preservation Society: http://www.secr.org.uk/

4. Specialist and General Railway Societies

The Colonel Stephens Society http://www.colonelstephenssociety.org.uk

Electric Railway Society No website found

Irish Railway Record Society http://www.irrs.ie/

Irregular Special Railway Company No website found

Lloyds Railway Society No website found

Locomotive Club of reat Britain http://www.lcgb.net

London Underground Railway Society http://www.lurs.org.uk

The Model Railway Club http://www.themodelrailwayclub.org

The Railway Club No website found

The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society http://www.rcts.org.uk/

The Railway Development Society (Railfuture) http://www.railfuture.org.uk

The Southern Electric Group: http://www.southernelectric.org.uk/

Tramway & Light Railway Society http://www.tramways.freeserve.co.uk

5. Local Railway Societies

Bishop's Stortford Railway Society No website found

Gravesend Railway Enthusiasts Society http://www.gres.org.uk

Hertford & Ware Railway Society No website found

Norbury & South London Transport Club http://www.norbury.club.new.net

Ongar Railway Preservation Society http://www.ongar-railway.org.uk

St Nicholas School Live Steam Group http://www.eastsurrey16mm.org.uk

Slough & Windsor Railway Society No website found

South East Essex Railway Society No website found

Stevenage Locomotive Society http://www.stevenagelocosociety.co.uk

Walking Old Railways

In 1998 I started compiling a Gazetteer of Disused Lines of the British Isles mainly to assist members of the Railway Ramblers in planning walks:


It concentrates, therefore, on listing walkable sections/obstructions and relics but also includes opening/closing dates and a potted history. Where relevant, industrial, military and narrow gauge lines and tramways are also included. It has been completed from Scotland (except North Lanarkshire & Linlithgow) down to Wales and across to Lincolnshire plus the West Country and Norfolk. A start has yet to be made on Dorset, the Thames Valley, East Anglia (except Norfolk) and the South East; Ireland is about 30% complete and is ongoing. The headings for each line are: Opening/closing dates, Stations, MPDs, History, Route when open, Route today and Relics (stations, bridges, tunnels, etc.) I can provide extracts of individual lines but for larger areas normally I print off hard copies which incur a small charge (payable in stamps) for P&P etc. Most counties are subdivided into two or more areas and average 15 x A4 pages but some are much larger; e.g.Devon at 32 pages is split into five areas with West Devon taking 10 pages.

Ralph Rawlinson ( ralph@intrepid.ndo.co.uk )

Railway Magazines

Railways Illustrated http://www.therailwaycentre.com/Railways-Illustrated/railways-illustrated/i ndex.htm

British Railways Illustrated http://www.irwellpress.co.uk/magazines/brillmag.htm

Railway Bylines http://www.irwellpress.co.uk/magazines/bylinesmag.htm

Back Track http://www.trevor-ridley.co.uk/BT.html

Rail http://www.emap.com/nav?page=emap.aboutus.websites.description&x=19&y=10&re source=102856

Computerised railway magazine index: http://www.andibradley.com/crmi/crmimain.htm

Model Railways

HPMRS member, Rod Blakeman sends details of a website that one of his local garden railroaders has put together, which includes some pictures of Rod's "Southdown" layout taken at the Chatham show: http://cslr.co.uk/southdown.htm

The host site is interesting too: http://cslr.co.uk

Model Signal Engineering: http://www.modelsignals.com

A list of Toy Fairs is kept at: http://www.diecast-collector.com/toyfairtimes/default.asp

A list of suppliers maintained by the Scalefour Society: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~phold/russ/supplier.html

How to build your own display cabinet: http://home.cogeco.ca/~msmodels/displaycab/.

Modern transport adverts and transfers from Mutch Models: http://www.mutchmodel-buses.co.uk

Make your own transfers: http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk

TDL Model Railways "4mm fully finished Ready-to-Run locos for the price of a kit". Excellent kits of Classes 15, 17 and soon, the LMS 10000 twins: http://www.techcad-design.com/model1.htm

Alexander Models Steam and Diesel Kits: http://www.xclent.clara.net/alexander-models/home.htm

The Sparrowlea Crags Light Railway: http://www.sparrowleegardenrailway.readywebsites.com

Model Railway Magazines

Railway Modeller: http://www.peco-uk.com/

British Railway Modelling http://www.brmodelling.com/

Model Rail http://www.emap.com/nav?page=emap.aboutus.websites.description&x=14&y=3&res ource=103026

General Transport Sites

The BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/hottopics/transport/index.shtml

A transport website: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/7069/

Cable Cars


Inland Waterways


Buses and Trams

Oxford Diecast are celebrating their tenth birthday. To buy ODC models visit their website at: http://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk

Colne Estuary preserved buses: http://www.colne-estuary-pb.co.uk

Steven Hughes' transport photos for 2002: http://shbp-2k2.fotopic.net

...and 2003: http://shbp-2k3.fotopic.net

Cobham Bus Museum: http://www.kevinmcgowan.org

All about Leyland Nationals: http://www.jupton.leylandnational.co.uk/pics7.html

Roy Vandersteen's "Bus London" website: http://topshed.brinkster.net/bus/

The St Petersburg Tram Collection: http://www.sptc.spb.ru/

Peter Johannson's Classsic Model Company website: http://freespace.virgin.net/peter.johansson/CMCRetail.html

The Beulah bus photo archive: http://www.eavb.co.uk/bus

A "model" bus company: http://www.geocities.com/plaxtonbeaver2 http://www.geocities.com/leylanddaf400

A very nicely designed website for Blackburn trams: http://www.blackburntrams.co.uk

This also hosts a list of models of buses and trams from East Lancashire: http://www.blackburntrams.co.uk/eastlancsmodels.htm

An interesting site from Garry Brookes: http://www.geocities.com/garrybrookes/id11.htm

London Tram sites: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/trams/ http://www.croydon-tramlink.co.uk

Includes other items of transport interest: http://www.transport-of-delight.com/

Bus City: http://groups.msn.com/BUSCITY/home.msnw

The Model Bus Federation: http://www.model-bus-federation.org.uk/

Ryanbus, specialises in mail order bus models from overseas (also fire trucks and recovery vehicles): http://www.ryanbus.com

Graham Hill's website - includes a travelogue and some bus information, but also a trbute to his father, Alfred Hill, who was the senior designer draughtsman at Park Royal Vehicles, and therefore designer of the bodywork of the Routemaster (among other vehicles). http://www.b-c-s.fsnet.co.uk/

Dingles Steam Village, Lifton, Devon


Industrial Archaeology

A mining heritage centre in Staffordshire: http://www.apedale.heritage.cwc.net/

The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology is holding a conference examining the industrial landscape of Blaenavon, South Wales, with lectures and field trips to the Blaenavon Ironworks and Big Pit mining museum. Full details and a booking form are on the project website at: http://mysite.freeserve.com/spma_blaenavon

Heritage Open Days - your annual chance to look behind a few locked doors. For a comprehensive list of events near you, visit: http://www.heritageopendays.org

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