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More things culled from RAILDATE up to 08/02/05, plus anything else that's come my way.

General Railway Information

The (self-styled) "Premier UK Rail Site" - see if you agree: http://www.railuk.co.uk

Railway Group Standards for the main line railway: http://www.rgsonline.co.uk/rail/rule_modules.html

Railways into Roads: http://www.roadsweb.co.uk/conversions/index.php

Institute of Railway Studies & Transport History, York: http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/irs/

Railway Technical Webpages: http://www.railway-technical.com/index.html

9F Class

The 92214 Steam Locomotive site: http://www.92214.co.uk

Modern Traction

Nick also foud some stunning examples of Photoshop trickery with these "might-have-beens": http://www.aclocogroup.org.uk/fiction/gallery.php

Class 08

MiddlePeak Railways Ltd have recently repatriated a diesel shunter from the Netherlands for use on the Ribble Steam Railway: Middlepeak Railways Ltd: http://www.middle-peak.co.uk The Ribble Steam Railway: http://www.ribblesteam.org.uk NedTrain: http://www.nedtrain.nl

Class 40

40145 at Newark on 22nd January 2005: http://alanpywell.fotopic.net/c105258_1.html

Class 37

Pictures from the Class 37 railtour to Buxton on 26th February: http://derekgordon1430.fotopic.net/c446226.html and: http://www.nedchester.fotopic.net/c442664.html

Class 47

Nick Wheat spotted this interesting pictrue of 47155 in the role of "stationary exciter" for the 300mw turbo-alternator at West Thurrock Power Station from January to April 1976: http://www.class47.com/c47_zoom.php?site=C47&image=c47_47155_1&by=bmo

Class 50

A rather unfortunate moment: http://www.dreadful.org.uk/discuss/messages/692/3432.html



Highlights of the Railcar50 event on the Severn Valley Railway, together with a clip of the BBC report are here: http://www.railcar.co.uk

An article about tilting trains: http://www.bbc.co.uk/northyorkshire/travel/story/tilting_train/index.shtml

Train Services

Passenger services running over unusual routes: http://www.psul4all.free-online.co.uk/intro.htmo

There is a similar site here: http://www.gensheet.co.uk/

A fascinating site that lists (as far as is possible) all known railtours undertaken over the years: http://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/


The LNER Coach association: http://www.well-hill.demon.co.uk/lnerca/


Paul Bartlett's wagon photographs:

SECR & SR Shark ballast plough - 24 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c345282.html

SR 15 ton unfit Ballast Ling of 1937 - 16 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c342504.html

SR 20 ton VB Ballast Tunny of 1928 - 18 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c341426.html

BPO67560 - 67599 British Petroleum Class A tank wagons - 14 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c337999.html

SUKO 65500- 59 65600-17 Shell oil Class B tank wagons -15 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c334611.html

SUKO 67000- 59 Shell oil Class A tank wagons - 12 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c330218.html

SUKO 65618 - 59 65701 - 11 Shell oil Class B tank photographs - 22 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c335851.html

SUKO & BPO bogie Class B tanks unlagged - 9 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c340366.html

Procor LPG bogie tank for Esso and BP 78533-47 - 14 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c343493.html

STS78650 - 4 Esso LPG bogie tanks - 4 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c338016.html

BR Ferry open diag 1/055 and conversions - 41 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c333712.html

ODA Air braked Pipe wagons - 14 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c327300.html

TRL United Molasses Vacuum brake tanks - 14 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c326797.html

Conoco 85400 - 25 LPG TDA bogie tank wagons - 6 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c365398.html

GWR and BR Mermaid ballast wagon - 46 photographs http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c361376.html

Stewarts Lane Breakdown crane & stock - 33 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c359991.html

TRL POA diag PO016J Foster Yeoman - 17 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c358950.html

TRL POA diag PO016E - 3 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c358924.html

BR Hymac EX vacuum brake - 4 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c358544.html

BRT Esso tank wagons diag 6/214 - 13 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c357920.html

Enpart rolling stock - WR & BR - 13 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c348740.html

Denpart wagons - ex GWR, LMS & BR - 23 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c347569.html

SR/BR 4-wheel CCT - 13 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c382886.html

BR Civil Engineers steam cranes - 29 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c382409.html

BR Lowmac EK - 19 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c380615.html

BR Cov AB Ventilated vans 200100 - 200119 - 15 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c379666.html

Foster Yeoman PR17801 - 36 bogie Aluminium aggregate -13 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c379029.html

Foster Yeoman Aggregate PGA wagons - 1st collection - 51 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c378031.html

TRL / NACCO POA diag PO016A Tiger Yeoman - 9 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c370724.html

GWR Gane A - 28 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c372705.html

BR Gane A - 31 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c373918.html

BR Vac Brake Iron Ore Tipplers Stone and engineers - 47 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c370029.html

BR Bogie Coil B-series - 7 additional photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c24148.html

BR Brake tenders - 15 photographs - 4 additional photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/show_collection.php?id=24250

Cowan Sheldon 6 1/2 and 10 ton hand cranes on BR - 17 photographs - 2 additional photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/show_collection.php?id=88721

GWR 20t ballast opens - Tunny - 21 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c407512.html

GWR 14t ballast opens - Lings - 22 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c407483.html

GWR 10t ballast opens - 21 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c403694.html

BR (LNER) ballast brake van - 32 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c385150.html

BR Dogfish ballast hopper pre circa 1981 - 35 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c394287.html

BR Flatrol EG DB900043 - 9 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c383929.html

Scrap wagon variety - 17 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c407302.html

VTG bogie china clay slurry tanks - BR registered - 11 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c391048.html

Italian Interfrigo 4-wheel refrigerator van - 10 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c390884.html

Diesel Parcels van - Gloucester built - 6 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c387092.html

GWR / WR Siphon Gs - 14 photographs: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c384727.html

LMS Stanier Brake van - 57 photographs 2 additions: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c321599.html

Enpart rolling stock - WR & BR - 13 photographs 7 additions: http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/c348740.html

Lost Railways

London's abandoned stations: http://www.abandonedstations.org.uk

A site dedicated to showing pictures of abandoned UK Railway locations (not much there at present, but a worthy aim, and worth coming back to in order to see how the project progresses): http://www.ukrh.teleramics.com/

Engine Sheds

Ian Cowburn has produced a very useful site containing dates of closure, code changes, etc, for BR Motive Power depots:


Engine Houses

Middleton Top engine house and Leawood pumping station: http://www.middleton-leawood.org.uk/


Westinghouse Brake and Saxby Signal Co. Ltd. Style 'L' Power Frames now have a web site dedicated to them: http://pws.prserv.net/mdsme/WBS_Frames/

An interesting website for those who might be fascinated by SPADs: http://www.spadweb.co.uk

A website devoted to railway telecoms: http://www.samhallas.co.uk/railway/

S & T on Peak Rail: http://www.webspawner.com/users/peakrailsignalling/


The Northern Viaduct Trust is at: http://www.pwr.clara.net/cra/nvt-hist.htm

Heritage Railways

UK Heritage Railways has a new URL: http://www.heritagerailways.com

Industrial Railways

The Industrial Locomotive Society: http://www.industrial-loco.org.uk/

Light Railways

Cadeby Light Railway to close? The Cadeby Light Railway was famously built by Rev Teddy Boston in his rectory garden in the 1960s. Teddy, who had also built a large OO gauge Great Western layout, died several years ago, and I believe that since then, the light railway has been maintained by his widow, with help from local enthusiasts. However, apparently the time has come for it to close, and this will happen after the 14th/15th May operating weekend. Two running days are planned before this on 12th March and 9th April, but there are no current prospects for further running after May. More information would be welcome. http://www.lrmf.org.uk/m_17_cad.htm

An interesting slide show of the Sand Hutton Light Railway http://www.btinternet.com/~hoppitt/shlr/


The Bristol Railway Archive: http://www.bristol-rail.co.uk/

Great Central Railway

Some photos of a recent walk through trip Catesby Tunnel: http://www.wcms.org.uk/cgi-bin/wcmsgallery.pl?galno=sites;siteno=126;slide=1

Great Eastern Railway

The Epping Ongar Railway Locomotive Shed Appeal. The proposed building will be built on the site of the original GER locomotive shed, but the design has yet to be decided on, the first choice being for a brick-built design with a similar appearance to the original shed, but if they are unable to raise sufficient funds within a reasonable time, they might have to settle for a steel prefabricated building. The target is 10,000, which will cover the purchase and erection of the basic building, and the necessary fitting out. Further information may be found on the EORVS website at: http://eorailway.co.uk/

Great Northern Railway

There's a sound clip of a talk on the Bawtry-Haxey line on this page (6 minutes): http://www.radioryedale.co.uk/story.asp?StoryId=278

Great Western Railway


The drawings referenced on this site are available here: http://www.champwilde.force9.co.uk/gwdrawings/

London, Brighton & South Coast Railway

A webpage that contains a list of L&BSCR telegraph codes: http://www.barham-kent.org.uk/room_84_show/R84S_LBSCTelegraphicCodes.htm

London Transport

The London Transport Museum website appears to have grown: http://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/

Nick Wheat has found a geographical tube map as an alternative to Harry Beck's schematic version: http://solo2.abac.com/themole/geo_tubemap.gif

Midland & Great Northern Railway

The Midland & Great Northern Circle has a website at: http://www.mgncircle.org.uk/

There is also a discussion group on the railways of Bourne at: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/railways_of_bourne/

Nine Elms


North Eastern Railway

The Northern Viaduct Trust, owner of the stretch of railway trackbed from Stenkrith to Hartley, near Kirkby Stephen, has announced that it has taken ownership of the Merrygill viaduct, next to Hartley quarry, which will enable the route to be opened up to the public. Work is set to begin converting the former railway line into a footpath and cycleway, which trustees hope could be completed in time for Easter.

Quarry owner RMC ahs handed over Merrygill viaduct one of two viaducts on the route and will supply aggregate free of charge for the restoration and the footpath. The Northern Viaduct Trust has already been responsible for upgrading the path from Stenkrith park to Podgill viaduct, and this next phase will see the upgrade of another mile to complete a two mile stretch. The work is being funded by English Heritage and the Countryside Agency. About 50,000 has been raised to carry out repairs to Merrygill viaduct.

Photos of the area are here: http://www.penrith-keswick2.wanadoo.co.uk/podgill.htm

Wensleydale Line: http://www.penrith-keswick4.wanadoo.co.uk/wens.htm


A new DVD has been produced to commemorate the closure of the Penrith- Keswick railway on 4th March 1972. There are around 3 gigabytes of pictures and movies of the line railway, as well many pictures and movies of other northern railways. It includes the first day on the Weardale railway, a movie and pictures of the Wensleydale railway and many pictures of the Eden Valley Railway. For more info see:


St Pancras

The CTRL website carries a very detailed drawing of the St Pancras works (warning - it is a 4meg JPG):


Somerset & Dorset

Article here: http://www.gebejay.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index.html

And a very useful description of the Templecombe Junction Railway, which connected the S&D and LSWR at Templecombe, from RAILDATEr Chris Osment: http://www.trainweb.org/railwest/railco/sdjr/tjr.html

Yeovil Junction

A website for the preservation scheme that operates at Yeovil Junction: http://www.yeovilrailway.freeservers.com/

There are more photographs on this site, which also has a lot more of interest: http://trainsferriesbuses.co.uk/exesalis.htm.


North American signalling: http://www.lundsten.dk/us_signaling/index.html

Loads of information about American raiways on "one of the premier Railfan Websites" on the Web: http://www.trainweb.org/brettrw/


Trains of Europe: http://www.trainsofeurope.nl


The Cavan and Leitrim Railway (open January to December): http://www.irish-railway.com/

The Donegal Railway Heritage Centre http://www.countydonegalrailway.com

Irish transport photographs: http://irishtransportphotos.fotopic.net/


Barry Emmott has put together another excellent newsletter on the railways of Majorca: http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/MajorcaRailways/newsletter_jan2005.htm


Dirty diesels! http://www.irfca.org/users/naveen/goa1.mpg http://www.irfca.org/users/naveen/goa_dec_03/cstm-mao-js-031228.mpg http://www.irfca.org/users/jayb/Bangalore2/Kurla4.mpg

A website for railway heritage activities in India: http://www.brhg.4t.com/

Railway Walks



Another selection of signal boxes from John Tilly: http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/Johntilly/Gallery/gallsignat.lwp/odyframe.htm

Southern boxes from John Tilly: http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/Johntilly/Gallery/gallsignat.lwp/odyframe.htm

Plus several new heritage signal boxes: http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/Johntilly/Gallery/gallsigheritage.lwp/odyframe.htm

And new rolling stock pictures: http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/Johntilly/Gallery/galleryrs.lwp/odyframe.htm

Some really nice pictures here: http://web.ukonline.co.uk/53amodels/main.htm

And if you just want diesels: http://www.diesel-sbsr.co.uk/

Information on the Nash collection of railway photographs: http://www.forsythe.demon.co.uk/nash.htm

Manchester Central Library's print collection has been digitised and is now available on the Web. There are not masses of locos, but there are loads of pictures of the Gorton area, Belle Vue, Ardwick, Longsight, some of Beyer Peacock and The Tank, a few stations, the Ship Canal, factories, docks, people, cars, trams, churches and some aerial shots. You can get the pics to reasonable size on the net, if you want hi-res prints they can be ordered for quite reasonable prices from the library: http://www.images.manchester.gov.uk/

Pictures of 6233 ("Duchess of Sutherland") giving a spirited performance while 10 minutes late after a water stop Barrow Hill: http://daviddudley.fotopic.net

The site also contains many other interesting photos, as does this site, which also has video clip: http://www.burgess57.freeserve.co.uk/railways.htm

DK Jones markets photographs under the Cresselley Photos name. His latest lists (predominently South Wales, and containing some pre-grouping stuff) is here: http://www.cresselleyphotos.co.uk for details.

Simon Jones has created a gallery at Fotopic where he has put his pictures of disused railway structures (bridge abutments, trackbeds and so forth). http://gallery53177.fotopic.net/ There is also a Canal gallery, though the picture of Combe Hay Tunnel could equally qualify as "railway" as the Camerton - Limpley Stoke Railway reused the old Somerset Coal Canal tunnel.

Mike Morant's latest selection of the weird (definitely) and the wonderful (allegedly) - his words: http://gallery62603.fotopic.net/c417294.html

Mike Morant's latest addition to Fotopic features archive pictures of steam on shed (and in works) pre-1968: http://gallery62603.fotopic.net/c432342.html

An interesting selection of photographs from Roger Bailey (no - Roger, not David): http://thebaileygallery.fotopic.net/c421415.html

And pictures of railway remains from Cliff Occomore are here: http://www.cliffspictures.railwayremains.photoshare.co.nz/

And Darryl Smith's fotopic website: http://YorkieRail-UK.fotopic.net

Brian Miller has a website for his huge collection of black and white photographs. His current lists are also available for download from the site: http://www.valerailphotos.co.uk and


Artwork by Ian Walmsley: http://www.whamart.co.uk/index.html


The best of the National Railway Museum's railway poster archive is now available online, and you can purchase copies in sizes A5 to A0, on the paper and with the finish of your choice: http://www.scienceandsocietyprints.com


"Railnews", the 'organ' of British Rail, which many thought would fail to survive Privatisation, is alive and well, as Nick Wheat discovered: http://www.railnews.co.uk/aboutus.asp

PDF copies of "The Locomotive Journal" - the monthly in-house magazine of ASLEF. The archive contains all copies from 2002: http://www.aslef.org.uk/publications/locojournal/2004/journal_2004.html

RMT News has only recently gone on line with editions starting from July 2004: http://www.rmt.org.uk/C2B/document_tree/ViewACategory.asp?CategoryID=22

An index to "Backtrack" from its beginning to the present day is available from Bob Farmer ( bob.farmer@btinternet.com ). It also includes an index to "Modeller's Backtrack". Note that the index is in the form of several Excel spreadheets containing listings of each magazine, rather than a classic alphabetical index.

Nigel Bird Books now has a brand new website: http://www.nigelbirdbooks.co.uk

The January issue of Trains On-line Magazine was uploaded to the web site last week. In addition to updates to the news, Clubscene and show diary web pages, new Showstoppers pages have been added to the revised site at: http://www.trainsonlinemagazine.co.uk

Maps ----

Out-of-copyright Ordnance Survey maps are available online for most major towns and cities in Scotland; they show a wealth of railway details. Now when is the rest of the UK going to catch up? http://www.nls.uk/digitallibrary/map/early/towns.html

Nick Wheat advises of a web page that is an official part of the Ordnance Survey website (with apologies for the long URL): http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/jsp/mapshop/mapShop.jsp?display=/products_new/historical/index.cfm

Here you can purchase genuine quality OS historical maps, instead of the usual inferior lower quality OS reproductions generally on offer. These maps come on quality chart paper and are scanned reproductions of the Survey's own historical maps held in their archive. Also, when OS contact you with your requirements, they can often offer you a good deal on their RRP.


A company that offers exotic train journeys: http://www.explore.co.uk/setoriginworldwide.jsp


A website containing loads of information and updates on rail simulations: http://www.uktrainsim.com/

Apparently, worldwide there are some 120,000 users of a computer simulation called Trainz. Further details here: http://www.auran.com/TRS2004/default.htm

There is also a users forum at: http://forums.auran.com/TRS2004/forum

An online trainspotting simulator... just like the good old days: http://motorrad.cx/tspotsim/sim.html

An electronic newsletter (Virtual Railroader) covers virtual railroad software - probably more US content than anything else. http://www.virtualrailroader.com./

Discussion Groups

Derbyshire Railways: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/derbyshirerailways/

Woodhead Route: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/woodhead_railway/

East Cleveland Railways: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/eastclevelandrailways/



Hull railways: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/hull_trains/

The Weardale Railway: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeardaleRailwaySupporters/

The Uckfield to Lewes Link: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Uckfield_to_Lewes_Link/

Model Railways

Our recently retired member, Rod Blakeman has sent me a pointer to a website that features his Mogul and Shay, and also includes information on his Southdown railway. Later, there will be a calendar of future events there too: http://cslr.co.uk/video_clips.htm

The November 2004 and February 2005 editions of Model Railways On-Line Magazine are available at: http://mrol.gppsoftware.com

The Bianco Collection: http://www.biancoteam.com/

Some pictures of the new Bachmann "Jinty": http://nevardmedia.fotopic.net/p9750634.html http://nevardmedia.fotopic.net/p9750633.html http://nevardmedia.fotopic.net/p9750632.html

Trevor's trains - all about BR(NER) modeling: http://www.trevors-trains.com

The ever-improving UK Model Shop Directory - a lot more than model shops these days! http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk

Interesting things available from Finney and Smith, particularly the Bachrus Saddle rolling road: http://www.finneys.org.uk/fs/

The SPROG II DCC Decoder Programmer: http://www.sprog-dcc.co.uk/

Roger Bailey has uploaded 99 images of 7mm scale wagons and vans to his site on Fotopic: http://thebaileygallery.fotopic.net/c401533.html

An embryonic site that promises to have some interesting model railway articles in the future (especially if you contribute them!) http://www.british-model-railways.com

The new Gauge 0 Guild website: http://www.gauge0guild.com/

Social History

Ever wanted to bottle it? http://members.tripod.com/~MikeSheridan/minerals.htm

Industrial Archaeology

A site that includes, amongst other things Canals, Industrial History, Industrial Archaeology and Chinese Railways: http://www.brocross.com/

Kew Bridge Steam Museum: http://www.kbsm.org

Amberley Museum (which includes a downloadable .pdf with opening times, show dates, etc): http://www.amberleymuseum.co.uk/

The delightful Bass Museum of Brewing in Burton-upon-Trent has now become the Coors Visitor Centre... hmmm...! Still an excellent place to visit if you are in the area, though: http://www.coorsvisitorcentre.com


Vulcans: http://www.tvoc.co.uk http://www.vulcan558club.com http://www.avrovulcan.org.uk


Some interesting bus pictures here: http://martinbalmforth.fotopic.net/

All you ever wanted to know about the Leyland Atlantean (including a list of preserved examples): http://www.atlantean.freeserve.co.uk/

The Model Bus Federation: http://model-bus-federation.org.uk/index.html

The Southdown Omnibus Trust: http://www.freewebs.com/crashgearbox/


The Waterways Recovery Group is a subsidiary of the Inland Waterways Association which is the national body for all canal users and restoration efforts:


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